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4. May 2007 / Bernhard

same things all over again

I’m waiting for some paper to be delivered – it’s supposed to be here today, haven’t called the shop yet. Some finger crossing is appreciated – because it’s not here by today, I’m behind my schedule. What schedule? I’ll let you know as soon as things have worked out. Or not. Who knows. Anyways, I’m pretty excited. (Oh, for Henry: I’ll be printing on really big fibers – 40×50… yes, important things that I’ll never be able to scan. Oh noes.)

Anyways, as nothing really interesting happened, this blog is more a random something.

Seriously, can it get any cooler?

Kids and cats. :+fav:

Heh, funny guy.

Fabian the Grinsekatze. How cute.

And again, a Grinsekatze. I’m currently doing some portraits with my Mamiya – making myself a snazzy portfolio. We were just fooling around and yadda yadda.

Hmm… what is he going to do?

Hmm… oh really?

Hmm… you dork.

21st century street photographer. I was standing next to him for about a minute to get his picture – he’s a very dedicated photographer so nothing could distract him. Serious business.


“Ma I bin blunznfett.” – Viennas Major. Mike Häuploclearing.

Haha, really love his bodyguards. Those fancy sunglasses make them look so mean. :(

Look Suzan, a fellow Minolta user – bet you’d love to have a bag like this that says “MINOLTA” in big letters. I should call this “An anonymous photograph of an important photographer”.

Again, taking portraits with the Mamiya. Sometimes, SLRs serve a different purpose.

Realizing that this is a bit silly. Heh.

“I can imagine a lot of nicer places than being here with you.”

Smile. Oh, isn’t she gorgeous? The tripod fits her perfectly. Makes her so stable.

“Habts kein zuhause?!”

Double exposure by accident, however, I think it adds here.

Stella is a beer bottle and it’s always empty… Interpol.

I bet each and every of you can come up with a nice drama story. Oh, it was really dark.

This is stoic Florian ordering a beer. I actually tend to like this shot maybe because it reminds me of the fact that this was one hell of a pointless night. Boring.

OK, since I’m not a good story teller, I won’t go into details but these two beers are “Hero Beers”. If you are really interested in details (which I don’t assueme), feel free to check Sebastians journal on deviantart ( Anyway, this was taken at Cafe Zipp (which some might remember from Severins blog entry) – a wonderful place with lots of “interesting” people. Oh, while I’m on it: I like this shot.

Talking about “interesting” people, I forgot his name but he told me to have my Leica fixed somewhere in Prague. He actually drew me a map so I can find the shop. He also said that he’s collecting cameras and working as violin maker. Gripping, you might think, annoying is the term I prefer.

So, people who check out Severins recent blog entry might say: Hey, this is exactly the same shot! Yes, it is, I took it on Tuesday, which shows that people who shoot Leica are pretentious, self-centered morons (and that they are all the same). “Oh noes, there is a mirror and a tiny gap between all those stickes – let’s take a fancy self.”

Kaiser. Very emotional moment.

Hey, look who’s here: Sebastian – still, quitting smoking and such. Westbahnhof, 4 am. What a lovely place.
So, that’s it for now. I just received a call – paper is here. I’m out, take care and for those who made it through the photos: Thanks.

Take care.


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  1. marius / May 4 2007 14:34

    who took it first? you or sev?

  2. Bernhard / May 4 2007 14:41

    i guess severin took it first but i took mine without knowing he took it some time ago. which is funny.

  3. joshcphotography / May 4 2007 14:59

    Susan is looking very gorgeous – APX 100?

  4. kira / May 4 2007 15:19

    ha! awesome entry Bern.The second photo of your sisters is the ultimate coolness;) and the nice lady is oh so pretty.

    no story here,the guy just knew you were suppose to pass nearby so he set the alarm clock,went down to the street and and after you shot him he went back to bed.

    Sebastian seem to be very popular these days,heh.his drunken expressions are killing me:D

  5. jamiestoker / May 4 2007 17:14

    inspiational as usual! just what I need to look at before shooting a paid job (or some myspace sponsored partying at a fancy theatre here in London hah!)

  6. Suzan / May 4 2007 17:34

    Damn, you know it; I’d kill for such a bag!
    Ha, an accidental double exposure on your blog too! I was kinda shaking my head when I saw that I fucking double exposed the film when I reloaded it and thought something along the lines of “Bernhard would never make this mistake”. But you did. Woah, you’re human.
    Anyway, I think there are some gorgeous frames of the nice lady in this entry.
    I liked the sequence of the three on the couch and especially this one:

    Lovely lineplay in the rearbokeh. That one of her realising the silliness of fixing her make up in the SLR is really cute too.
    Curious about the MF results of that shoot!
    And I’m glad the paper got in time and you’re on schedule.

  7. Simon / May 4 2007 18:50

    wiedermal ein haufen sehr schöner fotos, kamma nix sagen :) mein favourite: die ultimate coolness, aber auch die bodyguards vom herrn häupl :)

  8. James / May 4 2007 22:06

    Is the metro 24hrs? You’d think I’d know that since I was there but noo.

  9. kinderbanned / May 4 2007 23:55

    das ZIPF !!!!! oder ? :D

    schöne behinderte photos :)

  10. Tomé / May 5 2007 00:54

    “Smile. Oh, isn’t she gorgeous? The tripod fits her perfectly. Makes her so stable.” You will go to Poland now.

    like this

    love this

    jesus, sebastian is all over the place. more sober here though.

    curious about those mysterious-abnormally-huge-for-Mr B’s-standards prints.

  11. RYan Marr / May 5 2007 01:49

    you using nds now too?

  12. shiftis / May 5 2007 03:28

    love his expression:

  13. artis / May 5 2007 11:12

    enjoyed these the most!:

  14. Drooper / May 5 2007 11:59

    The photo of the violin maker / camera fondler looks like a screencapture from a very nice movie The Third Man. From 1949 or something. And the movie is shot in Vienna also. Very interesting stuff.

  15. pHeela / May 6 2007 12:26

    Hey, what place in Prague did that guy mention? I just wonder cause I’m from prague and he might have told you about some cool place im not aware of. thanks, f.

  16. Terry Zumalt / May 8 2007 02:52

    Great post man. Very inspiring, keep up the great work.
    What scanner do you use? Im in the market and trying to get as many opinions as possible!


  17. cha / May 9 2007 18:41

    ace ace

    you’re damn good.

  18. Fergus / May 10 2007 15:21

    Your best post in ages!

  19. Bernhard / May 11 2007 14:53

    josh: susan? who is susan?

    kira: sebastian is drunk 24/7 – so no surprise so many people take pictures of him. that charming lady.

    suzan: i do mistakes – lots of. may i remind you of my missaligned prints yesterday. ohh… but your double exposures are art – unlike mine. mine are the proof that im a moron. (emo)

    james: metro is not 24/7. in austria, nothing is 24/7 – we austrians love to close shops early.

    severin: ja, es gibt kein zipp – nur zipf. mein fehler. :(

    tome: you are right. :(

    ryan: no nds for me – nds are for fancographers. :/

    pheela: sorry, i have no idea where – somewhere near the train station he said as far as i remember. and some park, seriously i have no clue.

    terry: im using the nikon coolscan v ed – i think its a nice tool. much better than the canon 8400f for sure.

  20. Ezra / May 11 2007 19:54

    Man, fucking brilliant. The sequences are really subtle and real. But the dark bar shots, the type of light I can never manage to shoot, but always want to see.

    It’s also nice to see your lady friend becoming more comfortable with a camera pointed at her.

    It’s like a little window to your life. Makes me want to trek back to Vienna.

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