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6. October 2006 / Bernhard




mind the shoes in the background. very dutch.


i scream for ice-cream.


shy girls.

weird hands. he wanted to have his picture taken. been very disappointed when he learned that i wasn’t shooting digital.


i guess that reflects pretty much the atmosphere in amsterdam. might be wrong.


boojeah. dslrs.

i like this one. just a bit less dof… 35/1,4 would have been perfect i guess.


1/50 in a moving train. thanks cloth shutter.




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  1. tarsh / Oct 6 2006 20:43

    the photo of micha captures a great expression

  2. Suzan / Oct 6 2006 23:04

    Love the first one. And the photo with the guys with the dlsr’s, really priceless, really loved that moment.
    Ah, the trainride, such fun…
    You tend to capture certain expressions with handmovements quite well! (That’s referring to the Michael photo, but can be applied to many of the portraits you take, yes I’m envious).

  3. cha / Oct 6 2006 23:10

    haha the shoes look terrible :O
    and i love love love the icecream woman :D
    and micha looks like… “(red)”..almost.

  4. Miauzz / Oct 7 2006 13:30

    i hope you submit the last one on DeviantKawaiArt, michael expression is priceless…

  5. Fergus / Oct 8 2006 09:26

    I like the ones of the guy with the freaky hands and the last few train station frames

    Nice man nice. Love the frames you post that aren’t portraits of your friends (dont take this the wrong way) your street stuff is good!

  6. excusemyfrench / Oct 9 2006 01:01

    I love these shots from Amsterdam. You really captured some atmosphere!

    I like the one over the shoulder of the guy on the train working on his laptop, the focus is placed nicely.

  7. michael / Oct 9 2006 08:45

    oh my!

    was wollte ich denn im letzten bild bitte sagen?

  8. Thomas / Oct 9 2006 14:48

    Shoes? Shoes!?

    They are clogs, don’t be mistaking our national pride for just shoes..

    Nice series.

  9. slimmons / Oct 11 2006 13:45

    Clogs!!! I like the crazy-hand guy posing…but the best is probably the ice cream woman eat-attacking her cone…priceless.

  10. faaabiaaan / Oct 12 2006 14:10

    ich mag die bider vom bahnhof – sein gesichtsausdruck.
    die hände. das warten.
    gefällt mir.

  11. mikkoanterotakkunen / Oct 13 2006 18:29

    love the bike shot.

    and the ‘hands’.

    michael’s expression looks pretty priceless too.

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