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28. July 2006 / Bernhard


It’s freaking hot these days in Vienna, the temperature’s around 36°C – perfect weather for staying in an even hotter and humid room. The darkroom. I’m going to post three blog entries tonight eventually each featuring prints of one film.

Starting with “Pia”: I’ve been wandering around, “hunting” for some shots. I sat on a bench for changing film when a girl sat next to me. She asked me if I’m fine with having her sitting next to me – she was obviously heavily stoned. I told her I was fine and asked for her name – she told me her name’s Pia and that she’s 22 years old. She admited that she smoked something and that I shouldn’t take her too serious. She saw my camera and asked me if I could take her picture:





She was having black-outs from time to time. She’d just stand with her eyes closed.03_blog.jpg
We talked about all sorts of things – she told me she likes the name “Bernhard” though she’d never call her son that way.07_blog.jpg02_blog.jpg
I asked her how long she’s doing drugs. She told me for quite some time – she guessed she started when she was 17 tho she’s not sure.06_blog.jpg
I promised her to give her some prints, so I gave her my email.

Shots were taken with a Leica M6 and 35/2 Summicron on Kodak Trix.


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  1. Clayton Hauck / Jul 28 2006 20:18

    Some great photos. Interesting girl. A shame what drugs can do to you… I do wish I could see these bigger, though!

    That Leica is working out just fine I see

  2. Suzan / Jul 28 2006 21:56

    Haha, I like how she’s posing and you took those shots, but also took the ‘real’ ones. Bravo. Those are the most interesting ones. Especially viewed in a series like this. Looks great. (Although, yes I’d love to see them bigger too). It’s so funny to see how people react on a camera; I don’t know how many random people have come up to me asking if I could take their picture. They usually are quite dissapointed when they see I shoot film and that they can’t view the photo directly :D

  3. flipo / Jul 29 2006 00:34

    oha .. was drogen aus einem machen können seh ich seit 4 wochen jeden tag 8 stunden beim zivi…schlimme sache das… kann mich noch gut an mein 1tages besuch in wien erinnern…nicht mal in berlin hab ich in wochen soviel “jukies” gesehen wie bei euch.
    sind aber echt schöne fotos geworden.

    rock on

  4. Rob / Jul 29 2006 02:54

    Great blog! I’ve added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of Photo. To view the feature of your blog, please visit

  5. Miauzz / Jul 29 2006 13:55

    cool storie :) like the realism in the photos|

  6. daltonico / Jul 29 2006 18:33

    pia will want to mary you if pia sees one print.

    pia looks like a really nice girl, pity pia does the drugs thing. pity for her of course, since it will eventually harm her in some nasty way. that’s a fact.

    now lab fumes… lab fumes only bring good things to you.

    great blog. great story and photos in this one, really great.

  7. die miri / Aug 1 2006 07:36

    das ist also die berühmt-berüchtigte pia. sind gut geworden.

  8. hobbynutte / Aug 10 2006 09:30

    pia sieht fertig aus. gut gemacht! ;)

  9. travis / Aug 24 2006 10:59

    where is #5 you m.f.

  10. bengu / Aug 24 2006 20:50

    wow. great pictures with a great story. i loved the leica miracle

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