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26. April 2007 / Bernhard

somewhere nice

I’m currently suffering from my nice allergy (running nose and general sickness) which results in… not so happy things. Anyway, long time no see.

Again, starting blog with hawtness. One of those wasted Sundays. Oh well.

“… where drama is everywhere.” This is so sad.

Still life. Burggarten.

We met up with Severin who’s super sceptical about his snazzy ND-filter. Serious stuff!

Babysitting my sisters.

I really like the way she looks at me – very serious.

Who needs serious stuff when you can laugh for no reason?

This frame is quite old actually. Shopping, right Lani, this is very serious business. (Shopping shoes even!)

Since I’m not trendy and fancy and a lot of other things, this was my first time I had Maki.

And again, Maki.

I’m not too happy with that roll of 125px but uh, who cares?

And again, Maki. Just at home this time. Uhm, I like Maki. Enough of Maki for now. I think I’ve mentioned “Maki” way too often now. Maki.

Back to more traditional stuff. Not very maki.

I find this shot to be very magnumesque. It has a gripping angle – just lacks of depth (= gotta get wider – 17 mm is said to be more appropriate).

Having a few beer with Alex and Alex. Yes, they are both called Alex. How nice? Yes, very.

Apparently, I’m a scary person. And no, I have no idea what’s going on here.

I’m going to shoot a wedding in mid-May – met with the bride and friends of hers.

The sun was already quite low,  really like how Trix handled light here.

Taken on my home from uni. There was a publicity thingy in front of the townhall – lots of true Austrians. One of the most embarrassing things I’ve been to in quite some time.

I didn’t stay there for too long. Just took a few snaps and left – guess, I haven’t missed much except some nice Austrian folk music.

Following, a set of decisive moments. Enjoy.

Can it get any more decisive? Where are you, Henry?

Ok, this might not be too decisive but rather retarded but it’s still fancy B/W.

Again! Very decisive.

And again. This is wicked stuff.

Not sure if that’s decisive but it’s definitely an about to be important boy.

6 pm – on the bus home. Like him.

“she said see you later boy” – Why? Why did she record this song? Why? Of course, this is a very Kolleresque shot – don’t be too angry for trying…

Oh man, again on the bus. I don’t have an apartmant there. Yet. They caught me, so we had a nice chat – turned out they met 20 years ago on the bus at about the same place where I took the shot. So, he gave me his email adress, so I can send them the scan and maybe a print. Sometimes, you can meet nice people even in Vienna (although he was from Sweden).


Sister doing stuff she’s not supposed to.

Ok, sorry for posting that much, I actually have more stuff but my allergy is getting really exhausting. I guess I better have some sleep and take more pills.

Take care,



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  1. Cougarr / Apr 26 2007 01:43

    Probably one of your best posts ever, photographicwise. (yeah, I know you are going to say that they’re not that good, or that they aren’t anything special, and stuf like that..) There are only two photographs that I don’t like.( & And the one’s of your sister playing guitar and most of the “decisive moments” are fantastic.

    Btw, the Leica strap in linus photo is really gay. Like, reeeally. (or maybe i’m just jealous…)

  2. tiffany / Apr 26 2007 05:30

    that kid in the back needs to be stopped.

  3. Luke Neher / Apr 26 2007 06:12

    RE: everything you said.
    You are an angry bitter man.

  4. jamiestoker / Apr 26 2007 07:20

    Good to have another post from you,
    hope you feel better soon!

  5. Suzan / Apr 26 2007 10:57

    Good stuff. Nice ramblings with it too.

    I like this one a LOT

    I think it’s pretty close to genius.

    Was he belching? XD

    Very funny, it’s actually making me lol. Seriously.

    This one is very lovely too

    Nice story to go with it.

  6. Simon / Apr 26 2007 12:23

    johannes fischer?

    sehr nette photos wieder :) vor allem die von deinen schwestern und die decisive shots gefallen mir :D
    lg simon

  7. Christian / Apr 26 2007 15:33

    meine allergie is glücklicherweise in den letzten jahren stark zurückgegangen. ich komm inzwischen fast ohne medikamente aus.
    und ich glaub ich hab endlich verstanden was ein decisive moment ist…das is immer wenn sich jemand ans kinn fasst!

  8. zenhead / Apr 26 2007 16:50

    very nice, tell us more about maki sometime.

  9. Klaus / Apr 26 2007 17:29

    Ja, meine verdammte Pollenallergie hat sich auch bereits zurückgemeldet. Mir gefällt das Stillleben (drei “l”?). Oh, und natürlich die vielen Weisheiten. Was macht einen “true austrian” aus?

  10. Michael K / Apr 26 2007 19:16

    schöne bilder dabei, .. der 125er is eh nicht so schlecht rausgekommen, hm? schön, dass sich leut noch freuen wenn sie einfach so fotografiert werden, .. da kommen dann solche geschichten zusammen, .. nett zu lesen. achja, .. das festl am rathausplatz war echt so ein typisches “multi-kulti-österreich” ding haha .. da konnte man nette shots machen, aber so richtig gas gegeben hab ich dort auch nicht .. noch dazu waren wir am letzten abend nur kurz am heimweg zufällig drübergegangen

  11. hairychick / Apr 26 2007 21:01

    sehr geile scheiße.

    mein favorit ist dein selbstportrait ;)

  12. RYan Marr / Apr 26 2007 21:06

    I like this entry a lot. these shots are very good.

    that is all. Ok time to find my passport.

  13. artis / Apr 27 2007 22:34

    really good stuff this time. and again.
    hard to pick out a single photo to be the best for my liking – it’s all great. or, almost all..
    get well soon!


  14. Harrison Reid / May 1 2007 18:20

    Man, your blog page always tries to freeze my computer for some reason. Great entry though, enjoyed it.

  15. Spencer Payton / May 4 2007 09:19

    Really good post of a few recents, I hope that you feel better soon mate

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