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19. November 2006 / Bernhard


so i wasnt around for like 18 days. reason: going to peru and bolivia with my grandpa as my grandma got sick. it turned out to be nice, just that it was too “touristic”. oh well. fun part was that my m6 was having “difficulties” right before i left (lightmeter was fucked, focus pretty much off), so i had to bring it in for service. but guess what: the technican wasnt in town for like three weeks. very cute. so the generous peter lend me his leica m7 – what a camera! thanks a lot once again!

however, long story short: almost all shots were taken with a leica m7 and my trusty 35/2; rest with a nikon fa and a 20/2,8 (cute nice wide drama pj glass).

honestly, im nowhere near satisfied with my shots – there is so much to photograph, just most time there was a bus window between.

trix in xtol

“you are annoying”

might stick to the digital greyscale again. terrible skin tones…

so this is my granpa. say hi to my grandpa. hi. “weird kid shooting film”


sleep tight. literally.

love her face. how cute.

morning glory. jet lag. you name it.

hip-shot. i should learn to keep the camera straight. oh well.

more to come “soon”.


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  1. drooper / Nov 19 2006 15:00

    Finally! We need more shots! ;)

  2. kinderbanned / Nov 19 2006 15:55

    and i always thought hipshots are something like that:

  3. luckyloser / Nov 19 2006 16:08

    wie gehts deiner oma jetzt ?

  4. Suzan / Nov 19 2006 16:48

    I really dig the first photo. The one of the woman in the queue too; such good expressions captured in both.
    The sleep tight one had me laughing out loud! Might remember that scarf trick for some busride coming up in january :O
    Really like the hipshot too, very pleasing colourscheme. Unstraight horizons are excused when hipshot (or so I like to think).

  5. Linus / Nov 19 2006 17:11


  6. fabian / Nov 20 2006 15:10

    dein opa in farbe find ich toll, erinnert mich sehr an lost in translation, bill murray. ein mann sitzt da, und gehört da einfach nicht hin. gehört einfach nicht da rein, nicht da zu. sieht man selten so klar, und selten so schön, find ich. außerdem sind die kleinen kronen, die roten, das beste.
    (außerdem erinnert mich dein opa hier noch an den gangster boss aus “the touch of evil” – aber nicht wegen des fotos sondern einfach wegen des geischts).
    hab mir das foto grad nochmal angeschaut und find licht und schatten im gesicht einfach toll. toll.
    das foto von der stewardess ist lustig und, find ich, einfach uber-zort.

  7. Henri / Nov 20 2006 22:35

    A nice hip shot has to be not straight!!

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