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27. July 2007 / Bernhard

Times like these

I posted my first Blog entry on exactly 1 year and 2 days ago. I remember that I got myself the Leica M6 at that time too. Great some might say. I think so. When I’m browsing my old negative scans, I get the awkward feeling of having wasted way too many rolls of film.

Especially the way I processed my films back then is pretty embarrasing but I blame the fact that I knew no one who could have told me about all those little things. Oh well. Things changed a lot! (VERY NICE OBSERVATION SKILLS THERE!) I remember when I had like 10 blogs in my RSS Feed list – now it’s more like 30 or 40; 90% of them being photo blogs. Way to go.

Anyway, consider this as a jubilee entry or something.

Like a year ago, it was also very hot her with temperatures ranging from 35°C to 40°C. I know, the fahrenheit people won’t be impressed but then again, do I care for you guys? DO I? I DON’T THINK SO! Anyway, watching TV in a room with no air condition. 35°C room temperature.

On the tram near Südbahnhof.
Having food with my dad – chinese food.
Lorant is trying to brain dead me with his hyper mental kill thingy. Pretty cute.

Sebastian (<3) and his girlfriend were kind enough to invite me to go to and exhibition with them. If you happen to come to Vienna (or if you even live there :O), make sure to go to the Albertina and check out their current photography show – it’s more or less about street photography ranging from classic stuff (some HCB) to contemporary stuff. However, the prints looked very nice so I can highly recommend seeing it.

Since my shoes’ sole decide to live a life on their own, I had to go shop for some shoes… perhaps my most abhorred activity I can think of. I ended up with nothing in my hands but a Big Mac.

Of course, Pottermania.

More sleeping on the tram – again, no aircondition. We Austrians don’t need that fancy stuff.

And more.

Pretty fascinating – I bet I had an artsy reason to crop that ladies feet.

Saturday = Wedding.

Ha, 2 or 3 weeks ago, I had the great idea of exposing some 400TX at iso3200 and planned developing it in Rodinal… I finally did so yesterday and yes, great stuff. Once again, I was proven that the majority of people in all those photography forums are freaking jerks. Rodinal 1+50, 33 mins, 20°C, 5″ agitation every 5′ is definitely NOT enough. I doubt it’s my exposure skill or something but the negatives came out very thin. Some were somewhat decent, some were terrible. Still, what I do like is the sharpness and the “idea” I get how 400TX could look like in Rodinal. Anyway, photos:
Literally waiting for SOMETHING to happen. What a terrific night.

I think one can feel the tension.

Boring. Having fries at Mc Donalds.

Next day. Artsy grain… I remember this was something like f/2, 1/8 or something. I guess 40′ should fine.

So, little change… this was taken yesterday night. Well, the night before yesterday night to be precise. Anyway, I’d say “restock” is a fitting title.
What I like: the lovely sharpness. What I dislike: density… but this is subject to change without notice. With next development. WATCH OUT YOU FUCKING FORUM JERKS.
A devil grin right before serving the next Vodka shot. Thinking of Vodka makes my stomach feel funny.
Ok. Listen up: THIS IS FREAKING SERIOUS BUSINESS. What do you see? Two bottles of the beloved Stella Artois. LOOK CLOSELY! YES! THEY GLUED THE LABEL UPSIDE DOWN ON THE BOTTLE. Seriously, this fact caused a discussion between Alex and me for at least 10 minutes… WHAT IF THERE ARE MORE THINGS UPSIDE DOWN THAN JUST THESE TWO STICKERS? WHAT? Well, long story short: the problem got solved after a shot of Vodka. Last for that night because I hate – I HATE – Vodka.

Aaaaanyway, back to more interesting stuff. Some lady was having her big day. A story:

Shopping is exhausting. But Mc Donalds is having those fancy ingredients that make kids happy. Personally, I blame alanine transaminase. And, by the way according to Travis the word I was looking for is ;wackel. AND OF COURSE HE’S RIGHT. ;wackel

Tired. A very laniesque photograph.

Aww… a cake with 5 candles… who could it be?

