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29. March 2007 / Bernhard

land of the important people

i had my first roll of c41 film (fuji reala) processed at foto kadmon. quality stuff ahead. enjoy. auto levels in ps, otherwise they’d look even nicer. nice nice nice.

no edit at all. yes, austria – land of quality.

Ohhh… auto levels removed that HEAVY green tinct. weeeee for autolevels!!!!!

ohhh… a bit green. well, that’s fuji reala – more sensitive to green, right? LOLOLOLOL!L!L!L!!!!!!!

hooray for auto levels. but scratches. art. ^^^^

awww…. gotta dig that 70s look. its so retro. thanks kadmon. great job. and the dust. oh nice. totally worth the EUR 4.80.

nice nice nice, kadmon went for auto adjusting colors. nice nice nice. green wall for green coca tee. nice nice nice.

good job auto levels. that actually looks like “skin”. (ha)

nice vintage tones. oh great job kadmon

and again. damn,  kadmon is on a nice art streak!
so, what am i trying to say? i think austria and specficily vienna is a great great place for photography; especially with its two amazing prolabs (being leutner and kadmon) you have a solid backing for your photographic desires. also, never fear to ask the helpful personal – they will treat you like anyone else. no one is treated differently. except maybe really important people such as erwin wurm. very important and progressive people to say.

yet another pointless ranting. yes. thanks again foto kadmon for ruining an entire film. nice.


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  1. Suzan / Mar 29 2007 20:30

    Nice colours! They look so retro. Can you send me the photoshop actions for that? Thank you! Kisses!

  2. flipo / Mar 29 2007 21:40

    das kommt also raus wenn der zuständige “laborant” völlig auf koks ist.

    sehr wild

  3. stelios / Mar 30 2007 11:28

    perhaps you should start developing your colours by yourself???

  4. kira / Mar 30 2007 14:08

    Bern, may this fucked up roll be your biggest problem in life.

  5. Bernhard / Mar 30 2007 18:05

    to some point, it is a big problem because it makes me feel insecure when shooting color. i have no confidence – so far, id never shoot color film for a job.

  6. kira / Mar 30 2007 19:35

    well,send it over,my lab will make you happy:D

  7. colombo / Apr 1 2007 02:22

    man, if you want i can also start processing your BW white stuff with my special patent pending 24h 1:1 xtol technique, VERY retro!

    and you know, even for a daltonic guy like me to whom everyone has green hair i have to admit those are some wild colors! you should thank kadmon for me, they made my day!!! jejejejjejejeje

    but seriously, why dont you stick to BW and only use color when YOU are able to process it, hmm??

  8. spanish / Apr 3 2007 17:08

    oh sieht ja toll aus. ich dachte immer das sei ein problem meines scanners bzw. des films. reala mag ich irgendwie nicht, wirkt bei mir immer sehr kalt.
    irgendwie denk ich immer, wenn farbe dann dia oder digital

  9. kinderbanned / Apr 5 2007 02:15

    wildes verlinken.. sind halt laboranten, nicht photographen, sei nicht so streng mit denen, sind doch nur 5 euronen !! ;)

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