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15. June 2007 / Bernhard

Fix the sky a little

So, I was asked how well I can process TMax400 and I had to admit that I never had great results with the film. So I gave Tmax400 once again a try and was yet again disappointed. I’m afraid Tmax400 and XTOL is not a good combo. Anywho, scans:

Business as usual.

The negatives are pretty dull. Sucks.




Dark. (one word comments are minimalistic which is progressive)

Now that’s fascinating. He’s a bit like Mr. Spock.

This might be the only frame on that entire roll that has a somewhat decent contrast which is due some serious overexposure. Nice. Oh, and eating cookies is a very passionate business. Very.

Friend of mine and me on the escalator. Awesome.

Well, right now, I have a roll of Tmax400 loaded again, just this time I’ll use TMax Dev instead of XTOL – any recommendations? Never really worked with TMax developer.

Anyway, 400TX again.

This is taken at a serious business meeting last week. The guy in front is my colleague whose name I – of course – forgot. Anyway, he’s from Peru. And a funny guy. (Edit: Ha, his name’s Leonardo – my memory is weird!)

Oh, and this is Claire. She’s from the UK and also one of my colleagues. I think I went for a pretty snazzy crop here… artsy even.

Hands. Just making things clear: I’m a public transport photographer.

It’s a pity that real dense negs tend to scan shitty. She’s enjoying a lemon.

Waiting for the tram.

Inside the tram.

She put the Bill Clinton biography on my Ipod. Backlight is not so nice.

On my way to a wedding. I really really need to get the driving licence. It’s pissing me off big time. Very artsy self.

Aww… the classic Viennese face.

This is Ethem, he’s an actor. He needs portfolio shots, so I’ll take a few of him – gonna be fun I think.

Linus! Bet you all missed that blonde hawtie. We went to that Ansel Adams exhibition in Westlicht here in Vienna and again, Westlicht didn’t fail to impress me. They managed to hang and light the prints horrible. Infact, sometimes it was hard to see the lovely tones because you had to see through your reflection. Awesome. Very professional. Still, from what I could see, Mr. Adams knew how to make kosher prints. Very kosher even. Without doubt the best prints I’ve ever seen (which is not that difficult here in Vienna).

Helen being not too happy about the stuff on her plate.

Perhaps the most handsome man in the universe. Perhaps.

I’m wondering how many selfs I took there. Must be quite a shitload. Very artsy crop. And very serious look.

I feel special for being privileged to travel with my sister. It’s a common thing with ladies – they all make me feel special that they spent time with me. Oh, this did sound a bit emo. Bokeh.

Who needs air condition on public transport? Who? Austria is a wee bit behind in that regard.

Waiting for the train. Heh.

On the train. Gripping. The train was a wee bit late. Never mind – it’s all about “experience” and “climate change”.

1) Reading
2) Staring a piece of paper to death.

On the bus, being lost in thoughts, sweat and heat.

Claire going through a selection of wedding shots. Awesome.

I just had a nice burger at Mc Donalds when I saw that. Very very aww…

“Damn, there was something I forgot.”

This is a perfect example of a person trying to get out of the frame but not enough and yet disturbing. Great.

Shine. There is this song where the refrains says “shine”. Just popped into my mind while I typed this. Great, isn’t it?

Florian. We had some beer because we are Europeans. And Europeans drink beer. Especially when they speak German! Arrrr… manly.

I’m really tired, so no funny +fav comments this time, sorry. Should have posted tomorrow or so but I started and I hate not finishing things. And before I forget, thanks a lot for the massive feedback on the last entry which was pretty surprising to be perfectly honest. It’s appreciated and I try to reply on as many comments as possible.

Anyway, take care and have a nice and relaxing weekend.



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  1. RYan Marr / Jun 15 2007 06:00

    Yo the tmax looks better than neopan 1600 in xtol. it really does need the tmax developer though. These shots look great.

    love the hair on that one, great pose.

    What a hottie!!!

    haha this is classic.

    These two are brilliant haha love that, the same shot like that. I try to do it often. ANyhow yeah I find the neopan grain to be very shitty at 100% view off the scan, plusx or trix come out nice and velvety but neopan is awful. gah. ANyhow, I like the tmax.


  2. RYan Marr / Jun 15 2007 06:01

    PS, your sister looks a lot like you.

