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11. May 2007 / Bernhard

quick and dirty

This is going to be a rather quick entry – haven’t been shooting much lately (if you care why, scroll down to the bottom).

She got me in touch with a young actor who needs some portraits for his applications. Thank you!

Of course, serious business.

Same here, serious business. The scanner did a bad job scanning those frames – they print nicely. Maybe, the negs are too dense. Who knows.

Those frames actually belong to the previous entry but I recently developed that roll so…

I really want a 50 mm for the 35 mm system. Oh well.

One of the few street shots in this entry (classic bum shot).

Hello Sophie!

I showed her some prints I did, which made her angry because there wasn’t a single print featuring her. Girls… guess she’s “happy” now.

Yes, again intense eyes.

Looking for frames and mounting boards at Boesner. Bored little lady, she is.

Ha, this really made me laugh. I wish I was a snazzy Magnumemotion dude, then I could add a fancy audio stream with an even fancier pre-teen relation ship phone conversation. Long story short: he was about to meet his girl and was all dressed up. How handsome. Still not sure, whether mutation is considered as cute or retarded.

A guy and pigeons. Ha, since I was carrying some mounting boards, I was somewhat slow and couldn’t capture his very expressive way of smoking. Oh well.

“That’s bullshit.” This was taken on the bus – she and I were having some delicious Sushi. Ha, never thought that I’m going to like Sushi – stupid Japanese.

“Oh man, this Sushi is awesome.”

On a ride with my little sister; she defnitely didn’t enjoy it.

Scanners don’t like dense negs.

We had a nice chat about photography; she used to teach me back in school. Long time ago. Oh well.

Oh 400tx…

Finishing the roll on my way to the darkroom. I really love wet streets and B/W photography.

Now: About a wasted and pointless night

Sleep tight, my friend.

Beginning of the end. Taken at Severins party which took place last Saturday at Morgenstern – he joined the army on Monday. WETZEN SOLLENS DICH.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. An old friend of mine.

Sebastian at his best: Being ugly and drunk. (k)

This photograph is not about you.

Darkroom. Big prints, Henry, REALLY BIG PRINTS.

Apparently, the entry is not that short so, yeah, here the “reason”:

Any of you is invited to say hello – the photos will be around for a month. So uhm, yeah, just saying that if some of you are interested in seeing photos of mine, this is the place.

Anyway, thanks for your support and the massive feedback on the recent entries. Might be a lame excuse but I’m pretty busy lately and haven’t found much time for replying on comments. Sorry and take care,



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  1. Niall Strachan / May 11 2007 15:07

    kinder joined the army! :O

  2. once-keen / May 11 2007 18:24

    woda stabl? wie ist die? wieso ist die eigentlich weggegangen genau? und… was machst du mit ihr? hach, fragen über fragen. und ich bin auf die prints gespannt.

  3. Simon / May 11 2007 19:39

    ab jetz sushi 12 mal pro woche? :D
    wo entwickelst du deine fotos – wegen auf dem weg in die duka.. eigener raum irgendwo ?!
    zu der party, is ja geil, edison tadeu – dachte mir nicht dass ich den nochmal treffen würde xD
    denk ich werd vorbeischaun… :)
    lg simon

  4. Joe Alisa / May 11 2007 20:10

    “This photo is not about you.” Haha, very nice.

  5. Sebastian / May 11 2007 21:45

    ich möchte so gern ein 35mm für mein 35mm system. ha! sehr hübsch

  6. shiftis / May 11 2007 23:58

    Congrats on the exhibition :)

    lovely photos, as usual

  7. flipo / May 12 2007 07:33

    sehr zort’ches entry :P

    herzlichen glückwunsch zur ausstellung !


  8. James / May 12 2007 13:29

    Very nice Mr Wolf. Do take pics of the exhibition for us to see.

  9. Harrison / May 12 2007 13:31

    Your blog attempted to destroy my computer again, but no matter, i won.

    Your scanner seems to like apx more than my scanner, they look fantastic. Great shot of sebastian.

  10. philipp / May 13 2007 11:28

    hab grad seit langem mal wieder hierhergefunden. sehr sehr gute photos.
    (was)studierst du eigentlich?
    und wer hat die frisur in den ersten beiden bildern zu verantworten?

  11. Spencer / May 13 2007 21:28


    Best of luck with the exhibition mate.

  12. mikko / May 13 2007 23:35

    some greats shots again.

    congrats for the exhibition. would love to see it.

    on another note, do you know if the rangefinder in M6ttl supports distances shorter than .7m? I’ve been dreaming of the ZM 28/2.8 which has a minimum focus of 50cm. would be silly to get it and not be able to make use of its best feature…


  13. Suzan / May 14 2007 13:07

    Ahh I like it quick and dirty.

    This shot is absolutely great:

    The first one looked a bit too sexy posed, but this is just nice and it looks spontaneous and it just has a good feel to it.

    Ha and there she looks like a bored businesswoman. But I like it though, not sure why.

    I only see photos like these of him…

    Ugly and drunk, hahahah :D

    And I think this is just an absolutely fantastic capture:

    “This photo is not about you” = genius. Love it.

    I wish I could swing by that exhibition of yours, but alas.

  14. Bernhard / May 14 2007 15:11

    fabian: wie die ist? hm, sehr nett. das gespräch war nett und – soweit ich das sagen kann – konstruktiv.

    simon: haha, ja, sushi 12x die woche wär schon was. mal sehen. würd mich freuen, wenn du vorbeikommst – bis dann.

    flipo: durch was zeichnet sich ein zort’sches entry aus? ;)


    james: i will, i will. and ill try to look snazzy. just for you.

  15. Maxyme / May 15 2007 03:14

    very wow. glad I stubble on your blog

  16. Maxyme / May 15 2007 03:16

    eerrr. i meant “stumble”. anyway.

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