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21. January 2007 / Bernhard

Is there a plane to catch?

Is there? I don’t know. For me, I thought it’s time to update my blog. Yet again. I’m sorry. Nothing fancy. Just three rolls of B/W-film. Funny.


This is Kurt, my equipment supply. Thanks a lot! (Really need to print those.)

I like this. Very.

He seems like he got stuck or something.

Some more Tri-x.

Neopan1600. The familiar stranger.

A lovely goth couple. Cute.

Serious business.

Morning glory.

Sister and rain. Hunting slops. Lots of.

Reading newspaper.

Really want to print this – scans tones don’t look too good.



This is Markus. Hello Markus. Markus is my focus-test. I like focus-tests.


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  1. shiftis / Jan 21 2007 08:02

    I really like these–especially the last bunch.

  2. Suzan / Jan 21 2007 13:59

    Oh good to see some streetphotography again. Really like the frame of the man who’s stuck.
    And the 2nd portrait of Kurt.

  3. cougarr / Jan 21 2007 14:22

    The goth couple photo is really good.

  4. colombo / Jan 21 2007 15:09

    porn porn porn, porn everywhere… :(

  5. Alex / Jan 22 2007 09:45

    die frau mim ipod schaut ja sehr seriös aus ;)

  6. Arno / Jan 22 2007 22:09

    du bist so anit-leutner

    bin wahrscheinlich nur noch bis zum 2. da wenn du also vorher nochmal printen gehst sags mir bitte

  7. morgan / Jan 22 2007 22:55

    hi Markus!!

  8. faaabiaaan / Jan 23 2007 15:23

    der typen in der bahn, der die hand am henkel hat –


  9. shadking / Jan 26 2007 22:56

    the “click” picture is cute. very.

    on a more serious note, i like it.

  10. kinderbanned / Jan 26 2007 23:19

    nice very entry

    das 50/2 ist schon fein fein

  11. Eyali / Mar 6 2007 18:37

    you r good

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