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1. July 2007 / Bernhard

Der Radioschützer

I have to admit that my titles are 100% sponsored by Sir Karl Random. Great stuff. He’s very generous, he sometimes helps me out on Deviantart and even Flickr.

Anyway, I developed a roll of Tmax400 in the Tmax developer and finally got nice looking negatives:

Wuzzeln at Morgenstern. Classic.

Sebastian being Sebastian being very lovely. The blur adds a lot of atmosphere and makes it autentic! :$

Tmax400 is the way more precise film – if the frame is underexposed, it does show. There is no extra punch like with 400TX. Definitely not a film that I’ll shoot again when I’m in a dark hardly lit pub. Talking like that makes me very important!

Still highly influenced by HCB thus this is a decisive moment.

The other day on the night bus. A bit cynical.

Skin tones are very nice with Tmax400. I like.

I overexposed this frame and corrected with Photoshop. Great.

Fast food. Funny, I don’t want to but I have lots of fast food in summer… I’m afraid, summer and fast food somewhat belong together. Yet another gripping story of my life – and I’m afraid there are many, many more.

Whenever we have fast food at that Mc Donalds she has to check out the book store. She loves books.

Of course, I’m always a good jerk. “You dork.”

Time to throw in some random public transport shot. Hey, and she’s an old lady – that’s definitely worth some extra points.

A photographer that I’ll be assisting next week. The bike (Ducati Monster) is his. Interesting. Oh, before you ask: I’m neither into bikes nor cars. I couldn’t care less.

Bet he’s looking for some Eitrige there.

Haha, now, the real funny stuff: COLOR!

I’ve made the terrible mistake of loading a roll of Superia200, expose it and actually bring it in. To Leutner this time. I must say, Leutner did a fine job. See for yourself.

This is the 3rd frame on the film. Fancy scratch. Course, could be a lightning striking through the store. Who knows? Weirdest things happen these days. Countries get invaded for not existing WMD. Funny stuff. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it was the lens. Lenses can scratch film – I’m sure. THIS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE COURSE OF DEVELOPMENT. N E V E R. It’s a professional lab for god sake – professionals care for quality and they know how to make your negatives shine. Of course, those weird water marks might occur from time to time but who’d be that picky anyway? WHO? Right. The stupid paranoid amateurs who actually think they have a clue! HOW DARING? They are not even 1/10th of an Erwin Wurm. Funny folks. Oh, before I forget, same frame with ICE (and some color corrections) activated:

Seems like lightnings are afraid of ICE these days. Man, that’s so cool. ;wackel – now I just have to find an enlarger with ICE! WAIT! I COULD PRINT THIS DIGITALLY. AND ACTUALLY SHOP IT! ADD DRAMA AND STORY. MAYBE SOME CUT OFF LEG! Maybe make it even wide angle with some fancy plugin. Smooth over it with Neat Imag – nice. ;wackel

Again, books.

I really want the 50/2 Planar.

“Stop staring at my butt, you jerk.”


This is so vintage, it actually makes me feel warm inside. HI KEVIN!


Come to Vienna – happy faces everywhere.

Hide and seek for advanced.

Safer Sex is serious business – it could happen everywhere. Better be prepared.

What a daring perspective. And the exposure. And the dust. Oh man, so very +fav.

Ok, enough color. For some time I’m afraid.

400TX again. It’s nice to know that you can rely on something. Very fancy self.

Yet another classic Viennese lady.

Friends-forever share Pussy Cat Dolls. Cute.

Serious business.

I’m sure she’s reading about lots of serious business. The hand to chin gesture shows.

Severin and a bottle of coke. He made sure that there is absolutely no coke left inside. He did a fine job.

Severin and one of his biggest idols. What a lovely Sunday afternoon – weird people, some guy horribly playing Oasis and Smashing Pumpkins and right between that guy. Vienna.

I still like the scene but it reminds me to get an ND filter. Whatever. I take lots of shots at that place. Gripping.

Spying on old ladies. Classic. I should make a book.

She was deeply impressed by my camera but her mother gave me that suspicios look. So I guessed exposure and focus – I’m very happy how it turned out. Heh.

At a meeting.

We had barbecue. I like the shots – feel free to skip them. They won’t get much more interesting.

Chicken and its side effects.

Claire and Leonardo.

Talking about the future of wedding photography.

Leonardo talking about things that don’t make sense.

Leonardo wondering why I’m still taking pictures without flash. OH MY GAWD RANGEFINDERZ ARE THE PWN!!

Minor moment. I admit, I stole that from Florian.

Oh really? Does it come in interesting?

Getting soaked.


“I gonna get you all – don’t resist, it’s useless…”

Serious business conversations. I like how it seems to be layered. Uh, interested. +fav (old ladies in the back – awesome!)

We went to Boesner the next day which is a huge art supply store.

