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25. November 2006 / Bernhard

Agfa APX100, again.

Uh, apx100 again.

First roll was exposed again in the town of Nasca (already posted a roll of Trix from there). Let me add that this was one of the most interesting experiences from the whole trip – walking through the town, taking pictures without worrying that some fuck would come up, trying to sell some tourist stuff (most the locals were ignoring me at all). Sadly, I had only 2 hours time there, so i didn’t have too much time but I’d love to go back there. anywho.

Boys putting bags and such on a bus. Really like that silver-metal look of the sky.

Funny, how the exposure seems to be off here. APX100 is not meant to be scanned…

Funny how dull the the scene looks on screen. On paper, the shirt of the man glows because of the wicked lighting – ha, I keep repeating myself.

Como estas, amigo?!


This used to be a river… now it’s a dump.
The laughing lady got her hair done. Lovely scene.

Getting ready for going out.


The exposure is off and I cut her foot… whatever.


And more APX100 from the first day in Lima, Peru.

In front of a betting agency.

She was preparing some corn. Tough job.

He looks like he got lost.

“Where you from?” “Austria” “Ah, hot there?” “No, Austria. Europe.” “Oh…”


Curious kids.




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  1. eugenio / Nov 25 2006 14:52

    good job, Bern…
    I think you should add contrast. And, after all, I can’t wait for the print-scans.

  2. Suzan / Nov 25 2006 16:40

    Ah, my favs must be the one with the cut off foot :O (her expression is so great) and the one with the corn. And the scene of the women with the hair getting done. Everyone looks so friendly; just great.

  3. cha / Nov 25 2006 18:20

    cornwoman for me. oh and the last shot of course.
    although id love to see a print of the first shot :o :o

    god photos overall anyway :)

  4. Henri / Nov 25 2006 21:33

    only 2 hours! shit! love you man!

  5. mikko / Nov 26 2006 22:38

    sehr gut.

    muy buena photos.

    i dig.

    the guy on the bus. priceless.

  6. colombo / Nov 27 2006 02:17

    “Funny, how the exposure seems to be off here.”

    thought you were refering to skin tones ^^

    “Onde estas, amigo?!”

    somehow you wrote it in portuguese again. in spanish it’s “donde estas, amigo?!” (VERY different! ^^ )

  7. fabian / Nov 27 2006 16:27

    ich mag die drei nur straße bzw. fluss photos.
    ja, mag ich.

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