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14. April 2007 / Bernhard

perhaps, maybe slightly edited photographs

I admit, I photoshop my pictures. I admit, they were all taken with a Canon EOS 5D and a EF 35/1,4 and yes, I converted them to B/W with some Photoshop script I developed myself. Please, do youself a favour and don’t ask for it, it’s very important. I don’t share important stuff.

Since I wasn’t too happy with my recent APX100 negs, I decided to give Rodinal a try. Haven’t printed those negatives so far but the scans don’t look too promising.

Starting with hawtness. Yes, this is hawtness. Verwildert wie nur etwas.

More hawtness. Yes.

I love this. Yes, I do.

A fancographer. M8. Nice.

A BESSA R3M. Nice.

Hello Tanya!

Schweizerhaus, Vienna. Yes, that’s the right place to find the true Viennese.

What a nice camera. Weird bag.

Two guys and the Riesenrad. Yes, that’s gripping stuff. Yes.

Ohh… how cute…

Ok, this is Neubaugasse in Vienna at 10 am. How nice is that? Bet this was an important news coverage with lots of emotions and so on. Yes.

Again, a rol of APX100, this time developed in XTOL for 11 mins. Oh yeah, dense negatives. Nice.

Vienna in all its beauty. Oh yes, we have lots of artists here. Lots of – you want some? I can sell them cheap.

Uhm, yes. Cute.

A dog and three old ladies – Vienna at its best.

Linus being bored because of my ranting about the darkroom, Leicatards and so on. Hawt.

Don’t tell me – I know it’s art. Nice textures and stuff. Yes.

Going to pub with APX100 – 1/2 of a second. Good stuff.

Apparently, this Blog-entry is sponsored by sheer endless hawtness. Yes. Might be overexposed by 1/2 f-stop.

Yet another dull and boring photograph – but for some not so obvious reasons, this is one of the my favorite shots in quite some time. Oh yeah.

Old lady realize that she’s been photographed – had to release the trigger before finishing adjusting the aperture resulting in a 1-f-stop-overexposure.

Sadly, again a bitter disappointment. As emo as it sounds, so true it is.

Sleeping in akward ways. Whatever. Tri-X.

At the bar. Motion blur. Fancy.

Serious business.

A not-so-impressed self-portrait at Johnny’s. Partly conceptual. Partly.

Oh noes, I think we’ve lost em.
No, doctor, don’t say so. Don’t give up yet.
We lost em. The roll is lost.
Oh noes, so much drama. I can’t take it.

Eva being kinda pissed. Hello Eva, pleasure meeting you.

Whatever, back to the classic. Shooting beer. Oh, how great.

Hello Markus. This is Markus. Let’s all give Markus a very intense hug cause intense huges are pretty super-snazzy.

Taken on my way home from the pub on the bus, me kinda suffering from the effects of consuming some beer. Reading the newspaper is super seriosu business.

Assisting. We were shooting at a Mc Donalds. Best thing about shooting in a Mc Donalds is the free food. I had lots of cheeseburgers, Big Macs and such. Nice.

Lots of serious business. He tried to login onto Myspace for about 20 mins – with a 30 mins WLAN pass. How nice is that?

Perhaps they are used to being involved in a shooting. Who knows.

Are you flirting offensivley or depressivley? Yes, again at the pub. Pub’s nice. Nice way to waste time.

So yes, this was yet another not-so-interesting blog entry. But I felt like posting and hope you all have a jolly weekend full of happiness.



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  1. Ashwin / Apr 14 2007 03:00

    nice… I like the Bessa R3M shot. Now, I want to see the shot from the other end. What is your timing on the Rodinal? I developed the APX100 in 1+100 for 20 mins.

  2. RYan Marr / Apr 14 2007 04:19

    I like the sidewalk shot with the trees. the perspective is nice in the full view.

  3. Luke Neher / Apr 14 2007 06:09

    I dunno, you Austrians do some nice stuff with trix but me, the AustrALian is not yet convinced. I find the negs really thin, especially pushed two stops.. Maybe im just not great at exposing atm…. Or maybe I just have high expectations, but i remember delta 400 having brilliant density. And at 1600, trix has 0 shadow detail, even at 18 30 in xtol 1:1. These are just my random musings….. Maybe theres something im missing…

  4. Suzan / Apr 14 2007 11:04

    Ha, actually I found this to be quite an interesting blogentry. :) :) :)
    The couple on the clown photo is so freaking weird. And the one of the fancographer very funny. And I love the glance you’re getting from that dude filming on the street. I like the bored portrait of Linus. And the artsy tree (yes, I’m easy). And I can see why you like the boardwalk photo, without apparent reason. I guess it’s the light and shadowplay that does it? :s
    And such a fragmented selfportrait… How postmodern and (emo).
    The photo where Severin gives Eva the bad news is really good I think, that pose of her of defeat, makes me feel sorry for her, but it made for a great photo. And the caption under it had me laugh. And the laptop/myspace dude looks SO creepy.
    Yeah, snazzy entry :) :) :) No seriously :) I liked it a lot! :)

  5. kira / Apr 14 2007 11:11

    ha,already told you my honest opinions about the clown photo,which is also my favourite on this set.
    besides that,dunno,your bitterness is becoming contagious.

