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7. August 2006 / Bernhard

a week

im about to leave for a roadshow for some mobile provider – just have realized that i havent updated my blog for almost a week. wee… just some randomly picked snaps:

this is phil. phil was pretty drunk. phil’d just sit there. phil is known as the cocaine-phil. the infamous apx100 – 1/2 or 1/4.a6964.jpg

contemplating about jungs.


see you in a week. bye.


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  1. Fergus / Aug 8 2006 00:12

    Have a good week. Like the one of the kid running, just wish he was looking at the camera!
    Cool portrait at the end there too.

  2. emo-chan / Aug 8 2006 08:09

    die letzten 2 !!

    da ist er also der phil… nächstes mal wierder trix+3 bitte.. schade drum (doppelt) ;)

    viel spaß und verdien schön viel geld !

  3. shadking / Aug 9 2006 09:41

    the light in the last one is beautiful.. she’s sweet :aww:

  4. Gyni / Aug 9 2006 09:44

    JUNGS!in schottland gibts viele jungs!!!

    es is so langweilig hier…

  5. Kevin / Aug 10 2006 07:07


  6. Sean / Aug 12 2006 08:00

    3 and 4 are really solid portraits.

  7. flipo / Aug 13 2006 15:36

    she’s cute :P

    rock on

  8. cha / Aug 13 2006 19:47

    when are you arriving ? :o

  9. Daniela / Aug 14 2006 09:52

    Heast, schick mir bitte ne email. ich muss dir was lustiges zeigen. ich find deine email nirgends, und icq hab ich ihm pseudosuff gekillt.

    und außerdem.
    die photos sind klasse. ich glaube ich würde überall deine photos raus-er-kennen.

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