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2. October 2006 / Bernhard


to be honest, i have no idea about the order or which shots to post – so im going for some random films.



some crazy french lady.


i have no clue what she was doing. weird lady.




finally, the last roll taken in paris. a tmx400. nice, eh?







my last shot in paris. eww…

thanks to those who followed the shitload of so-so-shot so far. kudos that you made it that far.

next: netherlands. yay.


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  1. Suzan / Oct 2 2006 19:00

    I see some lense flares :O Artsy!
    Love that shot of the woman clinging to the fence.
    And Cha’s head turned into a camera :O omg
    Netherlands, yay! Sex (fat)

  2. Mikkel Tscherning / Oct 2 2006 19:45

    Don’t visit too many coffeeshops in Netherlands now ;)

  3. Thomas / Oct 2 2006 20:21

    It’t always nice to see a foreigners view on the netherlands. Still curious :)

  4. cha / Oct 2 2006 22:04

    oh man this old lady at the cafe with the smile… :D
    and the old lady on the stairs.. i remember that.
    yay. this is my favourite entry. i think. i’m not sure though. yeah i think it is.

  5. Miauzz / Oct 2 2006 22:44

    i wish i would have money for travelling right now… or to buy a leica… or for both things, like you do… :P

  6. radiohat / Oct 2 2006 23:53

    010.jpg find ich großartig. ohne jeden zynismus. ist einfach toll eingefangen…

  7. zenhead77 / Oct 3 2006 01:06

    the lady on the stairs… print that. it’s amazing i think.

  8. faaabiaaan / Oct 3 2006 11:39

    beide fotos von tere gefallen mir gut, sie sagen irgendwie was über tere, gut gewählte momente auf jeden fall.
    schön auch das foto von der oma im café .. und das gesicht von der frau in der metro-halte.
    mein favorit ist aber glaub ich das schaufenster mit den touristen davor.

    und das war schon alles von paris? schade bernie, so schade. aber ach, das leben muss wohl einfach weiter gehen.

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