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20. May 2007 / Bernhard

Does it come in sober?

Thanks to all those who came on Wednesday (funny); I had to leave early because I had a wedding on the next day. However, photographs:

Aww… baby having food.

All those small moments.

Little one being tired.

I stayed with the family on Mother’s day – serious business.

Eww… I don’t like that cake.

She digs sunglasses.

Very exhausting stuff.

Little ones killing ants. The very little one called them “babies” – how cute.

Tired again.

This was taken 2 weeks ago or so – on my way home from the darkroom (ome might remember this scene).

Waiting for the subway.

What a gentle touch.

Sleeping man.

Lady and Ipod.

Linus helped me with putting the photos up the wall which turned out to be somewhat complicated without an air level. Again, thanks a lot!

Markus being Markus being cute. I didn’t take many pictures at the opening because I had to leave early… meh.

So, at 9 pm I met up with friends of the bride and headed to Göstling which is located far far away from Vienna and thus from any civilised life. We met the bride at a bar and yeah, had some drinks. Pretty two-thumbs-up – what do you think?

At a Bauerndisco.

Before going to bed, knowing that in about 4 hours I’m going to be woken up by “shooting”. Nice.

Red wine for breakfast. Nice. The scanner did a poor job scanning those… whatever.

And beer afterwards.

He opened my beer bottle with his cell phone (which highly reminded me of Severin).

A tooth brush.

More food. And – of course – wine.

I mentioned “shooting”, so here is the “gun”. It’s basically a pipe that is filled with gas and detonated with a car battery. They put stuff in it too… scary.

No comment here.

She was shooting the video.

Food after the ceremony. And beer.

Father and son.

It’s scary how many people smoke.

He’s the guy who opens beer bottles with his cell phone. However, he obviously passed out (at 5 pm).

I have more shots but they need to be processed, I will do so in the next days. Or not.

Take care,



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  1. Simon / May 20 2007 13:15

    hahahah das selbstportrait is ein wahnsinn :P mich wunderts eh jedes mal dassd noch so frisch ausschaust in der nacht =P
    schade dass da nur so wenig vom mittwoch san.. war eh recht wild..

  2. RYan Marr / May 20 2007 13:21

    I like this


  3. kira / May 20 2007 22:31

    man,you really made my day with this entry!

    thanks for the “dedication”:))

    the photos of your sisters are extra awesome this time!

    this just can’t get any cooler,with the food or whatever around her mouth.

    suberb! wish that i was able to capture such scenes in public places.

    gotta love her “head” ahahaha


  4. Eva / May 21 2007 21:44

    Markus being Markus being cute ?
    Yes he is.


  5. James Kelly / May 25 2007 18:29

    picture of car powered fun!!!

  6. cha / Jun 4 2007 16:55

    yeah process them you lazy ass. :P


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