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17. February 2007 / Bernhard


I mean, are you serious?


I sometimes wonder if I should post stuff that attracts the majority of visitors or stick to the stuff I like. I guess I go for latter. Who knows! ARTISTS!

I read that umbrellans are trendy. So is shooting Trix at iso3200 in daylight.

Tmax400 in Tmax Dev. Next time I’ll try XTOL again, I think.

I like this shot – OK?

I love backfocus.

Shots from a wedding. Taken on Trix. Classic.

Proof that I was there in serious mission.


Pushing my limits in street photography. Light changed, so the exposure is off. Whatever.

And now – finally – the thing you all waited for: FOCUSTESTS ;wackel

Ran out of wetting agent, so used some old. Apparently, old wetting agent leads to nice dust and shit on negs. Thank god, this was just a roll of Ilford.

Focus tests are always serious business. Always.

Anyway, it’s been awhile… been busy and blahblabh. Thanks for viewing. ;wackel


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  1. dersunde / Feb 17 2007 06:05

    oooh ;melsa

    post more focus tests!!!


  2. joshcphotography / Feb 17 2007 10:25

    I’m an artist, I’m submitting my first piece to the tate modern. it’s a load of empty film canisters in a pile, it represents life.

    Anyway, I’ve been forced to do a focus test with my Leica and I have a better one than you. It involves lines on paper. I am for the win.

    And at least you have wetting agent. I forgot to steal some from my college and developed a roll of Tri-X+1 and then regretted it. Very arty. Many dust. Much streaks.

    I’ll clean it when I get back to school and I’ll order some of my own.

    Like the serious wedding photography. But I like full street shot more. And I like focus tests even more. Focus test = hot business.

  3. colombo / Feb 17 2007 15:34

    strange… just had some deja vu involving something about out of focus letters in newspapers hmmm…

    artists never do focus tests… they always say that the strange focus was deliberate.

  4. chitwoodgang6 / Feb 17 2007 17:52

    wow. i’m so impressed with your abilities to take such great photos! i am a beginner myself, and using a crappy camera until i can afford a better(‘real’) one. but i have to say, your taste is very similar to mine…i just haven’t learned how to pull it off like that yet!! i love it! very slick. very professional looking. :) great job!

  5. Steven G. Atkinson / Feb 17 2007 20:32

    My feelings would be post the things that you like and not worry about what you think others may like.

    Who knows, they some day may change their minds.

  6. Suzan / Feb 18 2007 00:19

    That photo of the guy with the camera at the wedding had me chuckle. Genious. Seriously.

    I also really like the shot of the kid and the hair.
    The photo of the street with the lights… those tones there are so damn silky smooth. So very nice.

    And the two public transport shots where you had eyecontact (the one with the rose and the middle one of the woman sitting across you) really rocks my socks. Rangefinders are nice when you don’t want to be noticed, the voyeuristic blablabla, and then BAM the eyecontact with an obvious stranger is so confrontatial. Those two shots instantly got to me.

  7. henri / Feb 18 2007 22:04

    the malboro one is very good! I wanna it! :)

  8. Leilani Techaira / Mar 2 2007 01:02

    i like all of them, but I always tell you that. Especially the one with nice lady reading. I think thats my favourite of the bunch. You should post the stuff you like although its hard to figure out which those are since youre so damn sarcastic.

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