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3. April 2007 / Bernhard

the great pond

Only few things are as nice as posting a blog entry right after having pasta.

As mentioned before, I’m not happy with my recent APX100. They look pretty dull and thin to me, pretty odd considering that I used to shoot a lot of it last summer.

An eco warrior told me that this house was bought by a lady that won a lot of money. The city of Vienna tried sueing her since she painted that nice saying just right before Bush arrived here in Vienna last summer. Gripping.



Converse and Lomo. Oh, can it get any better? I don’t think so.

Elias (however it is spelled) enjoying his gameboy while his dad is doing prints.

Body language.

However, back to some trix.

Nice lady and hair dresser is very serious business.

Very serious even.

Super serious even.

“you dork”

Preparing pasta. I’ve come to realise that I’ve had pasta on almost a daily base for a week. Nice.

Assisting. NIN.

I like this.

A 50 mm would be nice.

Done a zillion times but… who cares?

OHHH… yet another public transport shot. Thanks for sharing!

“Strange is not a crime.” I love stupid trademarks.

Oh… a box that is approx. 13*18 cm in size – what can be in it? Especially, coming from me. Tricky question. I’m lame.

You dork. You better be happy, those are the last nice lady shots for some time.

Picking up camera gear for a  wedding. A bar (Beisl, right Kira?) in Vienna.

Kurt again. You might remember, he’s the one with the nice digital cameras. Again, I shot his D200 on a wedding. Thanks a lot!

Brits at what they are best: Pissing off old ladies.

Sev obviously enjoying being photographed. Very decisive moment I think.

Oh, is it that time again? Definitely decisive moment.

Food. Lots of food.

Isn’t it great when you forget to remove the UV filters in moments like that? The dust adds a lot I find.

Linus, that hottie. Oh yeah. 28 mm and backfocus is a wicked combo.

Enjoy the break and all. It’s great to have breaks. That’s why I like cars and bikes. And dislike prolabs. They break the surface of gelatine. That’s not nice.


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  1. spanish / Apr 3 2007 17:31

    nette bilder wieder mal. mensch hat der linus ne geile kiste in der hand.
    übrigens, ich wünschte gerade mir würd auch jemand ne d200 für die nächste hochzeit leihen.

  2. pete / Apr 3 2007 18:15

    if yoyr shooting apx 100 can you still get agfa films in austria?

  3. kira / Apr 3 2007 20:02

    what da fuck is Beisl?

    when you’re having a good day and you happen to be at a printing session please consider the fact that i am now drooling over this frame very badly you bastard.thank you.

    you cut heads in a very photogenic way.yes.

    i’ve been eating and drinking alot during those gripping Passover days.yes.

    Cheerful spring to you and everyone in general.

  4. lyla / Apr 3 2007 21:51

    bis eben dachte ich noch, dass severins brille scheisse aussieht. hast mich eines besseren belehrt


  5. James / Apr 3 2007 22:40

    Serious business. I have a cold and I can’t hear properly.

  6. Suzan / Apr 3 2007 22:59

    Hmm, not such a very impressive blogentry. Quite the usual stuff. Nice lady and some streets.

    But I do very much dig the one of the people chilling on the square. And I found the Converse + Lomo one quite hilarious.
    The one of the Brits is lovely too. The way he’s concentrating on making a shot while the family is clinging to him.

  7. shiftis / Apr 3 2007 23:54

    Oh, so pretty.

  8. Luke Neher / Apr 4 2007 00:15

    Nice entry, i was wondering, what 35mm lens do you use? I want a 35 but can’t afford a summicron, so i might get a zeiss number, i cant imagine it being bad..
    The apx does look poor, but the trix rocks. Ill leave you with two links to compare

  9. Bernhard / Apr 4 2007 00:24

    pete: yes, you can still get apx100 here in austria; foto impex in germany sell the film pretty cheap (EUR 2 per roll as far as i remember)

    kira: i want to print a lot of stuff – added it to my to-do list.

    suzan: i totally concur but posting a blog entry is a nice way of distracting. even if it means to post on and on the same shit. heh.

    luke: i shoot the 35 mm summicron; i bet the 35 zeiss is great – too bad its about EUR 900 here in austria… oh and the two links really made me laugh. neat.

  10. Mikkel Tscherning / Apr 4 2007 01:15

    2 euro for apx100?!?! Second time this week I realise paying 6€ for tmax might be a bit stupid… Denmark isn’t the place for film anymore I guess :-)

    Good looking photos as always

  11. kinderbanned / Apr 5 2007 02:16

    ein paar selten behinderte dabei ! :D

  12. henri / Apr 6 2007 16:11

    UV filter doesn’t do anything with street lights!

  13. Bernhard / Apr 6 2007 19:11

    hello henri, thanks for the input, ill think about it. did some more prints, have you? i mean fiber prints. heh.

  14. faaabiaaan / Apr 7 2007 00:36

    immer wieder gut, deinen blog anzuschauen

  15. Fergus / Apr 18 2007 12:31

    The hip hop sign has good potential for a great photo, go back and try again you crazy austrian!

  16. Fergus / Apr 18 2007 12:32

    Whoops wrong post, i meant to post that in the most recent one!

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