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4. June 2007 / Bernhard

these things you can’t unlearn

I’m currently very busy being serious, resulting in 2 rolls of film in 10 days. I guess this is quite an all time low but it also means saving money. Anyway, the following two rolls were shot… 3 weeks ago? I don’t know. I processed them… one week ago? I mean, who the fuck cares anyway?

The first few frames are still from the wedding.

This guy is a member of the band that was playing.

She has a horrible photo face. It’s a sad thing to see that kids have that kind of “defence mechanism”. Still, I got her real face. Ha, I’m evil.

They were playing some card game which is about football and scoring goals. I have no clue how it works but I bet it’s super cool.

Speaking about photo faces: This girl caught me focusing and gave me this really really… weird look. I was scared.

She was argueing about a pack of chips with her mother then. Serious business!

On the bus. I made a print of this but decided to fuck it up while mounting. Ran out of mounting boards. Should buy new ones. Bet I forget about that till tomorrow.

Old people reading some tabloid paper.

Lady after a wedding party. Lusthaus, Vienna. 1/4th – it was really dark.

Picky job.

The importance of eye contact. And overexposed. I should think less and trust more my lightmeter. Actually, I should consider myself as a public transport photographer.

Wait, there is this one. So I’m a fancy street photographer again. ;wackel

Burggarten, Vienna. Lots of funny people. They are for some not so obvious reasons somewhat slow.

It all started very… how do you say? Normal?

But ended like this. Classic Röhrling.

Anyway… following: A Series of a Pissed Nice Lady.

My charm works wonders. (ha)


Next day. “Let’s have some beer because there is nothing else to do.”

Next day. Maybe Thursday. Assisting.

We were shooting food. Pizza to be precise.

The food designer (sic!) is removing some ham because we also had to shoot a vegetarian pizza. Nice.

Rekr. Koller ordering a Dienstburger07.

Linus birthday party. Lots of fancy people. Some got stuck on the toilet.

On my way home. This fancy lady was working at the Life Ball – charity thingy here in Vienna (homosexual stuff, I don’t care). What I do care for is the cheesy softening filter aka sweat, fat and other messy stuff on my UV filter. Looks super neat.

Severin obviously being envious about my super unique avantgarde technique.

For fucks sake, do you want ice cream?

Hello, I’m fixing light boards in the middle of the night. OK – have a great day.

I <3 tourists. I think they were from Italy. Or Spain. Whatever.

And some not so serious shots from weddings:

This pretty much summerizes a typical Austrian wedding.

Wide makes emotions.

This guy… well, what am I saying. Just let your imagination flow…


What the flying fuck? Hell yeah, it’s a flying priest!

He really won my heart. He really did. “Do kummts umme.”

Some might already know this one but yeah, I like it.

Sooo… no super scary military service shots but some cute street stuff and even cuter wedding shots, I want to post some “real” wedding shots in the next days but whenever I start editing I start watching Lost… and in the end…

I need to grow up.

Have a lovely week full of lovely things and stuff,



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  1. Suzan / Jun 4 2007 23:13

    Good stuff, nice and diverse.
    Some great shots of the nice lady again, it’s nice to be able to capture different expressions and not regular photofaces when you hang out with someone a lot. Fantastic bokeh in the icecreambarshot too.
    Oh and I totally dig the toiletshot at Linus’ party. Lots of things going on. The handmovements of the guy fixing his hair, the weird somewhat blank expression of the other dude and your reflection. Nice and layered and yaddayddayadda.

  2. jam / Jun 4 2007 23:31

    Lost will be the end of us all (I have been avoiding it like the plague whilst I finish school but man, as soon as I’m done I’m planning to disappear from society for a week and find out what the fuck is going on on that island!)

    Great shit as always my friend!

  3. Harrison / Jun 5 2007 02:28

    Some really nice shots, man.

    But i was wondering, could you send me the CS2 action for that sweet sweat filter? I have no UV filter, so would really appreciate it if I too could get those effects.

    I would also love to see a print of the couple reading the tabloid. I just finished watching Lost last week, I watched 2 and a half series in less than 3 weeks last month…

  4. Tomé / Jun 5 2007 04:01

    “What the flying fuck? Hell yeah, it’s a flying priest!”



    looking again at the photo…


    Yea, really like the last one. :+fav:

  5. derAndi / Jun 5 2007 09:15

    na gott sei dank bin i mit lost schon durch!
    die schlechte nachricht: es sind 3 weitere seasons angekündigt! super! da wirds dann bald um aliens gehn und so!

  6. joshcphotography / Jun 5 2007 10:43

    Fuck me Sev has a giant hand.

  7. James Bardolph / Jun 5 2007 12:10

    Love that. I want to hang out with those people.

  8. teeeeeef / Jun 5 2007 16:03

    i want a flying priest of my own.

    awesome pictures. !@#

  9. Simon / Jun 5 2007 18:18

    haha schön.
    das nenn ich mal ne große hand @ sev :)
    einen netten gruß

  10. nachopereira / Jun 5 2007 20:25

    Lost is ruining my life… whenever I sit down and start to study I see the dvds laying around the desk. Next scene, me watching lost instead of studying.
    You know I love the last weird kid photo, I hope you didn’t get offended by my comment on DA ;)
    Also the old people reading some tabloid paper shot.

  11. Klaus / Jun 5 2007 22:45

    Knusper Bilder – deine ” Series of a Pissed Nice Lady” haben ein verdammt schönes Bokeh, schön milchig (irgendwie). Und dann darfst du in einem Fotografiealltag ne Pizza fotografieren! Ist die künstlerische Gestaltung dessen ein richtiger Job?

    Lost hab ich lieber früher als später aufgehört so gucken, wenn das denn mal ein Ende haben wird, ganz bestimmt kaum besser als Akte X werden. Und das war ja echt übel…

  12. cha / Jun 6 2007 11:39

    the whole wedding shots are great, hah

    and the rest of the entry as well. yeah.

  13. cha / Jun 6 2007 11:40

    oh and where are you in lost ?

    i watched the 3rd season’s finale the other day. fooking great.

  14. Drooper / Jun 6 2007 17:10

    That Happy Day -juice seen in one photo is great for it’s price. Very good.

  15. stelios / Jun 8 2007 17:18

    great entry..loved the kid shot (the last colour one) most of all.
    and the bus shots. nice eye contact

  16. James Kelly / Jun 8 2007 17:38

    great entry!
    enjoyed this one

  17. Spencer / Jun 13 2007 17:32

    Theres some great stuff in that entry, my favourite one being the girl on the floor taken with the wide lens, very nice!

    Keep up the great work

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