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7. August 2007 / Bernhard

I chose Horses

Summer so far has been quite fantastic: Shooting weddings, developing, scanning film, developing RAW files and going to the bar. It’s nice to read about all those fabulous travel experiences. Well, enough of that – I’m going to travel trough my memories and show some pictures while I’m on it.

The entry starts exactly where the last one stopped:
Emo kids waiting for the bus. I suppose lying on the street is part of the non-coercive education. Funny thing is that exactly at the same spot I saw a tiny cockroach a week ago. Apparently, that ugly thing got even uglier and put a lot on weight. Yes, fancy scratch too. No clue how that happened…

Not the most interesting photograph to look at but still, two Spanish ladies were having a chat.

Great news: I got myself a pair of new shoes. It’s something quite exceptional so excuse wasting a frame on it.

This was taken last Saturday on the train. 6:30 am. I had a wedding somewhere in Austria starting very early.

A young lady not very much impressed by her balloon.

Heh, he was proud that he ate almost all of his french fries.

Judging from the outfit, she was looking for a man.

It was very hot and sticky – perfect time to seperate from the rest of the group and have some talk about the best friends friend.

Uhm, toy camera time? Is it digital?

Very bokeh.

Last one from the wedding. A couple of minutes later, it started to rain heavily and got too dark for shooting 400TX.

Next day: Roland – who was helping me with the reflector – waiting for the tram.

Camera geeking. Nice way of killing time.

On our way back from Wr. Neudorf downtown. The guys behind us pretty much digged their handy loudspeaker. Fabulous!

On the tram, there sat a man with his bag.

Food a MC Donalds in one of the most beautiful areas in Vienna: Philadelphia Brücke.

I gave him the CD with his pictures. I took a couple of photos a while ago.

I’m really happy with my recent negatives.

The ND-filter is doing a very fine job – this was shot at f/4, 1/250.

In the evening, I went to Sebastian’s place. At the time I arrived, Johanna and Severin were playing Poker.

Severin giving me a gorgeous “I love beer face”. Fantastic.

We then switched for “Zug um Zug” which is quite a political incorrect game. Good thing it’s not taking place in Europe but in Northern America.

A classic Sebastian. Nice.

OK. This was all taken on Kodak Tri-X 400 Film. Developed with Kodak XTOL. Nice. Now, for something artistic. As everyone knows, Ilford is the choice of artists and as I think doing art photography is a fantastic thing, I loaded some expired Delta3200 (that I got for free I may add) and develop it in Rodinal. I went for 1+50 dilution and something like 30-35 mins development time. The negatives – once again – came out very thin but it definitely adds here… bringing out the artistic part.
Severin being very happy. The pixel resizing makes this photo looks absolutely delightful. Reminds me of the D200 at ISO1600.

I can belch very loouuuud. Some may remember that video…

Around 3 am – he had to get up on 5 am.

I wish, I had a decent negative of that scene. Oh well.


Enough of art. Since Sebastians APX400 turned out pretty nice, I gave the film a try as well. So the next few frames are shot on AGFA APX400, developed 12:30 in Kodak XTOL. Gripping.

This is the very first frame I shot on that roll of APX400 and yet I have quite an amazing story: I’m used to the fact that nobody – or let’s say nearly nobody – cares for what you do on the street. But I learned that it’s not always that case. So I took this shot of that man sitting on the stairs and wanted to take another one from his height. At that time, that couple was passing by, the very serious young lady – obviously suffering from the side affects from drugs – gave me a stern look and told me that I may not photograph in public. I smiled at her put the camera down, waited, raised the camera again when she shouted at me in English this time that “You are not allowed to take pictures in public”. I got slightly pissed. Meanwhile, the other guy woke up and told me to go and fuck myself and stuff. Very precious. I actually wanted to tell them that they are fucking morons and shouldn’t be doing drugs all day long.. but I was already late and left. Nice.

I took this with Trent Parke in my mind.

Young man with tooth paste on his shirt falling asleep while typing an SMS.

Young men looking for a purse. I went to Boesner getting passepartout and frames – I saw them on my way there around 11 am for the first time; they didn’t move when I got back from there which was 1 pm. Fabulous.

Uhmmm… bokeh?

Exposure is a bit off, plus the ND filter gave me some flaring I think.

They were taking pictures of each other. And I took pictures of them.

Sebastian rewinding.

Sebastian smoking. BTW, that’s 1/2″. Heh.

Sebastian on the bus. Aww…


Serious business going on here.

And even more.

A frog on a car.

Lady giving me a stern look.

Again Sebastian, again smoking his very last cigeratte.

So I had the fantastic idea of shooting a full roll of 400TX on a wedding… the shots are pretty boring but I’ll post them anyway just for the sake of having a long and important entry.

