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29. July 2006 / Bernhard

a roll of agfa apx100

Just came home – had a few beers. Time for a roll of APX100. (Click on the shots for bigger view!)

Too bad only German speaking will get that shot.

Taken at the exhibition “Why Pictures Now”? Perhaps, my most favorite shot in quite some time.
Bokeh. Yes, no need for masturbation anymore.04_blog1.jpg06_blog1.jpg01_blog1.jpg
Later at the pub. Hi devart
07_blog1.jpg 09_blog.jpg10_blog.jpg



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  1. Suzan / Jul 29 2006 00:14

    Ah, nice fullview option!
    Gotta love that first shot. That woman looks SO frightened! :D (And does that briefcase say http://www.jesus.komm? :O)
    These photos make me wanna get my arse in the darkroom and printprintprint! Now. Arrrr.

  2. Suzan / Jul 29 2006 00:16

    Oh no wait! The jesus thing is a phrase :O

  3. Bernhard / Jul 29 2006 00:38

    it says: world wide wedding jesus komm. christian humor i guess.

  4. flipo / Jul 29 2006 00:40

    fotografieren & saufen, mukke machen & saufen … schlimm… was soll nur aus unserer generation werden ^^

    rock on

  5. matt / Jul 29 2006 01:32

    2 and the last are my favorites.. that film is gorgeous, i’ll have to get some. i usually only shoot my leica at night which is why i’m always shooting 800+ film.

    you’re really getting the most out of that cam, i can tell already. good shit

  6. andsuch / Jul 29 2006 02:34

    Nice shots man. I appreciated the “no masturbation” line in regards to the bokeh, cause that’s always a temptation with bokeh… … … … I’m incredibly jealous of your darkroom skills. I shoot with my M6 and because of my shitty processing abilities, they rarely come out well…

    Anyway, shoot me an IM some time. kalani1980 on AIM. Btw, what do you scan with?



  7. Sean / Jul 29 2006 03:20

    DAMN those are great.

    love and the last.

    Good shit.

  8. shadking / Jul 29 2006 08:53

    good shite!

    nailed the moment in the burger king shot. bokeh is sweet. loving the feel of that one…especially coz you dont really expect atmosphere in a bk.

    also like the grandma + sister shot. one of those family pics that will be looked at years down the road, and much appreciated im sure..


  9. RaiseHell / Jul 29 2006 09:17

    Echt gute Fotos. *thumbsup*

  10. Clayton Hauck / Jul 29 2006 17:38

    yeah as everyone else has said.. some really great photos. keep er up!

  11. Fergus / Aug 2 2006 08:25

    Shit they look hot! That film is nice! But lets not take anything away from the photographer, you;re killing it at the moment.

  12. bengu / Aug 24 2006 20:52

    i loved your shots. great compositions and depth of field

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