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23. September 2006 / Bernhard

finally, day 1

im not dead. yet. sorry for being that inactive but oh-well, there was stuff to do. anywho, negs scans from the interrail trip. starting with paris.

day 1:

6 am on the train. trix+3

on the rer on the ride to charlottes place. tmax400

charlotte. apx100


aww… cute.

again arne. and lots of white wine.

we got really soaked up. and drunk.

gotta love leica.

more soon.


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  1. zenhead77 / Sep 23 2006 13:48

    hot wetass photo. i love the rain. it makes everything different. cheers for the photos!

  2. Fabian Grunwald / Sep 23 2006 14:02

    nice photos from your paris-trip.. the new style of your blog looks really good!
    ciao, fabian

  3. cha / Sep 23 2006 14:26

    yay. great, great photos. love the second one.

  4. faaabiaaan / Sep 23 2006 14:30

    wie schön! wie schön!
    ich bin ein bisschen verliebt in das erste bild und in das mit der nassen tere auch.

  5. Lhyfae / Sep 23 2006 16:19

    Love the first one, and Charlotte’s last pic and the one with 3 people under rain.
    They are all beautiful, and yeah gotto love leica!

  6. Suzan / Sep 23 2006 16:25

    Hah, gotta love the :unimpressed: expressions of Cha. What can I say…? Great photos, really nice atmosphere. Baguette, wine & Leica… looks like a good combo.

  7. clayton / Sep 23 2006 16:56

    some good ones in there! i remember you saying you had printed “nothing but shit” if you were referring t oyour trip pictures i think you should hold off on the judgment. when i returned from Europe I looked at my 400-some photos and thought they were all shit, too. Fuckong no good ones at all. Well.. after cooling off for a few days I went back and found some damn good ones in there. I think it’s just a way to react.

    Also, I noticed you copied my blog style. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer, soon… no no, but it’s funny beacuse in the early days of dA-kids-turned-bloggers, I remember almost everybody was copying your style. So here is my vindication, I guess

    ps- dont kill yourself :)

  8. shadking / Sep 25 2006 15:57

    exposure on the first one is sexy..

    the second shot with the lady on the train has become a bernhard classic… has anyone ever said anything to you? i need to stop hesitating with in your face shots.. good job!

    also the “soaked up and drunk” shot is awesome.. did you wet your camera? it’s a really nice moment and the atmosphere is strong..

    cheers mate.. really like your work, but you knew that..


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