  3. Simon / Jun 15 2007 20:01

    wah ich hasse t-max
    kA woran das liegt, aber gefällt mir einfach überhaupt nicht
    hab ihn wahrscheinlich einfach zu wenig geschossen. aber der erste eindruck zählt!
    wien is einfach grantig.. wie man hier mal wieder wie so oft sieht :P
    du scheinst wirklich viel zu tun zu haben! wie kommst du an all diese aufträge (rein aus interesse)?
    deine schwester sieht dir unheimlich ähnlich. erschreckend!
    auf jeden fall stimm ich dir sowas von zu @ ansel adams… geniale prints und versaut durchs westlicht, ich mein nicht versaut.. aber eh schon wissen..
    ah. ein baum mit meinem gesicht! interessant!
    liebe grüße

  4. nachopereira / Jun 15 2007 22:01

    am I the one that inspired you to try tmax400 again?!
    it’s less contrasty than tri-x, that’s for sure, and I believe that if it has a developer made for that film you should give it a try

    These two made me laugh. a lot:

    And this man over here looks like my microeconomy teacher, if I didn’t know this was taken in Vienna I’d swear it’s him:

    ps: +fav

  5. Harrison / Jun 16 2007 16:02

    This entry was very pleasurable to read in the short space before i have to leave for work, enjoyed every shot.

  6. spanishjohnny / Jun 16 2007 17:16

    feine neue bilder… versüßen den büroalltag obwohl heute ja wochenende ist.
    übrigens, als antwort zu deinem post… ich durfte keine kamera mitnehmen, sie wurd mir abgenommen. sonst wäre es ne f80 geladen mit trix und nem 50er :)

  7. kinderbanned / Jun 17 2007 01:43

    der beste tmax den ich je hatte war abeglaufen und unterentwickelt.. frag mich nicht was es sich mit dem krüppelfilm so auf sich hat..

    stick to trix dude

  8. Suzan / Jun 17 2007 14:38

    Oh wow, another update. And a really nice one. Totally enjoyed it.
    Especially the portraits of your sisters. Such nice random moments.
    Love the portrait of Sophie on the escalator a lot. Shooting on an escalator makes me dizzy, but I’m trying to learn to do it without falling.
    I like the portrait of Linus too.
    Yeah, good entry!

  9. Spencer / Jun 18 2007 21:02

    Another really good update and I too really enjoyed it!
    The TMAX combination will deffiently look better in TMAX developer, be sure to make the time longer for more contrast.
    I look forward to reading more of this and I will add you to my blogroll deffiently!

  10. cha / Jun 21 2007 15:18

    yeah, stick to trix

    very good entry nonetheless

  11. Matt Austin / Jun 24 2007 02:03

    Hey man, cool post. I’ve never tried TMAX400 however, when i’m having trouble getting contrast from a film, I usually go to HC-110, it’s really concentrated so the dev times are less than 5 minutes usually, but the contrast comes in, definitely. The tonal range is similar to D76, however I’d describe it as a much “cleaner” look if that at all makes sense for you. I’d have to disagree with ryan about the neopan 1600 though, i love that in x-tol, maybe not for scans, but for silver prints, i love it. As for the TMAX developer, I’d use TMAX RS because of it’s push features, you’re not supposed to push with normal TMAX, but with the replenisher solution, they say 3 stops no problem. I guess I can’t say much though, I’ve only used the RS with 4×5 negs. Anyways, hope things are well, see ya.

  12. E Reed / Jun 27 2007 03:55

    Not bad. Regarding TMax & XTOL, sometimes the images you didn’t want become the ones you were looking for all along. Remember that as the viewer or audience, what you present is what I presume you were going for all along.

    Then again, I’m a painter, and what do I know about photography? (Other than when I don’t do lighting properly and the image is a far cry from what my work looks like)

    I did notice this though: you tend to photograph people in a similar scale in relation to their surroundings in the final crop. The most striking shots (to me) are the ones on the polar limits of this scale of relation, closer or more distant than the general ratio in this body of shots. I think some demand more intimacy (ex: Claire looking over shots) and some more distance (the couple kissing, oblivious to the rest of the world–would benefit from more of the oblivious world in the shot).

    Just something to mull over, if only for a moment. What you want from a shot is most important after all.


  13. Anna Kryzinski / Jul 1 2007 13:54

    that face, priceless.

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