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28. January 2007 / Bernhard

Wien in E

Nice lady being pissed. Nice.

Rain. Lots of.

Hello little fellow.



28 mm is lovely.


Photograph of a photographer.

Photograph of a photographer.

Too bad she decided to move the moment I hit the trigger. Whatever.

We had snow in Vienna. Impressive.

Art appreciator at Severins university.

Severin talking about his work.

A breathless art appreciator.

Severin and perhaps the best work of the exhibtion. Amazing.

Nice water stain – on purpose… ART!


Serious business.

At a birthday party. We went to school together… good old times.

Vodka started to kick in… nice.

It was freaking dark – iso3200, f2, 1/15

Wee… nice very. Voddy…

On the bus on my way to the darkroom. I love Vienna.

So much for now. Boring stuff. But posting blog entries is like a serious thing, so I keep doing them. Speaking of serious:



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  1. faaabiaaan / Jan 29 2007 01:42

    i mag the folgende:
    den regenschirm, das mädchen mit den langen haaren das dich schräg anschaut, so ein bisschen verängstigt UND die alte oma, die aus dem fenster von der bahn shaut.

  2. cougarr / Jan 29 2007 04:08

    nice very cute friends you have. ;)

  3. Drooper / Jan 29 2007 13:12

    Always a pleasure. Nice.

  4. Suzan / Jan 29 2007 17:44

    Indeed always a pleasure.
    The little fellow shot is very precious and I very much dig the ones you shot at he exhibition.

  5. Fergus / Jan 30 2007 00:11

    Man neopan is a sexy looking film!

  6. ezra / Feb 4 2007 09:25

    Hey, Is your school just photo? Do you gotta speak German to be a student?

  7. Bernhard / Feb 5 2007 13:39

    ezra: not sure, go ask severin, im no student there.

  8. cha / Feb 7 2007 16:44

    i just saw the 3 last pages of your blog, hadn’t checked in ages…. it feels good to be here .. to obviously see good stuff and nice scratches and flares.

    my favourites :

    those too :

    and his one’s cute :


  9. kinderbanned / Feb 9 2007 15:57

    das letzte ist im mc-donnalds schwarzenbergplatz WC oder ?


  10. ezra / Feb 17 2007 22:39

    I’ve seen dozens of photos of Severin all bubbly eyed looking through a camera, and every time I get a boner.

    keep it up! :P

  11. Simon Meisinger / Sep 18 2019 14:37

    des is schon extremst gut

    • Bernhard Wolf / Sep 18 2019 21:39

      Den Blog im Jahr 2019 zu lesen/schauen ist nicht alltäglich.

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