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28. February 2007 / Bernhard

“Ich werde das Lenkrad fest halten”

Always hold the wheel tightly. Always.

It’s time for an interesting, yet exciting blog entry – featuring lots of gripping photography. Let’s enjoy:

Let’s start with the things I like most: backfocus and general out-of-focus. Obviously, this was taken on Valentines day… aww…

Ok, so far so good, just some solid backfocus. Sweet.

But this really made me ;wackel. A lot.

Getting paid for developing films. Nice. I like. Feels kinda weird to process for other people.

My youngest sister. Met them at the post office. Yay.

Some might ask: Why show this shot? Why? Because I waited 10 lovely minutes for the tram. Yes. Gripping. Also, this is 1/8 which makes me feel pretty irresistable.

I’d fucking love why this is both, out of focus and blurry. Very nice very. Whatever.

Linus coping with the nice neg-holders. Nice nice nice. I have his number. Yes.

ISO3200 is for pussies. “Oida….”

I’d like to know what he was so fascinated about.

Hell yeah, haha, whatever.

Retarded dog and retarded backfocus. Nice. Solid art.

Watch out! That’s deep!


Because smoke is so dynamic and so art. It’s like a plastic bag in a tree or air… it’s art by nature.

This is like the first street shot in ages that I’m somewhat happy with. Also, it shows that I’m getting better with compensating the nice Leica frontfocus. Leica never fails you. Never fucking ever.

Oh this is Sebastian. Say “Hi” to Sebastian; “Hi, Sebastian!”

This is all very complicated – where the fuck are we?

Trying to look french. Wee…

Why am I posting this? Because I dropped this negative. The contact with the not so clean floor gave the negative instantly quite a few nice scratches and other nice stuff. It’s all pretty nice.

Wasting the last few frames…

That’s the emo cyclops. Dedicated to all rangefinder users using their right eye. You funny folks.

Ok, now serious business. Shopping. Alsmost as serious as your shopping business, Lani.

+10 endurance

My sister imitating my mom.

For the HCB lovers: Is this a decisive moment?

My dad and his old bike. Boy toys. Wee…

Childhood memories. Haven’t been at my grandparents place for must have been years. And everything stayed the same. Never finished the track.

My grandpa. He also used to shoot the red dot. Funny.

Back to Vienna and lots of serious business. Happy cloud, that’s what they call me.

It’s beautiful to watch people and their passion, like a musician and his instrument or a passionate reader and their books. Or a photographer and some nice print. Ha.

Oh, before you ask: They are no scratches (the stuff you saw on the previous shot in the right, upper corner), they are some kind of gelatine strings. Never had them before but Severin – who had them – told me they can be removed with some kosher wetting agent. Now that’s one hell of a reason for a blissful yaaaay.

The End.

Wait. There is some more. Yeah, there is art and art knows no boundaries.

Oh my gawd… that’s like in… uhm… what was that movie called again? Right, American Beauty. Oh my gawd. That’s so much art.

I really want to post some shots from the wedding I shot two weeks ago. Should do so in the next few days. Consider this as an important (very) FYI.



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  1. artis / Feb 28 2007 12:42

    focus on the back is teh new black!

    composition wise, your photos tend to look close to Sev’s. if the get mixed together, it would be hard to distinguis which is shot by whom. no offence at all, just an observation came in my head going through this entry – so, no reason for tears. on the other hand, there shall be no reason for tears anyway. so it’s ok to cry for no reason. :(

    waiting for the important wedding photos!

  2. colombo / Feb 28 2007 15:03

    omg omg, i’ve actually used the american beauty OST to watch this, the similarities are astounding.

    “My sister imitating my mom.” HAHAHA!

  3. Christian / Feb 28 2007 16:28

    meine negative schaun manchmal ganz ohne runterzufallen so aus wie das eine.

    und nochwas sehr genial künstlerisch unglaublich emo usw.: ich hab die gleichen kopfhörer wie du! …und das verdammte kabel is mir zu lang.

    sind ein paar echt schöne bilder dabei. das kleine mädel im bus is echt klasse.
    das zweite von oben gefällt mir auch ganz gut.

    ganz im gegensatz zu dem scheiß den ich im moment produzier :(

  4. Drooper / Feb 28 2007 16:39

    You’re admirably very sarcastic with your texts, and very artsy. Very.

  5. Suzan / Feb 28 2007 18:43

    Really dig the shots of the white haired dude in the bus. And the one of your grandfather. Yup.

    And shopping with a girl… You’re one tough cookie, fatty.

    Oh and this made me laugh out loud fyi: “It’s like a plastic bag in a tree or air… it’s art by nature.” You just got it, you will probably become pro very soon!

  6. markus / Feb 28 2007 22:22

    ich will den bademantel!

  7. Leilani Techaira / Mar 2 2007 00:56

    Damn straight shopping is important serious business. I love that picture of Sophie she is so damn cute. I only saw half of these shots, you didnt even show me all of them. Whats wrong with you I thought we discussed this.

  8. Joe Alisa / Mar 2 2007 21:01

    retarded dog…lmao

  9. shiftis / Mar 4 2007 10:05


    there was an unfinished model train set thing sitting in a room in my grandparent’s house for the longest time.

    no idea if it’s still there or not.

    anyhow. lovely photos and such.


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