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13. March 2007 / Bernhard

lebe, liebe, lache

So I finally got a roll of Velvia 100F developed that I started in December last year.

Very nachtwey I was.

Not happy with the roll – apparently, all my color films are somewhat expired. Anyhoo…

On the way home from university. This photograph features all of my most favorite styles: Nice lady, nice bokeh, super silky Tri-x tones. Yes.


Sister in kitchen in not so nice light.

This is dog is obviously stoned. First a retarded dog, now a stoned dog. That’s Vienna!

Lost tourists. Cute.

Grandpa and grandchild. Maybe not close enough. Who knows.

Too much compensating front-focus. My sister Helen, occopuied with very serious business.

My youngest sister Sophie. Again.

Dedicated to Lani.

Helen getting inpatient.

What happened? I somehow managed to scratch some emulsion off the gelatine. Nice.

The next day it rained. Very.

Oh, meet my car. Well, my car for two hours – had my last lesson for my driving licence with that kinky car. Photo was taken by the instructor who expected a display at the back of the camera. Made me chuckle inside. A lot. Anyways, flawless composition, Mr. Average size of my dick at that moment: 20-30 cm. Yes, I’m a prick.

Waiting for the professor. Always a tense time.

This is – or (more sensible) Sebastian. We met and talked about all kinds of stuff. Kinky stuff. Good talking and it’s nice to meet people that share the same idea on photography.

Obviously, he’s just quitting smoking.

He’s a man full of mysteries.

And again. That’s four photos on a person that is not one my sisters and not a nice lady – suppose he’s super hot then.

Next day was very “sunny sunny”. Wee…

Gut so.

1/8th – rangefinders are perfect for nice art photography.

Met Ritin and his friends who are doing an intercultural art thingy here in Vienna. They just got started and the first theme will be “South America”.

You might recognise the print.

I have no idea why the Coolscan went for that weird exposure. However, I didn’t feel like re-scanning and I actually like the shot. Wee.


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  1. RaiseHell / Mar 14 2007 00:38

    Das mit dem Ferrari sieht dir scheiß Leica-Poser mal wieder ähnlich…

    Find ich eigentlich schön so…

    Sonst find ich noch



    Und das mit dem Teddy hat irgendwie was herrlich skurriles an sich.

  2. colombo / Mar 14 2007 01:34

    isn’t it something like national treason, an austrian driving an italian car??

    talking of higher intellectual non materialistic stuff – art – i actually like the focus on Helen with the cube.

    and Sebastian and I are going to start a socks business in china.

  3. shiftis / Mar 14 2007 03:49

    lovely photo set

  4. Ryan Marr / Mar 14 2007 07:48

    you’re a cool exposure.

  5. Ryan Marr / Mar 14 2007 07:48

    damn it! I meant to say hot gay.

  6. James Kelly / Mar 14 2007 19:03

    THATS the car he let you LEARN to drive with???

    omg, I wonder what car he’s precious about.. and also, what his insurance is like :)

  7. spanishjohnny / Mar 15 2007 15:06

    oh mit dem teddy… der scheint wohl unterwegs zu sein

    fette karre haste da… damit fahren lernen – oh gott. was kostet denn dann ne fahrstunde ?

  8. Bernhard / Mar 16 2007 08:59

    nicht mehr als sonst – ist ja der gag. das auto ist ja putzig, die pedale sind eindeutig für zierliche italo füße gemacht…

  9. Suzan / Mar 16 2007 12:45

    Ha, gotta love the shot of the tourists. And the second one of Sebastian – cute squinty eyes. The one of your sis getting her coat is great too; love how she’s almost all hidden.
    Weird blog entry, so random, didn’t like all of it – but those I very much did.

  10. tiffany / Mar 20 2007 06:15


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