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18. August 2007 / Bernhard

It’s all so… fabulous.

I’ve been asked by few people when I’m updating my blog which made me blush several times. Kudos. The fancyness of this entry is average at best. Sorry.

So I had the splendid idea to shoot a roll of Superia200 and have it developed at Leutner. Long story short: After the first frame, I activated ICE dust correction.

Artisticism: Super

Artistiscism: Very low. Lacks of depth and expression. Might need some serious crossing.

Some more random frames from the last wedding.

She didn’t want her picture taken… I love that. I really do. It’s funny when clients complain that you didn’t took X picture but X loves hiding. Fantastic.

For sure nothing special but I like the timing. I’m easy.

Some nice lady pondering about something.

Nice lady again.

And again.

The scan is pretty off… so I tried correcting it with Photoshop… oh well.

I’m wondering if I can come up with a better WB in the darkroom. Still, I dig those frames.

The exposure is fine. I blame the scanner and the…

I really want to shoot color more often, meaning that next thing I/we do is developing C41 film.

Roland was so kind to help me with a shooting once again. Thank you.

This one was taken with the B+W ND filter… and as far as I can say the filter is pretty color-neutral. And yes, the sharpness is nice very +fav.

I’m very happy that I shot color again and I’m even more happy to see that Leutner is still not able to deliver decent negatives. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that there is not a single decent lab here in Vienna. If photography was to have a body, Vienna would be it’s ass.

Anywhooo… back to serious normal business which means some cute B/W scans. Fantastic stuff to cum.

Looks much better in B/W – you with me? I think so.

My very personal anser to vain Leica selfs. Yes, this was taken in the middle of the night. I got woken by some loud neighbor. Fantastic. Perfect time for taking a self portrait. Hey, girls – I’m single, let’s mingle!


Gerald meeting his Monopoly master. IN YOUR FACE!

This is Dominik. Dominik is known for his wicked Monopoly tactics. Definitely some serious business going on here.

Sebastian quitting smoking. <3

Johanna and her poker face. She’s scary. Very finnish. I forgot that I was taking shots back then… this was taken between 4 and 5 am. Lovely stuff.

Crowded busses. I love them.

Andreas. I learned that he’s reading this blog as well. We were talking about Ilford film thus excuse his face.

Serious conversations require serious faces. Well done!

Fashion photographer = Fancographer. It’s important to be chique even when you just develop some film. It’s all about the appearance which might explain why I’m still shooting streets and stuff.

No comment here I think.


It’s interesting how people think that photographers are magicians. They do expect from you to be able to take fine pictures in pitch dark pubs. Sure thing – just lemme get out that FANTASTIC studio flash and bump up that ISO. Anywho, blur is intentional, it’s part of my new series. I won’t tell details now as I don’t want to spoil your thoughts.

Not sure if it’s past or post or sin modern movementish.

Some couple on the left recognising that chrome camera.

Bar keeper conversations… they are always the same. Who with who. How many shots. And how long.

One hast to love Alex’ happy face.

Oh, a true happy face.

I suppose the Poker mastermind Severin was just analyzing the cards. No kidding.

Another mastermind – Yann. Also analyzing something. Or anything who knows. Maybe I’m analyzing you too at this very moment? BECAUSE THAT’S HOW THE POKER GUYS ROLL OK!?

Anywho, I’m still messing around with 400TX in Rodinal and stuff. Since the last time the negatives were rather thin, I went for a longer time. I’m still not satisfied but it’s getting better. At least something.

The other day, nice lady had the fantastic idea to have some cocktails.

I <3 pitch dark bars. This was f/2, 1/15, iso3200.

Important drama call.

I think I like this frame quite a lot, I think.

Poker. Again. (This actually catches up where the 400TX ends!)

The three anal-yzer. They were anal-yzing each other quite well.

This is definitely underexposed but Severin’s pose is just too precious.


Even more art. I metered this scene with my external lighmeter and as far as I can say, I need one more f-stop.

I basically forgot about setting aperture and shutter speed resulting in something like 1/30, f/5,6 in a quite dark room. Nice.

Sebastians Monopokerly face.

So it was getting late and we had cheap wine which had this fabulous metallic taste.


So much for now, nothing special. I’m shooting on a wedding tomorrow and hope to catch a few nice moments with the Leica. We’ll see… I got some positive feedback on the last Leica wedding shots which came as quite a surprise. Wouldn’t have expected people to enjoy those pictures in a commercial sense.

Anyway, enjoy those last summer days. Hey, wait – what summer? Seriously, I made the terrible mistake of having no holiday at all this year. Fantastic.

Take care,



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  1. Sebastian / Aug 18 2007 01:33



  2. Simon / Aug 18 2007 08:05

    die opfer der künstler! kein sommer gehört dazu.
    aber sei froh darüber, denn leiden fördert künstlerische entwicklung, leiwand.
    du machst deine fotos in der kunstwerft? o_O

    bevor ichs vergess


  3. ibasfr / Aug 18 2007 10:21

    always a great pleasure to have a look at your pictures !!

    remember, poker is the devil !! :p

  4. kinderbanned / Aug 18 2007 13:06

    die superia in der ubahn sind extra nice.

    sonst wiedermal schön artsy und behindert. immer wieder gute unterhaltung.

    ich geh jetzt auch mal “scheißen” wird ne lange wurst werden..

  5. Miauzz / Aug 18 2007 13:41

    Nice photos of the “nice lady” ;)

  6. James / Aug 18 2007 20:32

    “So I had the splendid idea to shoot a roll of Superia200 and have it developed at Leutner.”

    Every time you say you’ve had a roll developed somewhere I start to laugh and wait for the lines.

  7. Andreas / Aug 18 2007 22:01

    Na endlich! Jetzt bin ich wieder spät dran mit … schauen.

    3 Sachen:

    + super licht im kebabstand auf nice lady
    + jojo, so (wie sebastian) hab ich schon oft zu rauchen aufgehört
    + wie zur hölle hast du es geschafft, mich so behindert (um severin zu zitieren) zu erwischen?!?!? das kann nur absicht gewesen sein ;-)))

    troztdem netter eintrag…

  8. Tomé Duarte / Aug 18 2007 22:30

    Damn, Sebastian beat me.

    somewhat quoting an austrian guy: no fridge, no problem. <3

  9. spanishjohnny / Aug 19 2007 17:40

    ma wieder großartig. die farbbilder gefallen mir echt gut. verdammt wie scharf ist so leica dings… bin neidisch. willste nicht ma n monat ne minolta haben und ich bekomm deine m ;)

  10. Stelios / Aug 20 2007 12:26

    If Vienna were the photography’s ass,Crete would be the ass’s hair. I think I’ll quit colour cos I would never trust the lab to develop my films and cos I got sick of aggitating that C 41 for 17 consecutive minutes or so.. (unless I find a different C41 dev)
    So what time did you develop the TriX in Rodinal? I think the stairs frame is a great one and the tones are good. I think. Tried printing it?

  11. Rebecca / Aug 20 2007 15:27

    i want to adopt you

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