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26. July 2006 / Bernhard

past weekend

one of my sisters was having birthday – so i spent the weekend on the countryside. had the d70 and leica with me. being honest, im not too pleased with any of these shots… but there was nothing better to do than shooting or doing some garden work. boojeah.
she got 4 years

last one highly inspired by sean:

the quality of the b/w conversion is not even near his, still im happy for my standards.

might post some leica shots tomorrow.



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  1. Suzan / Jul 26 2006 16:58

    Great photos, nice shallow dof! The 4yearold sister looks so proud :) And determined, in most of the shots I’ve seen of her. Quite the missy.
    I dig the new lay-out, especially the banner photo; very nice and easy on the eyes.

  2. cha / Jul 26 2006 17:03

    i’m not fond of the b&w conversions either ^^
    why not color ?

  3. asyouwere / Jul 26 2006 18:43

    i dont think the b/w looks too flat.. its not leica contrast obviously.. but it looks like solid, digital b/w.

    the interesting thing is mate.. while you think those shots are shit.

    a client would pay 200-400US/hour for family “candid” portraits that look EXACTLY like that.

    dont sell yourself short.

  4. Bernhard / Jul 26 2006 18:48

    why b/w? because i wanted to play with the channel-mixer… and the colors weren’t that nice either.

  5. Jonathan (kalani1980) / Jul 26 2006 20:47

    Hey man,

    Just found your blog via Matt and Sean’s blog. Looks like all the quality people from DA are heading to do their own personal blogs. I’ll check back soon to see if those leica shots make ut up.

    Jonathan (kalani1980)

  6. Keith / Jul 26 2006 21:22

    Hey mate, I can show you some conversion tips my friend uses. The top ones look good.

  7. mitzitante / Jul 27 2006 10:13

    Ich mag die bilder. vor allem das dritte.
    s/w finde ich sowieso schneidig, versteh nicht ganz was an dem nicht passen sollte.

    und übrigens:

  8. andsuch / Jul 27 2006 17:05

    Thanks for putting up the link to my page, which, by the way, has been moved from Blogspot to wordpress… Just thought I’d let you know…

  9. figothecat / Jul 27 2006 21:21

    sup yo. between eblogger and wordpress, wordpress seems way classier. 3 wholesome portraits and then a fatty.. genius.

  10. Nishad / Jul 28 2006 07:17

    conversions are conversions…let’s see the analog stuff!

  11. Sean / Jul 28 2006 18:42


    I think these all rock. Good tones, I would say.

    What cam?

  12. Bernhard / Jul 28 2006 18:57

    cam was my trusty d70. really glad you like it.


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