  6. alife / Apr 14 2007 14:01

    Der erste devmeet – Blog, in dem ich auch zu sehen bin… ich arme Seele ^^

  7. James / Apr 14 2007 21:31

    Man – I bought some XTOL last week and went on my virgin mixing journey – I think I poured A in too fast because most of in solidified at the bottom of the pot and stank and made my hands feel weird. So I’m going to buy some Ilford LC29 and see how I get on with that. Or maybe I’ll get some XTOL and try again.

    Regarding Bessa cams – I want one with a 1x viewfinder but I want to use a 35mm lens on it – any recommendations? Having trouble finding something.

    Did Will Smith fuck up ANOTHER person’s negs? I need to show this guy how to develop! Maybe he can show me how to mix XTOL in return…

  8. faaabiaaan / Apr 15 2007 09:00

    mmmmmm Bernhard, jetzt hat mich das doch echt getroffen, dein Kommentar zu meiner Behinderung – und ich hab das brennende Bedürfnis dir zu sagen

    I admit, I photoshop my pictures. I admit, they were all taken with a Canon EOS 5D and a EF 35/1,4 and yes, I converted them to B/W with some Photoshop script I developed myself. Please, do youself a favour and don’t ask for it, it’s very important. I don’t share important stuff.

    Ich bin behindert?

  9. sarah / Apr 15 2007 11:21

    was heißt hier weird bag :O

  10. Sebastian / Apr 15 2007 15:27

    Nice conversions. So weird you didn’t use your T/S this time. Looks so film, why not monochrome this time, changed your script? Cute objects you’ve shot, like .. really cute.

  11. Tanya / Apr 15 2007 20:22

    I don’t remember you taking that shot of me yet I’m smiling in it so must have known at the time – weird :o
    I actually like the one of the trees, and Sarah’s bag is very cool!

  12. Bernhard / Apr 15 2007 22:54

    Ashwin: i sticked to the times recommended on the massive devchart – as far as i remember, its 14 mins. id go for 17 next time (1+50 dilution)

    Luke Neher: i used to push trix a lot in xtol (1:1 dilution) and i have to admit that my results were inconsistant. especially compared with trix at 400, trix tends to get “weird” at 1600/3200. i find it hard to control the actual sensitivity which made me shoot neopan1600 (again). you could try developing trix in rodinal (1:100) or hc110 – apparently, xtol is not a great push developer (which is quite a bummer since the grain and overall smoothness is very appealing).
    however, severin exposes his trix at iso2000 and develops it for 19 mins at 20-21°C – the negs are very punchy and print very nicely.

    suzan: :)

    kira: what bitterness?

    james: ha, yeah, mixing xtol takes time – i usually put the whole a dilution bag into the tray and stir for about 10 mins. most of the time, there are some “nuggets” left that you can easily break into smaller pieces. just make sure there is no big amount of powder left – i wont disolve as soons as you add part b (thats what the guys at the store told me – never had any issues with mixing xtol so far). not sure if severin told you about storing but make sure that you store it in tightly locked bottles (be it glass or plastic).

    fabian: du bist nicht behindert. du bist zuckersüß. und ich herzlich verliept.

    sebastian: du redest wunderliches zeug. :(

    tanya: haha, you know, i used to work for secrete service and such. i have the special abilities. ha.

  13. kinderbanned / Apr 16 2007 00:03

    blogs posten ist wie scheißen finde ich

  14. marius / Apr 16 2007 11:47

    yet annother set of great pics. i wish i photographed like you.

  15. adam / Apr 17 2007 00:58

    hey bern, can you still get apx 100 over there? i havent been able to find any around here in texas, but i did find some online for 2 bucks a roll

  16. Simon / Apr 18 2007 19:51

    ja das würd mich auch interessiern wo du den apx100 her hast :P

  17. Rollfilm / Apr 18 2007 22:34

    1) du klingst wie Borat

    2) Zahnarzt?

    Kunst! Textur! Aber damits richtig Kunst ist den Mülleimer rechts unten noch croppen!


    superzentriert oder im dA-Duktus: Tolle Perspektive. Vielleicht deswegen?

    5) neue Haare? neues Leben?


    Prost & Grüße aus Berlin

  18. corvi / Apr 19 2007 19:47

    Sagmal, werd ich vergewaltigt wenn ich das hier als ID auf dA verwende solange ich nichts anderes habe ?

  19. Bernhard / Apr 20 2007 14:21

    apx100 is still available here in austria. 10 pcs are about EUR 20 – which is ass cheap considering apx100 is one hell of a nice film.

    1) warum klinge ich wie borat? oder ist das eiskalter norddeutscher humor?
    2) ich tippe auf allgemeinen arzt. zahnarzt hätte das neue tri-elmar drauf.
    3) hängen bei euch die mülleimer in den bäumen? im ernst, muss dich enttäuschen, da hat dir dein auge bzw hirn einen streich gespielt.
    4) nein, nein, das ist viel tiefsinniger. müßig das hier zu erklären – da geb ich mich doch noch lieber mit “nice perspective” zufrieden.
    5) ist das wieder eiskalt?
    6) nein, eigentlich ein sehr netter art director (wie das im neudeutschen fachjargon so heißt).

  20. Anon E Moose / Apr 24 2007 18:53

    So… umm.. I herd u liek mudkipz?

  21. Eva / May 21 2007 21:50

    Btw, that was my happy face.

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