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30. July 2006 / Bernhard


will someone remind me next time when going out to leave the m at home? going out with an m having loaded some apx100 is just stupid. half past 2 – time for a shower. enjoy what’s left of the weekend.






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  1. flipo / Jul 30 2006 17:14

    Deine M sollte egal mit was geladen niemals allein zuhause bleiben ;)

    rock on

  2. Suzan / Jul 30 2006 20:20

    Nah, keep taking it with you :P
    You seem the only one updating your blog. I like it, keep it up.

  3. shadking / Jul 30 2006 20:30

    if by “out” you mean to a bar, then yeah apx 100 is pretty stupid. cant push that shit to 3200 can you? :P

    if you intend to get fucked out of your mind, then yeah i wouldn’t risk the M..

    last time i took the bessa out with me, i had only one good shot on the entire roll…refer to my blog for that one shot..shot some shit in the bar at at f/5.6 too, what are the odds of that turning out?!

    since then its always been the little p&s that hits the bars with me…sad but i do it anyway..

    cheers dude…love your stuff!


  4. Tomé / Jul 30 2006 21:36

    you’re always welcome to leave the m at my home, with or without apx100.

  5. emo-chan / Jul 31 2006 11:36

    dude next time use f22 and flash dude !

    hab gerade acrossinen gescannt… spitzenfilm, mein neuer fav 100er wahrscheinlich, sowohl bei tag als auch nachts verwendbar.. jut !

  6. Miauzz / Jul 31 2006 13:46

    why stupid? :P i would love to have a date with a M… :X

  7. Fergus / Aug 1 2006 11:55

    make sweet love to your baby all night long….

    yargh too much sangria at the mexican place tonight.

    anyway…. how about them bulls eh!

  8. Fergus / Aug 1 2006 11:56

    by baby i meant your m6!!! can see how that might be taken wrong.


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