Leica even works for kids. Not only chicks.

Adjusting the wedding dress.

I shot both, Nikon D200 and Leica in that situation and the Leica looks so much better… the Nikon 50/1,8 is ridiculously soft wide open… and the noise levels at ISO640 are horrible. Nice.

My partner.

I’ve never seen that many P&S digitals like on that wedding… I know, I’m so yesterday.

She was exhausted… I was told that a wedding dress is about 5 kg.

I know, his fingers are cropped… oh well, I’m happy I cought his look. Not sure what he was thinking… perhap, he was just hungry or something. Who knows.

That’s it for now, I have to take a shower, make food and get ready for the portrait session later. It’s pretty hot and sunny… lovely. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos and stuff.

Take care,



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  1. dersunde / Aug 7 2007 13:24

    you fucked up many links again. i swear, the quality in this blog has gone so downhill…

  2. Simon / Aug 7 2007 17:40

    hahahahaha dieser delta is ja kunst pur!

  3. Drooper / Aug 7 2007 18:00

    Ah, now that I see the delta shots another time, they just look better and better. I want that film and make ART!

  4. stelios / Aug 7 2007 18:01

    long entry, don’t know where to start. I could go on asking lots about processing films etc. Or even talk about how much I enjoyed the wedding photos (especially the last one). but then I saw this frame and i stopped there. wonderful shot man. wonderful.

  5. James / Aug 7 2007 19:52

    “Judging from the outfit, she was looking for a man.”


    In regards to those people who were harassing you – I was on the back of a bus with Tanya on the weekend and it pulled up to the stop across the road from St Thomas’ Hospital, This guy got on the bus with his arse hanging out of his jeans (which he was trying to hold up, pretty unsuccessfully), he mumbled to the driver then got off.

    Tanya and I pointed our cameras at the window waiting for the bus to pass him and a fat (surprise) American who was between us and the window said ‘do you mind?’, to which I said “I’m not taking a photo of you, and no I don’t mind” and he didn’t say anything and we made our shots. I’m sure Tanya will see this comment and show you if you want to see it, I haven’t finished my roll yet but the focus was like two metres off.

    Anyway I don’t even know where I’m going with this story so.

    Tell people to eat shit!

    If anyone ever says to me ‘you can’t take photos’ then I will respond with ‘oh, well you’d better call the police then!’ in a most sarcastic voice.

  6. Spencer Payton / Aug 7 2007 21:04

    Yet another supurb blog post!

    Trust me about the getting harrased all I have to do sometimes is walk with the camera round my neck and in hand and I get some funny looks, but as long as you get the shot off it doesn’t matter!

    I loved the last wedding, brilliant stuff so many creative angles on things.

    I look forward to the next one man,
    take care,


  7. joshcphotography / Aug 7 2007 23:26

    Hmm, I have same results to you with Delta 3200. Despise it 90% of the time, but I DID have a couple of good results with it in ID-11 once upon a time. I should find that print and scan it again…. it was actually a print worth having. I think someone did something horrible to the best print of it.

    Maybe try it in ID-11 and see if you get any good results? Grain is still large, but slightly softer and less harsh. I think I will find that print, see if I can find what made it work. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. Or maybe I just liked the art of it.

    I ramble much.

  8. Matt Austin / Aug 8 2007 01:23

    I’ll be quick. You’re a great photographer Bernhard. It’s fun to see how you see, through these images. The quality of your recent negatives really shows, fantastic tones throughout the whole post. Well done, as usual.

    Oh, and I’ve got some ideas about a potential exhibition for you. I’ll e-mail you about it. Take care,


  9. artis / Aug 8 2007 20:53

    from the wedding frames I think I like this one the most and little girl’s look in this one
    and the way how lead-in lines work here

    you should run something like noise ninja or neat image on those delta shots! haha

    Sev does not look very excited to go back…

  10. Suzan / Aug 8 2007 21:55

    Oh there are some fantastic shots in this entry.

    I absolutely adore:

    The second portrait of Ethrem (do I recall his name correctly? I’m to lazy to check it on the last post, yet I’m not so lazy that I don’t spend way too much words on this subject) is really great too.
    And the ones of the lady with the flowers outside are lovely too.
    The kids… I don’t care much for those shots. They look a bit creepy all dressed up and with those angelic faces. The one with the balloon was great though! Just like that one you uploaded on dA.
    The frame of your dad I like too – the smile.
    Some funny ‘hanging out and getting drunk’ shots of Sebastian and Severin. I like those!

    The captions crack me up too “Judging from the outfit, she was looking for a man.”
    Always nice to check a new entry of yours!

  11. Tanya / Aug 11 2007 22:10

    Following on from James’ comment:

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