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21. November 2006 / Bernhard

machu picchu and port what the fuck ever

machu picchu town, lots of ugly europeans and tourism. whatever. trix.

side-note: those are negative-scans and i admit they could have better tones. but i really dont feel like scanning every work-print. sorry.

there is a train going right through the town. very classic.

small market: peeling potatoes. tough work.




and again.

and nowport what the fuck ever. somewhere in the peruvian rainforest. i forgot the name. again trix.

do you need a poncho?

tropic rainshower. nice.

maybe not so nice.

the whole gang. haha.



hungry on the boat, they were.

ponchos make me emo.


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  1. Kevin / Nov 21 2006 17:06

    All those little southy kids look the same. It’s like there’s only a few in existance and they clone them :o

  2. kira / Nov 21 2006 17:33

    the photo of the crying child is very very.
    these people differ so much from the vieneese people you usually shoot.
    hope you had a nice trip (exept of that illness you mentioned).

  3. fabian / Nov 21 2006 17:42

    die ersten zwei sind toll.
    just toll.

  4. Sebastian / Nov 21 2006 17:52

    schon gesehn, dass der kerl im vordergrund bei tropic rainshower sich anen sack greift? wirkt ehr komisch mit den kids daneben.
    insgesamt echt gute bilder. finde du hast n talent für die kinderfotos, sehr klassisch.

  5. Suzan / Nov 21 2006 17:52

    Ahh, best entry of South America so far. What a friendly vibe, looks like very warm and welcoming people. I’m very very pleased to see your approach of photographing the people the way you did. I honestly don’t care much about photos with a pouty foreign child, which only looks “good” because it evokes sympathy. This is good stuff. Honestly.

    And that comment of Kevin made me laugh really really hard, because all Asian people look the same to me too; I wonder if they’re all cloned from Kevin XD

  6. cha / Nov 21 2006 18:49

    i love that entry as well. such good shots. really.
    the kids expressions… mostly the crying girl and the pissed-by-rain boy. great workito.

  7. stefanie werger / Nov 21 2006 18:53

    jetzt wird’s interessant.
    wie konntest du dort unten auch nur ein foto schießen wenn niemand griesgrämig in die kamera schaut?

  8. artis / Nov 21 2006 19:16

    great shots again. like all of them. 1st one gets me!! :]

  9. artis / Nov 21 2006 19:23

    great shots again. nice very.
    1st one gets me!!

  10. oaschlochfreundin / Nov 21 2006 22:37

    die schmeißen sich ja geradezu bereitwillig vor die kamera hat man den eindruck.- stimmt das? und wenn ja, woran liegt das, dass die sich so viel lieber fotografieren lassen als europäerInnen oder amis?

  11. Fergus / Nov 22 2006 04:34

    Always whining about tones…

    Shots look great, i wanna see more landscapes though ;)

  12. dersunde / Nov 22 2006 09:03

    “All those little southy kids look the same. It’s like there’s only a few in existance and they clone them”

    hahaha… says the asian……………………

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