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5. February 2007 / Bernhard

Head and Shoulders

This entry is sponsored by Head and Shoulders. Most boring entry ever. EVER.

First frame of Superia200. Processed by Foto Leutner. Pro.

Some of you might know Erwin Wurm who is a very very important photographer here in Austria. However, he’s also a client of that prolab and somehow also having “problems”. Scratches to be precise. I find that particular frame pretty funny. The frontfocus makes me giggle too. HEAD AND SHOULDERS.

Since my photography lacks of the artistic aspect, I thought I give art-photography a try.

Lens flase is essential for art photography.

Of course, I failed miserably with art photography, so I went back to nice-lady photography.

Perhaps the nice backfocus makes it art – who knows? You might have already guessed but I’m most likely the most pretentious person out there since I actually hang my prints. Work prints. I don’t do serious prints.

OK, enough of that – time for cute B/W. Neopan1600. Nice lady having a cheeseburger. Nice. I’m prety pro – compensating nice backfocus of the Voigtländer 28/1,9.

Nice lady on the underground. I may add that Neopan1600 has the slickest tones I know.

Lady chat.

Talking about their best friend.

Look who’s there: Severin!

They spotted us two Leica pimps and started talking about SLRs. Cute. Leica is cute. SLRs are cute.

No idea why I add this shot maybe to make the entry look lengthier. Who knows.

And before someone asks, yes they were taken at a party where sane people dressed as fairy and what the fuck ever.

Enough of that.

A dog and a couple of drunk students. Gripping.

A kid (!) on the bus. Even grippier.

And a hand on the bus. Freaking gripping.


Thanks for looking. Hope you had a jolly weekend and a great start in the week.


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  1. kira / Feb 5 2007 13:55

    indeed very gripping.gripping is a nice very word.

    a hand on the bus,you should shoot a whole series of that.

    very constructive comment.yes.

  2. Suzan / Feb 5 2007 14:30

    Ha, nice job on compensating the backfocus and the descriptions sound like you’re really doing very well.

  3. shadking / Feb 5 2007 17:19

    nice post.

    i like the light in the first one.. very “professional” looking.. heh..

    the cheeseburger shot has something classy about it, even though cheeseburgers aren’t necessarily so. it’s hard to take flattering eating shots, but you managed.

    i also like the one of the 2 ladies talking about “their best friend”.. composition is simple and clean, yet strong.. no gimmicks.


  4. cougarr / Feb 5 2007 18:13

    One day i’ll go to Vienna and i’ll make love to you.

  5. Ryan Marr / Feb 5 2007 22:16

    yo! you should try the “digitalice” for those scratches. the scanner does an additional pass and figures out what is the image and what is dust or scratch. there’s a bit of compression but if it’s something nice it’s worth trying. I like the ladychat shots. haha they have to lean in to hear each other, “oh, you don’t say”


  6. faaabiaaan / Feb 6 2007 00:58

    uuuh, huuu.
    da auf dem foto, von ihr, vor deinem computer – da hängen an der wand hinter ihr ja fast nur bilder von ihr.

  7. dersunde / Feb 6 2007 06:18


  8. clayton / Feb 6 2007 07:52


  9. spanishjohn / Feb 7 2007 18:31

    sach ma, machst du eigentlich auch ma schlechte fotos :) echt immer nette bilder. motiviert mich immer mal wieder die cam mit zu nehmen.
    nette bilder… anscheind funzt die leica wieder…

    viele grüße


  10. mikko / Feb 7 2007 23:36

    nice scratches. superia looking otherwise pretty damn good.

  11. Sam / Feb 8 2007 11:34

    Loved the superia and neopan. Leica pimps shot was priceless.

  12. Vi / Feb 17 2007 20:15

    Lovely…I added you to my blogroll. I hope you don’t mind!

  13. shiftis / Feb 17 2007 21:43

    sexy photos yet again

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