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18. July 2007 / Bernhard


Hello. This blog entry features B/W photographs taken in Vienna, Austria. Main topics are: A nice Lady, random street photographs, stuff. All of them are shot on true black and white film and are processed by myself. I scan the negatives with a Nikon Coolscan V ED, crop them and add a tad contrast in Photoshop. Why am I saying this? Because this blog was featured in some photoblog-list ( to be precise) and it said “Not sure exactly what it is [..]” thus the short intro text.

Anyway, it’s ridiculously hot here in Vienna and riding the bus is masochism for professionals. Anyway, the first few frames are taken on APX100 which I processed for 10:30 in Kodak XTOL; not too happy with the result. Still a bit thin in my opinion – back to 11″ I guess. I processed a friends APX100 for 11″ yesterday and it really looked gorgeous.

This scratch is very kinky. Good job, Foto Wolf.

At the library.

Again. Ha, it’s lovely – the camera is so silent that no one is being annoyed by some jerk taking pictures.

This is interesting: Jelinek getting recognition in Austria although she’s Austrian. It’s an Austrian thing to deny Austrian talents. Interesting.

Waiting for the S-Bahn. Nice.

If you look closely, the smoke is heart shaped. Smoking kills. <3

This is for Suzan: See, we Austrians are good people – we do not put our feet on the opposed seat!

400TX from now on – and oh, I guess this doesn’t require a comment, right?

Realizing that someone’s watching!

Assisting a fashion shooting. 35 rolls of 120 Provia100F were exposed. I was loading the cameras and yeah, 35 rolls is a lot.

Oh, guess that’s me. I should be a model or something. Definitely.

Stop staring at my butt, part II. Dubka.

At a wedding. I bet there were gossiping about a best friend.

Giving me a sceptic glance because she might realized that I could blackmail her. Ha!

It’s about time: The old lady on public transport shot. Brilliant.

Going out. 1/8, f/2, iso400 – I guess that’s what I like about rangefinders although they are unreliable shit.

So much drama. Cute.


Ha, I was just finishing that roll so I could start a new 400TX and expose at iso3200. Somehow I like this shot tho. Haven’t developed the 400TX at iso3200 so far. Still 12 exposures left… and I’m poor. In every aspect. HA!

There is no camera.

“Help me – parents talking about boring stuff.”

I assueme they had the same bags 60 years ago as well. Made me chuckle.

Their mom is having birthday so were taking pictures. This was last week – lots of rain and course it started raining while we were shooting. However, we found shelter in some cut off tree and some time for reviewing photos.

I’ve become quite obsolete.


This is Johann. He was watching us for some time as he was collecting branches and stuff. I guess he’s a gardener or something.

Anywho, he told us that he used to be an amateur photographer himself. He mentioned that he used to do prints and negatives himself but I most likely won’t know about that stuff since everything is digital these days. Well.

He’s a nice guy. When I set up the Mamiya he gave me that man-to-man nod.

I made a print of this and it is perfectly exposed… the Nikon does a poor job with dense negatives… oh well…

Waiting for the bus. This is most likely the sweetest “you fucking jerk” face collection so far. Amazing!

Austrian tabloid. I like her calm face and that headline.

“Franzi, I vasteh di so schlecht, wast is so laut in da U-Bahn.”

I got paid with some delicious Sushi.

Haha, lovely.

What a sweet look.

Yet another team meeting.

This is one hell of a weird lady. She’s never touching anything without putting a plastic bag over her hands. Furthermore, she’s talking lots of weird shit and cursing other people… what a sweet old lady. I guess some people living in Vienna might recognise her.

Since shipping that B+W ND filter takes ages, I got a cheap second hand ND4 filter for now. It’s a Marumi (never heard of them before) and has a horrible mount but for EUR 3 it’s a great deal. This is f/2,8 2/3, 1/250 and 400TX – the filter softens a bit… okay for my needs.

Alex and Johannes. Bein Sauvm.

Still bein Sauvm.

I had a wedding last Saturday and he was assisting me with the portrait shots (holding the reflector). Thanks again. Not the most interesting job… his face says it all.

Even better.

He’s my knight. My saviour. He’s 13A! Funny as cancer.

Having pizza.

Mind those dark part on his hat… yes, it’s really hot these days in Vienna.

