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17. January 2007 / Bernhard

It’s an artsy world

Shots from New Years Eve. Nice. Schlecker 200 – very professional. Very.

Hello New Year.

Bunch of guys looking for friends in the dark. Sev and I enlightened them. Who needs retinas anyway?

And again. Funny we were.


And now some Ilford FP4 expired in 1991. Feel the magic.

I think that’s what Ilford means with nice exposure latitude.

Flash resembling the last ray of hope. Just that it’s for a 1/125th of a second.

Mind the artistic perspective. And the nice use of wide angle. Should have put the Hoya IR on.

Enough of Ilford sweetness, back to some solid Kodak Tri-x at 3200.

Sometimes, bright minds visit my place. They come to study and read books. It’s very strange.

Precious moments full of cuteness. She’s not sneezing.

“Will they meet?” – had to think of Errols shot when I saw the scan.

I bet she’s a very serious student, reading very important literature, listening to very important music and having very important converations with her even more important friends. Very serious.

Oh, and of course, there is a reason for the title. Already forgot. Time for ranting – shall we?

So we have that very nice prolab here in Vienna where all the very serious professional Canon-L-glass and Mr. Hasselblad have their stuff developed. It’s very serious business. They take their business outstandinly seriously, so they expect that you are a very serious artist. Everyone at my age is a serious artist. So they ramdomely make your stuff even artsier by adding very nice scratches and dust. Because everyone knows clean negs are very yesterday, especially when you can shoot a nice 1Ds Mawrk Twu that’s almost noisefree at ISO3200. Of course. Film is for art and art is something that’s wicked. Very wicked. As for me, I’m too mediocre for that kind of stuff. I’m so mediocre that I expect to get dust-free and even more important scratch-free negs from. Very crazy. Almost in a way artistic. Anyway, I did a nice woomp gallery, so you can see that Foto Leutner is the home for serious artists. So, whenever you are in Vienna, make sure to shoot a roll and have it processed there. It’s nice.

Fuji Superia 200

Following shots were part of a test-assignment for a newspaper .

They call “high precision art”. It’s tough business to place scratches that precisely.

Really looking forward printing this one – exposure of the scan is a bit off.

So much for now. For the devart people:

You have been suspended from deviantART and will return in 5d 18h 48m 18s .

Reason: Submission of pornographic content. Two week suspension.

Maybe next time I should ask some fetish people for advice. Preferable some dooooode from texass.


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  1. sebastian / Jan 17 2007 23:42

    wow, noch artsiger gehts ja nicht…abgelaufener film, kratzer…nicht schlecht ;)

    mal wieder echt schöne portraits dabei. das beim shopping sieht echt fein aus.

  2. joshcphotography / Jan 18 2007 00:57

    I want to know what the hell you posted to get the nifty suspension. As someone would say :

    rofl. ~fin~

  3. joshcphotography / Jan 18 2007 00:59

    p.s. your tri-x +3 in xtol? What times did you use? it’s hot. Gonna order some xtol through the school now methinks. Meaning I have to use up all the TMax. Bugger and bollocks.

  4. Bernhard / Jan 18 2007 01:12

    i got the suspension for submitting not so cute art.

    trix in xtol, same settings as severin – 15 1/2 mins, 20°C, 1:1

    use your tmax for tmax films – and not for pushing.

  5. Suzan / Jan 18 2007 01:42

    This is one hell of a photograph:

    Undeniably cute! I’d be really pleased with that if I’d be either one of you. Lovely.

  6. cougarr / Jan 18 2007 03:46

    Suzan said exactly what i think…

  7. atheistponcho / Jan 18 2007 06:15

    “ahhh, mr wolf?” – the art house
    “I’m sorry, I dont speak german” – me
    “these are your films sir?” – art house
    “ah, yeah these look like mine, how much do I owe you” – me
    “these are complementary” – art house
    “like free? I dont have to pay?” – me
    “no sir” (due to our wonderful art effect all of mr wolfs business with us is free, because he’s such a good client)- art house

    On a more serious note, are you colour printing now? well done! me too, I’m sure much better than you are.

    On a less serious note, I’m doing a studio shoot next week (120) and was wondering if you could offer some of your expertise on some 100 iso films of the black and white persuasion. right now I’m thinking plusx or tmax, I was also considering neopan100 although I’ve never shot it. the way I’m lighting I will be going +1.5 stops into the highlights and I’m going to have some background lit to -3 stops below key. so I’m looking for something with a pretty low contrast and a lot of latitude. I can push the contrast in the print if I have to but the way I’m lighting it I want a lot of tones so I shouldn’t have to. anyhow any opinion would be helpful.

    stay cute.
    -Ryan Marr.

  8. Scott / Jan 18 2007 07:04

    Expired in 1991? that is nothing.. i have a roll of 36 Ilford expired in 1980.. waiting to get a RF to expose it..

    it will be fun :D

    at least, if SOMETHING comes out

  9. artis / Jan 18 2007 09:56

    Sev looks photogenic very.
    next time you should post a shot with dA nudes open in the background..
    good luck with a newspaper!

  10. Bernhard / Jan 18 2007 11:01

    dear ryan,

    first of all, i miss your curly hair. i miss it a lot. wie schwein. anyhooo…

    i have little experience with film and even less with studio work… however, apx100 and 125px are my favorite iso100 film (although i find 125px easier to control). if you go for tmax100, make sure to process it with tmax. makes it very cute.

  11. daniela / Jan 18 2007 12:17

    Bah. dA ist langweilig ohne dich. also noch langweiliger als sonst. also scheiss langweilig.

    und heast, mein buch!

  12. flipo / Jan 18 2007 16:02

    Immerhin hast scans & auch wieder eine m6 ;) … welchen erschwinglichen Epson kannst denn empfehlen, der halbwegs brauchbare scans macht ?


  13. christophstockhusen / Jan 18 2007 16:30

    *lacht* schönes fachlabor :) aber so ists doch meistens bei denen – ich jedenfalls habe keine guten erfahrungen mit solchen “profis” gemacht.

    nun denn, was ich eigentlich will: zeig mal das bild, weswegen du suspended wurdest!

  14. manuel / Jan 18 2007 18:17

    well very professional :)

  15. dersunde / Jan 18 2007 21:39


    in my little experience i found neopan acros 100 give me the greatest range.

    apx, tmax, delta are all great but seem to have quite the high contrast.

    fp4/plusx i don’t really know. for a sample. it isn’t in a studio but it was about 8 am on perfectly clear sunny day.

  16. Piotr / Jan 18 2007 23:20

    vienna’s not the only place to scratch and fuck up negs….


  17. michael / Jan 23 2007 12:30

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