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29. July 2006 / Bernhard

yet another roll of apx100

a few more prints. some look really bad as the scanner is having its period – always adding some strange grey tinct. whatever.

i almost felt sorry for that dog.


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  1. andsuch / Jul 29 2006 17:04

    Which camera would you say you carry with you the most, and why?

    Oh, and btw, I hear that Tampax tampons work well… just thought the brand recommendation might help with your scanner’s period… Good luck with that…

  2. Clayton Hauck / Jul 29 2006 17:33

    what was your aperture for the first two shots? f2? that cam is fucking hot.

  3. Bernhard / Jul 29 2006 18:05

    i havent touched any other cam (except for the last weekend) than the m – and i really dont miss anything.

    the first three shots were wide-open. great glass – just need to work on my focus-speed.

  4. Suzan / Jul 29 2006 19:23

    I love how your mom and lil’ sis have both the same posture in the first two photos :)
    That young girl has such serious eyes! I’m always struck by those in your photos.

  5. Andross / Jul 29 2006 20:04

    The contrast and quality of your prints always looks so farking awesome…first couple shots I like the most, mainly b/c of those eyes.

  6. Sean / Jul 30 2006 01:54

    You are getting great tones with that M and cron. The film helps too.

    Great photos.

  7. cha / Aug 4 2006 20:32

    been looking at your 3 last entries. really good.
    really fuckin good.
    can’t wait to see you again, friendo !

  8. Yang / Nov 15 2006 19:44

    This series is amazing. What lens do you use?

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