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22. March 2007 / Bernhard

Keep Your Distance

Headlines in caps turns me on.

2 shots that somewhat belong to the previous entry.

“Dude, don’t take my picture.”

Because it’s very serious business. Really have to show this Ritin.

Aww… a drunk still life. Cute. Mind the baby ghosting. Cute.

I miss my 28 mm. Oh well, Voigtländer can’t fix it, so I got my money back. Oh well.

Very serious stuff. Ha. German might help understanding. Might.

Polish tourist group. Cute.

Guy sitting on a bench. Guess what? Yes, it’s cute.

If you look closely, you can see a cat. If not, well, then I suppose you have to unleach your artistic soul. First step: get thick bordered glasses. The thicker, the sharper. Simple.

Food is good. Period.

Severin at his best: Bambabam – Schläge muss es geben!

This guy has “contact” with young ladies from eastern Europe.

They do his cute LF prints. And that’s how he gets them. All of them. Irresistable.

Some pushed stuff:

Poor guy, passed out at 10 pm. Aww…

I think this was taken with the 40/1,4 Nocton.

You have to love him. Aww…

Yeah, topics change quickly. This was right before going out. Yes, this young man already had a great time.

“Geh scheißn mit deiner Kamera!”


At the part. Seems like he already had enough of ;wackel.

Same again. She could actually barely speak. Suppose, she was beyond ;wackel.

Good thing our ways seperated at this point… His hangover was massive.

Anyway, Neopan1600 (That’s right Billy, I’m back and I want you!)

I found a souldier. Or the soul box. Or the soul man. That dude has soul. I’m sorry.



All those little details. Cute.

Sister and friend.

At some bar. They played Austropop – if you are not familiar with that term, consider yourself a lucky bastard.

Bier freud den Linus. My puns are strong.

Boring. I’m boring.

I liked that scene. Also, shooting iso1600 film in daylight is avantgarde.

So is overexposing.

I wanted to do some very serious portraits. Ended up doing the classic Wolfenstein.

Shot with my trust Nikon D70 and 50/1,8, reflector (important!) was Mr. White Wall, ISO1600.

You all had a wonderful week so far? Yes? Great.


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  1. Drooper / Mar 22 2007 01:52

    Yippiiee, nice entry. Compensating Leica focus error rocks!

  2. Ryan Marr / Mar 22 2007 04:56

    thanks for stealing my title you goofball, i guess I stole it from amon tobin. I like the feet art.

    really love the expression here.

    no dust no scratches. something to aspire to.

  3. stelios / Mar 22 2007 09:04

    loved the leg/feet photos. great entries

  4. v / Mar 22 2007 10:49

    Hello !

    Just wanted to let you know that i added a link section on my website, and put you in. ++

    (yeah i know i cut and paste the same message to everyone)

  5. cougarr / Mar 23 2007 00:48

    i think you should offer some snacks with your posts. Whenever you do a new post and it appears in my rss reader i think of snacks… cheese ones. And some beer. Duvel, if possible. Or Chimay Blue. And i think you could add some music too. I know a band that would feat perfectly in your blog… wacka wacka wackel

  6. colombo / Mar 23 2007 01:13

    “This guy has “contact” with young ladies from eastern Europe.” rofl! HAHAHAHA!

    The overexposure there REALLY looks very very anvantgarde.

    I like the expressions of “sister and friend” (what’s the thing with the human brain attraction for repetition? ^^ ). And the skull there. :O

  7. Luke Neher / Mar 23 2007 06:33

    Feet photos rock. As does 1600 in daylight. It’s a practice all photonerds know. The “I’m to lazy to change film from last night” technique.

  8. Suzan / Mar 23 2007 15:22

    “Mind the sweet voddy focus”, hmm? I remember that from an earlier blog. I like the shot in this entry.
    The overexposed photo looks actually pretty nice and high-key :O But will probably print like shit.
    What’s up with the vignetting in the last two shots? :O

  9. Sebastian / Mar 25 2007 00:02

    So’n Assi. Wusst’ ich’s. Süsse Schuhe. Für Individualisten die gern alle gleich aussehn möchten. Anders als .. wer nochmal?

    Is das die Ausstellung im Semperdepot?

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