Really huge. Lots of stuff. Loads of.

Haha, I don’t know what was so funny but we were cutting some paper. Interesting.

It’s hard to capture peoples real smile. I’m happy with this one.

Of course, I’ve been jerkelicious.

Doh. Thank you.

Waiting for something to happen. On my way to a wedding.

Ingrid Fabiola is staying in Vienna. Hey!

On my way to the darkroom from a meeting with a couple. I decided to shoot random stuff – finishing the roll of 400TX.

Lots of random stuff.

Dedicated to Miriam and Severin.

Pretty long entry but I haven’t posted anything in quite some time. Hope you like. Hm, I actually had a fancy idea for the blog but I – of course – forgot. Might pop into my poor mind again. Might. Until then, take care and have a great summer (it’s definitely here – at least here in Austria),


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  1. Tomé / Jul 2 2007 00:14

    this time i understood what you meant by “Sir Karl Random” without googling because i was super focused.

    you have lots of frames with your girlfriend in this entry, why is that?

    actually, you have lots of frames in this entry.

    your girlfriend can be very expressive, hah.

    the first time i saw and heard a ducati monster i had multiple orgasms. are you into cars or bikes?

    is your girlfriend an actress your girlfriend is?

    your text on pro labs is hilarious. you should make an essay on that.

    please send my kind regards to your girlfriend.

  2. kubiksovs / Jul 2 2007 00:46

    Serious stuff…
    I doubt you can get more serious than this. :D

  3. adam / Jul 2 2007 06:36

    haha nice scratches! i wouldnt go to that lab anymore jerkilicious!

  4. Simon / Jul 2 2007 08:15


    leutner abermals spitze..weil das war 100% vom film zurückspulen!!!! bin ich mir ur sicher.. :P

    viel mehr +fav is da der bipa foto service, jaja.. vor allem wenn du an Kodak VR 200 nimmst… wahnsinn…ausgebleichte farben! +fav

  5. William / Jul 2 2007 08:20

    Funniest commentary of all of yours since i started reading six months ago… Especially with with little bits of broken English :P My Australian friends and I have been wondering: what is wackel?

  6. alife / Jul 2 2007 12:23

    Hehe… Cooler Eintrag, hat mich mehrmals zum Lachen gebracht. Wirklich :)

    Vor Allem “Bet he’s looking for some Eitrige there.” – Genial ^^

  7. artis / Jul 2 2007 14:01

    nice very as always.
    that Safer Sex photo and comment made me laugh : )
    and btw, scratches is art. too bad I can’t scratch my digitals – hence no art. : (

  8. Harrison / Jul 2 2007 18:22

    Really enjoyed this entry a lot, laughed a lot harder than i probably should have at the ICE/enlarger rant.

    Looking forward to the next one already.

  9. teeeeeef / Jul 2 2007 19:27

    teehee. hi kevin!

  10. kinderbanned / Jul 2 2007 19:51

    netter bunter eintrag mit viel wienerisch und wieder einer portion nati.

    die zwei in gelb sind köstlich. wieder ein genuss ;)

    und das letzte bild ist natürlich große klasse, richtisch dufte !

  11. stelios / Jul 2 2007 20:16

    the ND filter is great when you’re too bored to switch the film you had last night with a slower one. I still don’t understand why you keep sending out colour films to be processed there.

  12. claytonhauck / Jul 2 2007 21:36

    Love the ladies on the bench at the bookstore photo!! good in so many ways!

  13. claytonhauck / Jul 2 2007 21:37

    ..oh but perhaps a few more shots of your girlie friend would’ve been better.


  14. nachopereira / Jul 3 2007 00:16


  15. ivan / Jul 3 2007 20:23

    herrliche kommentare. mit abstand das beste bei ‘safer sex’. der schmäh kommt sogar besser als bei nackte kanone.

  16. Ezra / Jul 3 2007 21:16

    Wow, Austrians are just like rest of us.

  17. Suzan / Jul 3 2007 22:31

    Hm, had a look at this entry again. I really like it. And the little writing bits still made me laugh.
    I kinda missed the shot of the bear/selfportrait earlier, but I really dig that one.
    Oh and seeing Claire I can’t help but think “brings her female touch to the team, yadda yadda yadda” XD
    Really fantastic portraits of the nice lady. I especially like the one in the rain.

    And summer? Not around here!

  18. ingrid / Jul 5 2007 20:23

    I look so angry haha. why can’t I see the picture in big?:(

  19. Anna Kryzinski / Jul 6 2007 21:10

    serious business.

  20. spanishjohnny / Jul 7 2007 13:03

    weil du so über das lab schimpfst kann ich auf der arbeit nichtmehr auf deine seite zugreifen. wegen porographie gesperrt – nice !

  21. philipp / Jul 11 2007 23:21

    immer wieder sehr schön hier vorbeizuschauen. :)

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