“Why am I not having birthday?” (emo)

When I took this shot I had to think of that Martin Paar interview I listened to some months ago. He said that it’s a taboo to take a photo of a crying kid because it’d destroy the illusion of a perfect family. While I was focusing my older sister asked me if I was really going to take the pictures – of course, why shouldn’t I? Oh, before jumping to conclusions: she got a bicycle and had a little accident. Lots of tears.

My jerkilicous skills made the tears dry quickly.

Jesus – Your name is the most beautiful melody.

Grandpa and the internet.


I think I took 9249 pictures that are very or highly similar to this one, yet I think that THIS ONE is special. I learned that if you firmly believe in something, it will work out. YES.

Female condom.

So much for now. I’m hungry, have yet to find a pair of shoes as I’m shooting a big wedding tomorrow and of course, do lots of fancy stuff. Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks to all those who are following this blog from the very beginning (and still are!).



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  1. stelios / Jul 27 2007 12:42

    where do these ppl find that stuff about agitatin evry 5mins for 33 mins? I’ve never understood how that works. I have shot a test roll of TriX at 3200 determined that I’d test it somehow. My first thoughts were with XTol. After this blog I’m thinkin of Rodinal which is my favourite but I only use it for films below 400ASA. any ideas?
    congrats for the blogyear

  2. artis / Jul 27 2007 14:25

    alright, then I should congratulate you on your blogbirthday! : )
    enjoying your family photos and little stories behind them, thanks for sharing – it’s all good!

  3. Tomé / Jul 27 2007 16:08

    hmm, couldn’t reciprocity failure be already showing at 1/8, @N+3? as you say, the 33mins should be fine for normally lit situations, so maybe you should adjust exposure instead of dev. unless you always shoot each roll in similar light situations…

    it is said that, as a starting point, @1sec you should expose +1stop than metered and underdev 10% ( this should be true for a normally exposed film. what i’m wondering is, won’t pushing a film by as much as 3 stops be increasing reciprocity failure?

  4. Ryan Marr / Jul 27 2007 18:08

    I really like


    nice entry.

  5. James / Jul 28 2007 00:19

    I thought you’d had a blog much longer than I; turns out mine is 10-20 days older than yours.

    33 mins developing one roll!? You’re a trooper.

  6. Suzan / Jul 29 2007 11:36

    Oh hello Bernhard. Congratulations on the birthday of your blog.
    I liked this entry a lot, but I think I almost say that every time.
    Hmmm, everytime I get down to the comment section I forgot everything I wanted to say. Lemme think.

    I like this one a lot:

    Very classy, very nice lines.

    I liked the headshot of Alex in the bar a lot too.

    And some lovely photos of your sisters. I like the one where you make her laugh with being jerkilicious. The composition and light is so nice.

    Interesting thing what you say about breaking the myth of a happy family when you capture kids crying. I’m reading this book, not particularly about photography, but one fragment really struck me. It was about memories and whatever. And it came down to the fact that Ed van der Elsken was a really good photographer because he captured all those moments, also in his familylife. Not only did he photograph Christmas, birthdays, etc. But also the fights, arguments and tears. That’s what set him apart from, well… from parents or whatever who just capture the happy moments. Boring family albums you get than.
    So yeah, good job on capturing the sweet AND the sour.

  7. marius / Jul 30 2007 12:51

    haha. great entry…forum people are usually jerks…:P

  8. nachopereira / Aug 1 2007 00:06

    I don’t get it, how could you possibly hate vodka?
    anyway, I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say that.
    I also noticed that your Ronald McDonald looks more fat than our… weird…

    this one made me chuckle (which also means it’s great):

  9. Spencer Payton / Aug 2 2007 22:53

    Happy Blog birthday to you! I could go on singing but I imagine you would delete the comment!

    Lucky lucky bugger owning the M6 by the way. I’m going to settle for the Bessa R for now. Once i’m out at work full time i’ll will deffiently join your exclusive Leica club though!

    As for the TX at 3200 for 30mins something is waaay off there!

    Keep up the great work mate, and heres to many more years bloggin!




  1. Vienna Blog » Vienna Blog July 27, 2007 8:20 am

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