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25. August 2006 / Bernhard


got here. things are fine so far. getting ready for going out. trix+3. dutch is such a sweet language. its so funny that i almost dont know anything interesting to tell.. its just that i shoot a lot and do a lot of love to my leica meet some more or less weird people and all in all have a great time.

i perhaps also realized that i somewhat like travelling (especially with a leica m6 round my neck) and the fact that im moving somewhere new… im also currently reading a book about magnum – i fuckin love to meet capa… what an amazing he must have been. oh well.

except that there is nothing relevant to say. maybe that i met some really amazing guys in paris, such as fabian (kennst du den schon?), arne (tontauben!), sandra (lern deutsch!), terese (yeah, i hate you too… but think about the ring!), arnoud (bitches and leica), vincenz (dont care about the spellin… nice flash mr) and of course renauld (the fuck tard cat)… well, there was also charlotte… but the again… charlotte. hey. charlotte. CHARLOTTE!!!
maybe my longest blog entry EVER… suzan is ready for some dutchy drug party. YAY. catch you later. over and leica.


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  1. PaulW / Aug 25 2006 21:11

    i’ve been to holland once, amsterdam to be precise, but i was too young to enjoy the “finer” things the city has to offer, plus my mum was there,
    cant do much when your mother is there,


  2. darin3200 / Aug 25 2006 21:37

    Is the book something like “50 years on the frontline of history”? That’s a good book

  3. cha / Aug 25 2006 23:47

    firefox is working amazingly well since you left ^^

    renault misses your infinite affection.

    kiss suzi for me !

    (the festival tonight wasn’t so good :/ tv on the radio is having a lot of fun on stage but we didn’t really. like.. they changed all the songs.. really different versions.. sounded more like.. i don’t know. pop rock. bleh. i’ll stick to the mp3s

  4. kim / Aug 26 2006 15:02

    where are you staying in holland? i might run into you.. doing anything special around here? make good photos and stay long, we need good photos and photographers here, ‘lol’

  5. Thomas / Aug 26 2006 16:31

    Have a great time in holland, enjoy our vegetables.

  6. emochan / Aug 26 2006 23:50

    yes. leica. makes things possible. can’t wait to develope my films from here.

    lass dir gut gehen ! sers

  7. asyouwere / Aug 27 2006 04:04

    are you reading the novel about magnums formation?

    they focus alot on the life of capa.. what a pimp! i cant bleieve some of the stories.. taking out all the money from HCB’s asia stories and taking out actresses and whatnot! wild..

    keep shooting mate.. smoke a joint for me!

  8. I was off the market and all kinds of better suited fish were swimming past me I would dump him tonight.

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