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20. December 2006 / Bernhard

hoho, 4 days left

Four days left till christmas. My anxiousmetern is reaching daily-tops – good times. Still haven’t got presents, still don’t know what to get. I think, I’m going for some fiber prints and enjoy the disappointed faces – “why did you crop the head”. Classic.

Anyhuuu… things aren’t too cool (not even the weather) because I got myself a Voigtländer Ulton 28/1,9. The glass is pretty amazing, built-quality is very nice, so is the contrast and sharpness. BUT there is of course a butt – and surprise, surprise, it’s the focus. Which is off. Did you expect anything else? I didn’t. And here comes the kicker: Instead of front-focussing like all of the Leica-glass I tried, this one is back-focussing. Very lovely. So I won’t have any Leica gear for the holidays. Good times. Enough of ranting, just felt like telling a funny story. And for some reasons I like funny stories.

Some prinzen:

Genders? Who needs genders?


Decisive moment.


Drunk. 20 mm, Canonlight D – the other print is put on the bar’s wall.

Sunshine face.

Markus. Class for kids that have “problems with learning”. However, they all suffer from psychological problems. I have a few more to print. Going to do so this afternoon. Or not. Who knows?

Only few things are as nice as some decent backfocus. This was my M6 (still adjusted for my “weird” 35 mm) with Severin’s Leica 35/2 Summicron. Nice very.
Voigtländer. Over-exposed. Nice. Backfocus. Nice very.

Might be one of my christmas presents. Now this is going to be disappointing for family members. No cute kid-shot but some escalator. Tempting.

Incase, I won’t post any blog entry before christmas (or chanukha for Sir Khavinksy) have a nice very +fav time. Enjoy.

And here is my personal christmas gift for you:

I was having an inspiriational moment listening to some Aguilara song. Hope you like it. :heart:

And for all those guys who have a flawlessly working camera system: Die.


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  1. miauzz / Dec 20 2006 11:56

    I would post the last one on dA and run for a DD… its conceptual, is art, so you have a really good chance on it.. :P

  2. dearmurphy / Dec 20 2006 14:24

    Art very. If you closely in the picture on my blog – santa has a menora….

    Happy Holidays, bitch. I hope your precious leica unfucks itself.

  3. Christian / Dec 20 2006 15:14

    na zum glück sind alle meine kameras schrott…
    hast du mal durch ne russische messucherkamera geschaut? du würdest dir deine kaputte leica zurückwünschen!
    schönen feiertage.

  4. once-keen / Dec 20 2006 21:47

    yeah. finally doing art.

  5. travis / Dec 20 2006 22:27

    thank you, bern, for the beautiful gift of holiday spirit. you are a beautiful artiste.

  6. faaabiaaan / Dec 20 2006 22:40

    club! sonnengesicht! frau die grad in der bahn gestorben ist.

  7. bawbag1 / Dec 22 2006 12:11

    I dont know much about photography – but I like it.

    I dont know much about art – but I like it.

    I dont know much about your blog – but I like it.

    Your photos are bloody great and I admit to being jealous!!!

    Well done!

  8. Josh / Dec 23 2006 23:53

    Chris would kill me if he found I was cheating on him, but I think you might have an edge on him photographically speaking ;)

  9. Josh / Dec 23 2006 23:55

    p.s. how much for a copy of that elevator shot on some rc paper?

  10. Suzan / Dec 25 2006 18:26

    Ha, didn’t notice the text on her shirt until now. Great :D

  11. cha / Dec 26 2006 23:25

    love the sun face. really. like yeah. really. ^^

  12. jamiestoker / Dec 27 2006 00:13

    great fan of your blog and photos in general, you have a fantastic eye my friend!

    Never thought of giving decent prints as an xmas gift before, good idea.

  13. manuel / Jan 13 2007 11:44

    I love your photos!!! I like the moment you catch and the style of the images.
    great work :)

  14. Scott / Jan 18 2007 07:01

    Expired in 1991? that is nothing.. i have a roll of 36 Ilford expired in 1980.. waiting to get a RF to expose it..

    it will be fun :D

    at least, if SOMETHING comes out

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