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25. March 2007 / Bernhard

Hi, hello, strawberries

This blog entry features: Agfa APX100 and Kodak Tri-X400. Yes.  Jose, hope you have snacks ready.

On my way, picking up a camera from service. Yes, soon I know every camera repair store in Vienna. And yes, they hate me all. ;wackel

Taken on the “kleinen Orientexpress” aka U6.

This is weird: The neg is pretty thin, although it’s on the same film and processed the same way. (Exposure should be on.)

No, this was not taken in Holland. I guess that’s a Minolta. Cute.

Again, thin neg. But lovely pose. Yes.

This is Vienna. Dogs. Gripping.

Now, Trix. Starting with some deep art. Taken at a deep place. A place of passion. Since my poetry skills are poor, I’ll leave it up to you creating a nice poem that goes well with the following shot. For now, let’s call it: The Four Heads – highly dedicated to wee Gilad (

Whatever, here is a nice poem:
You have
Four heads you do
But one
The one of passion
Rests on your shoulders
But focus you will
The shoulders will be on

Severin guiding Miriam to a restaurant. Ladies and orientation = ;wackel

Speaking of ladies: Bokeh + Lady = ;wackel²

For Kira: Viennese hat fashion.

Viennese love rain. “Schaß Wetter”


Weird, semi-drunk dude shooting people on the toilet.

Weird semi-drunk, people on toilet shooting dude admits that he’s shooting a vintage camera.

Again, a drunken still life. I remember shooting about the same scene a year ago; back then Trix pushed to 3200, this time exposed at 400. Tiny difference.

Waiting for the bus.

Still, waiting for the bus. Gripping. I like this one tho.

Hope you all had a blissfully happy weekend and stuff. Thanks for viewing and stuff.


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  1. Sebastian / Mar 25 2007 23:20

    Dieses Jahr bei 400 weil du früher zum Saufen anfangst? Wunderschönes Gedicht, ich hab’ geweint.

  2. kira / Mar 25 2007 23:36

    o.k o.k,please keep the prints to yourself and send me one of those wackel Viennese hats!!!

    the last frame is absolutely beautiful,hope you’re going to print this first glance it seems as there’s an alien above standing the car:O

    your titles are very time i’m stuck with a tile i’ll ask you for help.

  3. Ryan Marr / Mar 26 2007 05:51

    yo wackel isn’t a word you fool. great shots this time around. As usual I like the old ladies.

  4. kinderbanned / Mar 26 2007 11:14

    nice poem !

    the photos are so-so. you should write more poems !

    me lubs them!

  5. flipo / Mar 26 2007 15:31

    I want more wackel !

  6. colombo / Mar 26 2007 18:55

    man this wasn’t poetry, reading this was a transcendent orgasmic metaphysical experience i’ll never forget!


  7. cougarr / Mar 26 2007 20:31

    You forgot the beer… its a shame, since the only way to actually like that retarded poetry is being really drunk ;wackel….

  8. pHeela / Mar 26 2007 23:23

    great blog! outstanding poem! outstanding comments. ol artsy! thanks

  9. Aaron / Mar 27 2007 15:35

    haha, geil die gesichtsausdrücke, vor allem beim zweiten klo-foto :D

  10. Simon / Mar 27 2007 18:20

    der digital-store hat gsagt es gibt keine apx mehr. traurig, aber auch komisch. wo kaufst du deine filme ?

  11. Bernhard / Mar 28 2007 22:13

    ad simon: ich kauf sie meist bei blende7 ( bei foto impex in deutschland. beim orator gibts noch jede menge apx100 (10 stk EUR 25,50).

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