That’s it I think. Not much more to say except that it’s really hot and that I’m going to have a cold shower now. Take it easy but not too easy. Meanwhile, I’ll try to figure out why I’m having weird white dots on my last medium format 125PX.



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  1. melvinkobe / Jul 18 2007 11:52

    A lot of “right place, right moment” shots in there. A number of them absolutely hilarious, especially when taking your dry-humor-laced comments into account.

    You look hawt with those sunglasses.

    And oh, about using a rangefinder in a library: you just unknowingly solved a problem I’ve been pondering over for the last couple of days. Thanks!


  2. Suzan / Jul 18 2007 12:58

    My feet were on my bag, not on the seat >(
    You can get fined for that for like 50 euros or something :O

    Anywho, really very much enjoyed this entry. Some great shots, some classics too.
    I really liked the “there’s no camera” one and those of your little sister. The one in the tree is fantastic, mindboggling lineplay!

  3. Fabian / Jul 18 2007 19:23

    Ich war so viel viel zu lange nicht mehr auf deinem Blog – schöne, schöne Bilder hast du diesen Sommer gemacht.
    Im ernst.
    Be-gei-st-er-ttttt bin ich.

    Wann kommst du nach Berlin?
    Im ernst!
    Ich muss mich mal endlich wieder so richtig wiener-mäßig mit dir besauvm. muss ich, kein spass. wirklich

  4. christian / Jul 18 2007 20:12

    wilde fotos…
    gefalln mir echt gut.
    die ersten vom apx sehn bei mir aufm bildschirm nicht übel aus. aber der is sowieso nicht mal annähernd kalibriert. ich kenn mich mit sowas einfach nicht aus und bin auch zu faul mich auszukennen.
    du musst mir mal printunterricht geben…ich hab so gut wie gar keine ahnung davon, aber bin grad dabei ne duka einzurichten bei mir daheim. nur ohne klimaanlage halt ich das momentan sowieso nicht aus.

  5. Sebastian / Jul 18 2007 23:25

    Ha die lustige alte mit den Plastiktüten kenn ich !

  6. Stelios / Jul 18 2007 23:28

    Do they still use film for fashion shootings? I thought it has all gone digital.
    The tones on the nice lady shots are great. At least on my screen.
    Do you use XTol for all your developings? nomatter what film?

  7. RYan Marr / Jul 18 2007 23:42

    Biogon? What the hell you’re shooting zeiss glass?

  8. allie / Jul 19 2007 00:58

    What is your main purpose for the ND filter? Just to get less depth of field?

  9. Sebastian / Jul 19 2007 01:32

    hast du wieder voll schön gemacht $: .. was macht denn die linke in da eigentlich mit dem mund (hund)

  10. kinderbanned / Jul 19 2007 17:31

    hab mir gerade bei einer portion spaghetti mit sugo (klassiker für faule) den blog mir zu gemüte geführt. bei dem scherz mit dem rucksack musste ich lachen.. fast schon arisch rülpsen.

    ansonsten wieder gute photos, die alle irgendwo in einer mappe verschwinden, wir sollten berühmt sein, dann wär alles etwas einfacher.

    ps: keep up shooting that meaningless stuff ! yay :)

  11. philipp / Jul 20 2007 12:38

    die drei bilder von johann und das vorletzte bild sind einfach herrlich. auch sonst sehr gute bilder. da tuts mir wieder leid meine kamera das ganze jahr einfach so liegen zu lassen.

  12. spanishjohnny / Jul 20 2007 16:12

    wieder ma tolle fotos. musste nur lange drauf warten sie zu sehen. welches wort nun den “pornofilter” auf der arbeit eingeschaltet hat weiß ich nicht… geiler filter

    tolle töne und wieder ma perfekte belichtungen. ich bin wieder mal sehr beeindruckt. schön, weiter so…

    übrigens werd ich demnächst den apx auch mal 11min drin lassen… :)

  13. James / Jul 20 2007 21:06

    Hilarious. You should print that on T-shirts.

  14. Matt Austin / Jul 22 2007 19:40

    Hey friend! Could you elaborate more on the things wrong with your medium format plus x? I’ve had problems with that film too (in xtol). It seems like the strangest form of overprocessing I’ve ever come up with. The only time I’ve ever developed it with no problems, I used HC-110, got very dense negatives, but no agitation marks. I wish I had a scanned example, but I don’t.

    Well anyways, good post again. It’s good to see what you’ve been looking at! Take care of yourself,


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