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23. November 2006 / Bernhard

some apx

now, some german film. agfa apx100.

one of my favorites. i think it looks nice on paper.

“carl zeiss!” – very. it’ not a digital camera – it’s a sony!

“look, sheeps!” – wow! sheeps.


the cook and cook romance.


wicked amount of detail. pretty classic peruvian street. taken somewhere in some town. the rest of the group was visiting some nice very interesting church.

if you look closely, you can see a nice very church in the background. very interesting!

again, one of my favs. too bad the scan is so dark.

and another roll of apx100:

they look all the same, right kevin?

kids watching a pig getting put on a car. it makes horrible sounds and eventually shits on one of the guys. cute.

cool guys wear caps




some portraits of my grandpa.


in some chapel in copa cabana, bolivia.


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  1. Miauzz / Nov 23 2006 04:01

    priceless ;)

  2. Fergus / Nov 23 2006 04:36

    Best lot so far man, the apx looks amazing! Love you portrait stuff, so much character in those faces.


  3. Suzan / Nov 23 2006 12:39

    Ah, my fav’s must be the first one of your grandpa – that handmovement! And the one of the little kid passing by. And the one in the chapel.
    I found the one of the sheeps rather hilarious too.

    I think you did a pretty good job, considering your whining about the circumstances.

  4. corvi / Nov 23 2006 14:33

    So tolle bilder , bin jedes mal so tierisch neidisch …

  5. fabian / Nov 23 2006 15:39

    tolle bilder,dein opa, im zug, sehr schön – gleiches gefühl irgendwie wie bei dem farbporträt,das du schon vorher hierhingestellt hast. außerdem muss ich irgendwie an hemingway denken wenn ich diese bilder seh. und das find ich lustig!
    haha. naja.
    außerdem find ich das straßenbild mit dem fluchtpunkt in der mitte toll; sogwirkung ist sein (also von dem bild) zweiter vorname.

  6. fabian / Nov 23 2006 15:39

    ach, außerdem mag ich den koch mit hünchen.

  7. eugenio / Nov 23 2006 18:55

    Not bad, Bern… but I can’t wait for some print scans. Some of those looks dark. Maybe is my screen.

  8. shadking / Nov 23 2006 19:27

    nice, mr.

    getting into landscapes, eh? it is really nice to shoot different things for a change, feels refreshing.. as long as you stay away from macros, im a fan..

    the cook and cook romance shot is awesome, and yr caption adds even more mystery to it. the chick is ubercute..

    the first of the pair of grandpa shots (3rd from end) is also great. the composition and perspective just feels so right.. the atmosphere with his eyes closed is strong as well.. would love to see the final print!

    love the candles and candle bokeh in the last shot.. sweet exposure..

    good stuff.. :)

  9. mikko / Nov 23 2006 22:08

    i dig quite many of these shots, even if i miss your fine printing.

    favs: cook cook caged love making action; the lil’ lad with a backbag staring straight in the camera; and especially the first granpa-sleeping-in-the-diner.

    i spent four weeks in bolivia last year with a couple of friends. lovely country. even slept a night on copacabana’s rocky beach on our way to hike at isla del sol.

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