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21. August 2006 / Bernhard

in paris

impressions so far: the french keyboard layout is the fucked.
paris is huge.


posting blog entries on chas pc is an adventure.


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  1. CWeeks / Aug 21 2006 18:57

    i didn’t even think her computer worked well enough to comment in any language besides french! ;)

  2. shiftis / Aug 22 2006 10:15

    Great photos — love them.

  3. Daniela / Aug 23 2006 13:54

    Die Cha sieht aus als ob du gerade irgendwas kaputt machen würdest, und dein grinser im zweiten bild bestätigt diese böse ahnung.

  4. andreschneider / Aug 24 2006 09:09

    Lovely people, rather sexy, good pics. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Suzan / Aug 24 2006 19:07

    Nice smile ^^;

  6. Kevin / Aug 25 2006 04:35

    Cooking, cooking, all the time.

  7. figothecat / Aug 25 2006 21:51

    i learned the french keyboard.. let me tell you: its harder to unlearn.. (at least going from qwerty to azerty.. dunno what crazy format germans and austrians use)

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