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1. September 2006 / Bernhard


im just getting myself ready for amsterdam, suzan will stay at some friends place, meaning its just me and the leica. and a bloody lovely city. anywho, micha was visiting me and we tasted the dutch spirit… we got lost and sort of had a little odysee through half of nijmegen. boojeah. tmax400+2. ill be heading for cologne tomorrow, whatever, over and leica.


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  1. Joke / Sep 1 2006 13:49

    Hello there, you should visit Belgium too while you’re so close! ;) Have fun!

  2. fufie / Sep 1 2006 20:58

    Ooh.. Amsterdam.. going there next week. nudge me if you’re in amsterdam later in the week too :)

  3. zenhead77 / Sep 2 2006 13:29

    i watched a film last night and the guy had a leica. it was a good film, not just because of the leica.

  4. Kevin / Sep 3 2006 18:29

    Your face is a Leica.

  5. Fergus / Sep 4 2006 01:38


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