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25. July 2006 / Bernhard


heh, nothing goes right these days. whatever. i still have some rc-paper and developer left… so i went to the darkroom.
i printed some old negs – trix at iso3200, 35/1,4 nikkor at 1,4. the contrast of the wide-open 35 cron is poor at best compared to the 35 cron. printing leica negs is definitely easier.

on a side-note, i really like the tones i get with tmax400 at iso400 (xtol 1:1) – especially the mid-tones and whites look way better than trix. smoother than neopan400.

so, starting with the “old” frames: my favorite bar-keeper had his last day… way too many shots of voddy and stella in way too little time. literally everyone was a wasted piece of shit at the end of the night.

last frame. mind the sweet voddy-focus.

some more prints (roll of tmax400):

getting started.

tmax400 at iso3200

almost no light at all… the cron did an amazing job. distant friend of mine – met him on the street.

apx100 (nikkor 35/1,4)

supposed to be added to the devart self-gallery


so much for today – good night.


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  1. Suzan / Jul 25 2006 21:22

    Hahaha, I especially like the shot with the back turned to you.
    Pwoohee… I like blogs. It’s nice to see text and photos intertwined like that.

  2. Clayton Hauck / Jul 25 2006 23:11

    some great shots here!! even the voddy-focus is pretty interesting. keep posting!

  3. asyouwere / Jul 26 2006 03:03

    bitchin tones.. nice and solid.. none of that pussy shit ;)

    looks like your getting used to the focusing.. it comes in time.

    start memorizing/recognizing your minimum distance and go from there. you’re a people shooter so its nice to just pick up and shoot close and know you’re at the minimum distance.

  4. Thomas / Jul 28 2006 01:43

    Lovely blog in general, stories get so much better with the right pictures.

    I noticed a type of tobacco in one of the shots: “Van Nelle”. I didn’t know the Dutch exported that, good quality rollies.

  5. Miauzz / Jul 28 2006 03:15

    I really like the last photo… Or at least, this version… i saw it in DA, and left a comment saying that it was too bright in my opinion, but here is perfect! oh… and i like the blog “design”… i’ll keep an eye on it…

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