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6. December 2006 / Bernhard



cute emos

Hot like very
You might know this one.
061206_lia_02.jpg 061206_lia_01.jpg
Trying to imitate my genious Leica face.

061206_schlafende.jpg 061130_tram.jpg

A friend of a friend. The bar was lighted by some red spots, so I over-exposed for 1-stop. Still, seems to be under-exposed… but I somehow like the dark appearence.

My 35/2 Summicron is in for service, after 6 months I realised that the focus is not spot-on. Yay.


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  1. PaulW / Dec 6 2006 12:35

    5th shot down, so cute,

  2. Gerard / Dec 6 2006 13:40

    sehr toll :o
    tones are uber man. very good.

  3. Thomas / Dec 6 2006 15:54

    Your available-light results are inspiring. I wish I had a darkroom plus someone to teach me, would love to do my own prints.

  4. Drooper / Dec 7 2006 08:10

    Aah, the focus problems with 35mm. Gotta love them. ;)

  5. once-keen / Dec 7 2006 17:39

    ah, da hast du mich auch sowas von ausgetrickst.

  6. Suzan / Dec 7 2006 18:25

    Still very amazed by that first photo of the charming lady on the tram. Really.

  7. kinderbanned / Dec 8 2006 05:31

    schöne photos/prints !

  8. mikko / Dec 8 2006 22:44

    really nice to see some prints.

    seems like you learned how to make proper borders.:P

    to bad about your lense. hope you get back in good working condition.

  9. gunsbitchesandweed / Dec 10 2006 04:09

    those prints look great, I wish i had the time to print my film…until i do, the scans will have to do.

    Sucks about your summicron, were these images made with it, or a different lens?

  10. colombo / Dec 10 2006 04:37

    sexy sexy prints.

    she stole the famous zort wig!!! :O

    i think you’ve met an angel on the bus. 0:

    forget the summi. what you need is a lomo. heheh.

  11. Fergus / Dec 10 2006 09:30

    Some look great, love the kid on the bus with the teeth and the eyebrows

    Your printing is improving!

  12. sean / Dec 13 2006 19:00

    that shot is so sick!

  13. cha / Dec 19 2006 15:31

    apart from the ones you already submitted on dA, i love LOVE the 3rd and 10th shots. so cute. ^^

  14. Ryan Marr / Dec 21 2006 05:02

    I just noticed gay fuck hahaha brilliant.

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