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4. January 2007 / Bernhard

New! Year 2007, NIB

I shot a roll of film in 2 weeks. Very nice. Obviously, I’m not a big fan of the Nikon FA and sticking to a single lens, the AF 50/1,8. I learned that the MF 50/1,8 has fungus. Nice.


Christmas-shopping. Lost.

Christmas-spirit. 1/30 – SLRs are nice.

Food. Best thing about Christmas.

Streetphotography with a SLR is very cute. So I stick to shooting people I know.

Christmas spirit even at the pub. Nice.

Oh really?

And now the cool stuff – color. Scanning color is horrible, especially when you have the nice Canon Canoscan 8400F. I find printing color not too difficult, so anyone out there who thought about doing it: Give it a try! I’m using a Tetenal kit (dev, stop, bleach) and the chemicals are as easy to handle as normal B/W. I lack of compariosn but I find the colors I get much better than what I’m used from digital prints. Again, scanning film is pointless – it’s not even close to what is possible with film. And honestly, I somewhat regret that I haven’t shot more color film so far… Enough of blabhalblhabh…

So this was one of my first prints from Fuji NPS160 that I was somewhat happy with. Sorry for the very poor scan but I already gave the print away. Skintones are very nice but most of all, I like how the eyes shine.

Again, Fuji NPS160.

Fuji Pro400H. I have no idea why the scan is so soft and lacking of sharpness.

Actually, the next few shots have some nice well-saturated colors. Good scan. I’m never cynical. Never. Well done, Canon. You can.

Peruvian kids. I’m not finished with the series – I have some more. Glad I took those with color film.

Some might know this shot from my Deviantart gallery. Reala is brilliant. The printscan looks so dull, compared to the actual print.

Vienna in October. Some days before I left for Peru. Print is slightly over-exposed. Whatever. Don’t feel like re-printing.

Heh, can’t wait to start shooting again. So tired of the holiday and all that shit. Can’t wait to get my glass back from service. Can’t wait for quite a few things.


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  1. Suzan / Jan 4 2007 15:14


  2. cougarr / Jan 4 2007 17:57

    Can you give her my number? can you tell her that i’m uber cuty uber sexy and a lot of other uber things?

    Still, i dont know what uber means, but it looks like something cool..

  3. Scott / Jan 4 2007 21:00

    I love the peru series.. cant wait to see more

  4. Scott / Jan 4 2007 23:17

    oh, btw.. i just ordered a MF 50mm 1,8

    but i might not need it.. If you want, i can probably part with it.

    im using a 35-70mm AF 2.8D

    its really good, nice and sharp..

    the lens hasnt arrived yet (the 50).. but im going to use it for a week, then sell it if it doesnt make too much difference

  5. Aaron / Jan 5 2007 15:44

    der blick ist ja wohl der hammer

    gefällt mir auch sehr gut

    if uber comes from the german word über, it means over,… ( )

  6. James / Jan 6 2007 00:46

    Loving the Peru shots. Want to see more!

  7. spanishjohnny / Jan 8 2007 01:54

    cool, dann weiß ich das ich umbedingt n canon brauche :)
    street slr sieht übrigens gut aus… brachst keine leica mehr :P

  8. Fergus / Jan 8 2007 22:16

    Dude a lot of these are looking quite underexposed? Are these print scans or neg scans?

    Nice colour at the end there, man i wish Sydney had a proper Autumn!

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