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11. March 2007 / Bernhard

Here comes the sun!

It does. I’m currently printing some of my South America color stuff, mainly shot on Fuji NPS160. Yes, Fuji NPS160, good film I suppose. Not the case when expired, not at all. Why did I shoot expired film on a special trip like that? I don’t know? Maybe because I’m retarded? Maybe because I thought that half a year ain’t that much. Maybe because it’s all pretty funny. Either way, since printing doesn’t make them look any better, I’m going to post some negative-scans. Oh watch out, Foto Leutner high quality development!

So this is my grandpa. Somewhere south of Lima, second day in Peru.

Some town close to Nasca. I miss those “sorry, I don’t know Spanish”-situations.

Oh yes, frames like that get me pretty emotional. NPH400. Shot two rolls of it. Film’s fresh.

The sun was gone, just the soft illumination from the sky and the street lamp. I’m going to print this today.

If I were progressive and very magnumemotional, I’d add some fancy zee-german accent here.

The Dead Hour.

Eden – modest as I am, this popped into my mind. And oh, let’s all hold hands and imagine this being taken on some nice slide film – not some expired NPS160 that looks like some high-speed film. This and the next shots are taken in Cusco.

Taken somewhere south – near lake Titikaka. Someday, I’m going there again and stay there longer than just a few minutes. I hope. Very magnumemotional I am.

On Lake Titikaka.

Next few shots were taken on the Floating Islands on Lake Titikaka.

Somewhere in the rain forest.

At the airport.

“Ihr bleibts da jetzt kurz stehen, dann lauft ihr auf mich zu – verstanden?” – Understood?

At the market.


Aww… head off, camera in.

I don’t like dogs. I don’t like cats. But this fellow… can dogs smile? It’s so peruvian – even their dogs are modest and happy.

Nice – the rocks are all grey, had to correct them. Looks like some crossed Provia or Velvia. Nice very. Piercing look.

Doors are small in Peru.

Some last words, yes, I’m a bit desperate. I’ve been to Peru and Bolivia, shot all in all 24 rolls of film and from those 24 rolls only 5 are what I consider “decent” (developmentwise). How nice is that? The B/W have horrible contrast and tones due improper development (thanks to some old funny Leitz enlarger which I altered my development), the C41 are (except the 2 rolls of NPH and Superia100) expired and yeah, of course, there is the roll of Velvia… but so far, I can’t print slide (of course, I could scan and print them. Of course).

Whatever. I keep saying to myself that this trip is just the first of its kind and that many will follow. Eventually. So it’s all good. Just some stupid ranting.

Hope you all had a blissful weekend. Actually, hope you liked some shots. Heh. I mean, it’s all on porpuse cause I’m really into that trash photography thingy lately. Got myself some black suite – and thick bordered glasses. Wee,

¡hasta pronto!



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  1. kira / Mar 11 2007 21:37

    awww,so much color from you! quite unexpected.
    I just adore the kids shots of the Floating Islands on Lake Titikaka (!!!).Their expressions are priceless, not to mention the background and the colors, the colors are delicious!
    Yes,many exclamation marks.I KNOW.

    Above all,i’m glad you decided to shot some nice very color as well.

    And stop whining already, you sound like a 15 years old girl :P


  2. Will / Mar 11 2007 23:17

    The expired stuff is a bit disappointing, even despite its grain which is amazingly prominent even at the tiny sizes you post. Some would say the 3 or 4 excellent shots you got out of 24 rolls were worth the “waste” of the other 570 odd frames. How can you have to change the negatives so much to suit an enlarger that is supposed to be really really good?

  3. Bernhard / Mar 12 2007 00:49

    ad will: when i scanned the negs, i thought that my scanner has problems scanning nps160. so i hoped that this problem gets solved with printing. which is not the case.

    thanks kira!!!!! (ha)

  4. morgan / Mar 12 2007 14:43

    dont be so hard. some great shots there. yes, that expired film is not so nice… hrm.

    think of the scala i found that i cant develop ANYWHERE.

    i’ll just pretend its not there. hrm.

  5. Christian / Mar 12 2007 16:35

    sind doch ein paar echt schöne bilder dabei!

    dass die wenigsten technisch perfekt sind, is doch ziemlich egal…es geht doch vielmehr um deine erinnerungen. und solange man halbwegs erkennen kann was du gesehen hast (auch wenns sehr grobkörnig oder was auch immer sein mag), dann hat es sich gelohnt.
    is natürlich schade wenn eine rolle völlig hinüber is, aber das passiert zum glück ja nur selten.

  6. sean / Mar 12 2007 19:08

    you fking pimp!
    Peru is a place I want to go for sure.

    I just returned from India on Monday.

    Traveling is the best.


  7. Fergus / Mar 12 2007 21:21

    Dman man that sucks, never take expired film on a trip of importance ;)

    Life is full of learning lessons the hard way eh.

    Still you got some decent frames, the old boys on the bench is a dead set cracker!

  8. colombo / Mar 12 2007 22:01

    i’m already daltonic mister, are you trying to confuse me???

    “Got myself some black suite – and thick bordered glasses.” hmm…. hahaha!

  9. Suzan / Mar 16 2007 12:48

    That third and fourth frame… so damn nice light, hope the printing went well.

  10. faaabiaaan / Mar 18 2007 17:57

    ich find einige sehr sehr toll.
    das mit den ferngläsern ist .-.-ldfkgdflg toll.

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