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19. November 2006 / Bernhard

2 in 1

yet another blog entry and yet another roll of trix – how cute is that?

long distance portrait. im doing landscapes – next im burning witches.

i think this was a pretty traditional restaurant. not sure if it was my supplier for diarrhea too. howerver, one of my personal favorites from the trip.

how come that peruvian people are just that amazinlgy friendly and euros unfriendly fucks?

no table left. so oh so sad.

peruvian ganster kids. cute.


yet another roll of trix, partly taken in nascas and the way from there to some other town.




who needs parking spaces?


again landscape, im getting very adamish, right?








i admit, not the most terrific blog entry but eh… im just posting what i got. might get better. going to scan the apx prints soon as the negs scan horribly.

hope you like some of them.



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  1. cha / Nov 19 2006 19:40

    it’s nice how none seem to be touristic shots.

  2. luckyloser / Nov 19 2006 20:21

    das auf der seite liegende auto ist einfach nur ein klassiker.

  3. Suzan / Nov 19 2006 21:40

    Oh, I very much like ‘some’ of them! Really dig the second landscape shot, and the one of the kids from birdsPOV. And the one at the gasoline station – such good composition. And the one of the local guy at a café (?). The one of the given tables is cool too, haha. Have to agree with Cha about the non touristyness off them – kudos (fat).
    It’s sad to see how rude europeans can be, especially abroad. I stepped on the train home this summer and there was this Dutch dude yelling about some minor thing, it was so embarassing. Really sad.

  4. Linus / Nov 19 2006 23:06

    neben anderen find ich das vorletzte sehr geil.

  5. corvi / Nov 20 2006 14:45

    Ziehmlich cool. Sehen alle zeihmlich leiwand aus

  6. fabian / Nov 20 2006 15:16

    ich mag das foto von den leuten, die am laster stehen .. schön, wie die landschaft so viel mehr raum im bild hat als die menschen. ohne jetzt hier den emo zug fahren zu wollen, so von wegen wie klein und einsam und verloren der mensch in dem bild wirkt, wie vergeblich das bemühen der menschen am laster erscheint, wenn man sieht und weiss, dass daneben die riesen wüste ist, wenn das so deutlich gezeigt.
    also, ohne auf den zug aufzuspringen, ich find das bild schön.
    auch das bild von dem typen, der vor der werkstatt oder was auch immer lehnt find ich schön – und sogar die letzte landschaft hat was – “was”.

    ps. do you already do landscapes or do you still have sex?

  7. Henri / Nov 21 2006 16:41

    not terrific, but your best blog entry yet.
    some photos are good.
    I don’t totally agree to the fact that they don’t look like tourrists photos. It seams to me by looking at them that you didn’t realy know why you were taken them… or what you wanted to show. it’s fine to not ask yourself those question, but that’s exactly what tourists don’t ask themself. lol. of course, I’m talking about a tourist that takes good photos and that knows how to handle the leica.

  8. Bernhard / Nov 21 2006 16:47

    henri: i think its difficult to get non-touristic shots, when you have a group waiting for you. its fucking shit, going there with a group of old people, worst case scenario infact. but shots like that are better than none at all.

    “the leica” – haha, whatever. i wont start it.

  9. Henri / Nov 21 2006 18:43

    yes, I know it is very difficult… even when you don’t have a group waiting for you… even when it’s not the first time you visit the country.

    and of course those photos are a lot better than none. some of them I realy like actualy!
    but I was more talking about the general aspect of the “serie”.

    lol, I sayd “leica”, but I could have say “the pentax”, “the nikon” or “the zorki”, lol whatever.

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