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28. February 2007 / Bernhard

First times

Shot the first time a wedding, never actually attended one so this was very “new” to me.

Decided to convert the first three to B/W – light was horrible. Couldn’t get any decent skin tones.

In the end, I did enjoy covering this wedding a lot, although it meant 11 hours of shooting. Whatever. Really want a fullframe digital… the 1,5 crop is stupid. Period.


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  1. Ryan Marr / Mar 1 2007 03:37

    d200? cute.

  2. miauzz / Mar 1 2007 04:00

    you should had added some dust and scratches to the first ones… and some noise…

  3. techaira / Mar 1 2007 07:55

    when I was scrolling down i thought that groom looked familiar…then I saw the last picture and everything just pieced together.

  4. marius / Mar 1 2007 11:57

    bernherd, you are good.

  5. Suzan / Mar 1 2007 14:04

    I still think that 4th one is solid gold.
    And that you did a pretty amazing job all around (although that bride doesn’t really know her flattering angles :O)

  6. markus / Mar 2 2007 00:08

    dieses eine foto mit den stühlen ist dir wohl zu cheesy, was?

  7. Eyali / Mar 6 2007 18:54

    I love this blog!

  8. sean / Mar 12 2007 19:10


    good coverage.
    you will find that brides are crazy. so, proceed with caution.


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