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16. October 2006 / Bernhard

finally, 8

so, finally the last entry. thanks so much for all of you who still check them – you are tough guys.








i love the bildzeitung.




mr vesen being very german.


the classic lavatory self.

trainrides are boring.

very boring actually. 200 km/h – loud as hell.

ha, even had some problems with the car. train was 1 hour late.

back in vienna. adjusting to the vienniese flair.

whats left of 3 weeks europe.

thanks again for viewing. oh, and thanks for all the comments. its weird because when i check blogs i hardly come up with decent comments. thats cool about devart – commenting and especially replying on comments is way easier. whatever.


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  1. Johannes / Oct 16 2006 17:56

    gut das du die aufzug-selbst-portraits mit gepostet hast. ich erwische mich jedesmal dabei, wenn ich in meine WG den Aufzug nehme, photos von mir machen zu wollen

  2. darin / Oct 16 2006 18:05

    Yeah, blog comments suck. But I like your black tape over the leica logo on the M6, very stealthy. Some of the seals on mine are shit so the entire camera is covered in tape.

  3. shadking / Oct 16 2006 18:34

    wow, that’s a shit load you got left there! looking forward to it..

    sorry for a dA like comment.. but “nice photos, mate”


  4. mikkoanterotakkunen / Oct 16 2006 21:20

    that really is one heck of a pile of film(!)

  5. Miauzz / Oct 16 2006 23:11

    Sorry, but what made me comment this entry are not the photos – they are fantastic, specially – but the fact that you end this post saying good things about dA =D hahah :P but you’re right ’bout what you said

  6. parachutes / Oct 16 2006 23:14

    damn thats a shit load of film, love the self portraits

  7. Saari / Oct 17 2006 06:32

    Love your photos bro.

  8. zenhead77 / Oct 17 2006 10:43

    my fridge looks similar to that there desk.

    ya know, i have some cool frames that im scanning now, old minolta ones. pity the lightmeter in that was totally yuk.lots of grey. hrm. perhaps the scanner is just shit.

    printprintprint. timetimetime. lame.

  9. slimmons / Oct 17 2006 14:21

    that’s right – we ARE tough guys….good set…favorite may be the bicycle shot.

  10. Austin Tanney / Oct 17 2006 14:45

    Nice selection.
    And a hell of a lot of film to develop.
    Just out of interest.. do you scan photos or negatives?
    Ive just started shooting film after a long time with digital and was really impressed with the quality of your scans.

  11. Suzan / Oct 17 2006 21:12

    Sexy shit as always.

  12. Fergus / Oct 18 2006 04:33

    Oh man i just scanned one of my two apx100 rolls which is pretty much impossible to get here in australia and im fucking in love with it, seriously i have never loved the feel of a film this much since i first went from fp4 to Tri-x 400.

    Then i see you’re last frame and see all those rolls of apx100 and im like, i think i might have to order a shit load from some overseas firm like B&H because that shit is THE shit, not the shit shit ya know!

    Great photos man, love the bicycle frame near the top, good humor :)

    Peace from aus.

  13. once-keen / Oct 18 2006 16:30

    g ist mir was entgangen? hast du einen kondomautomaten im aufzug? @erster comment.

    achja: cool colors.

    aus der hüfte?

  14. faaabiaaan / Oct 19 2006 18:27

    bernie, schad, dass das jetzt wirklich schon der letzte post von den reise photos ist, die waren irgendwie schon glamohutdorö.. – haben halt gefallen.
    hier find ich den alten mann im zug schön, und auch den junbgen mann, also micha – wirklich toll find ich aber das bild von der frau, die in köln das foto vom dom macht … die art, wie die brücke ins bild ragt. überhaupt, die brücke, und die wand und das gegenlicht und der reflektierende boden. und die brücke!
    begeistert bin ich!

  15. techaira / Oct 20 2006 12:55

    Very enjoyable. As always. I just forget to comment. Or can’t think of anything decent. Like you said.

    some kind of weird commenting mentality that goes with dA.

  16. James / Oct 21 2006 13:01

    Christ man. I shoot like three rolls a MONTH. I guess I’d shoot more if I had more free time.

  17. ali / Oct 21 2006 14:31

    I’m waiting for a 9 to come but I would be satisfied with the 8 previous posts (which are, by the way, very tasty for my eyes) bien joué.

  18. yume / Oct 22 2006 17:33

    oh funny, you were in cologne ? I was over there too.
    …yeah wathever…
    what original comment can i say beside i absolutely love your pictures…
    it’s always a great pleasure to come over your blog or da or anything. :)

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