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23. August 2007 / Bernhard

All I need is

So, a few words – since everybody does it – concerning the new cameras. THE cameras are the Nikon D3, D300 and Canon 1Ds MKIII and of course also the 40D in a way. Since I’m more into portraits and wedding photography the most attractive camera so far was the EOS 5D and still is in a way. Although I think the D300 and D3 are remarkable cameras they aren’t what I was hoping for. Especially the fact that the D300 is still sporting a DX sized sensor disappointed me… but then again, if the D300 was fullframe as well, nobody would go for the D3. Later seems to be – in my humble opinion – a dream come true PJ-camera. Fast, ok, FREAKING fast, full frame and ridiculous expandable iso-values. Nice. Still, not what I was hoping for.

Oh well, what a dilemma, Nikon shows that they are capable producing a fantastic camera just for a market that I’m not in: Sports. So I’m still more toward the red branded C company… let’s hope Canon employs a decent AF in the 5D MKII or however they call it.

So much for my very interesting ranting. I’m still impressed by the Zeiss 35/2 Biogon. One has to applaud Zeiss for entering the rangefinder market with such remarkable lenses. Finally, someone is applying pressure on Leica and their ridiculously expensive lenses. I might – when I’m +fav borded – post a small review of that lens but as far as I can say I’m very happy. Much better than the Voigtländer stuff I’ve tried so far although it’s said that the lenses are manufactured at the same plant in Japan. Guess it’s all about quality checks in the end.

Hey, that’s quite a lot text and yes, few photos follow. This entry features only 2 rolls of Kodak 400TX… I’m posting because I’m bored. I was supposed to take some pictures but the weather god said no. So I stayed at home. And yeah, you can see the result. Mindblowing thoughts and even more mindblowing pictures. Whatever, enjoy.

Nice lady trying to deny my presence.

Some nose scrachting as the plan didn’t work out.

We were shopping stuff on Mariahilfer Straße when I spotted this. Some might recognise it from some website.

What a gorgeous… bokeh.


She was reading something thus the reflection.

Oh before some people say: Yet again a nice lady entry… these are going to be the last nice lady shots for quite some time. Nice lady is over the ocean – oh wait, there is this fantastic song. Whatever, meh.

+fav. Cat. +fav

Oh noes, even more poker. Sebastians stunning eye lashes doing a fine job.

Oh noes, someone switched off the water. (wtf)

“You know, this is where usually water comes out… but I’m having a fantastic plan…”


Some random public transport impressions.

The mother of the bride… yes, wedding.

This was taken inside the limosine… Leica > D200 here… I’d have had to use ISO800 on the D200 which looks fantastic.

I do quite a fine job with cropping feet and fingers.


I should rescan this and alter exposure and contrast. Then again, I should do many things.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it: Why do people want to have their wedding filmed? Seriously, who in gods name wants to sit in front of a TV and watch a wedding ceremony? Even in reality they are boring for most people… but on DVD? Oh yes. And to top it: When we did those portrait shots the other video guy was following us and wanted to “document” the photo shooting. This pretty much cracked me up and made me ask if they shoot each other as well to make sure that they cover every minor detail. She was somewhat pissed then but this is just fine because their tripods and cameras and shit was annoying anyway. I actually saw their compositions (is this the right term when it comes to film – i mean, I have no freaking clue) and it was like: HEAD – CENTER. That’s it. Fantastic. Then again, I have no clue about shooting videos so I most likely am wrong and also I’m a bitter Leica film photographer. Anyhoo, wondering how much they made that night. Sure thing it’s more than I make with 10 average weddings.

Surprise for the groom: A saxophon performance.

The wedding started at 2 pm and ended around 12 pm – 10 hours. But hey, perfect time for going out and attending a party. Fantastic. Of course, I was late so most people had already reached the “advanced” stage which made it… boring. Yes.

The architecture drop-out barely able to speak properly.

But charming as ever…

Oh this is Gerarld again. He was about to join the weirdest round of Monopoly ever… Sebastian raped all three of us in something like ten rounds… never ever witnessed something like that.

Oh this is Severin realizing that he’s quite fucked. He then decided to dislike Monopoly as it’s all about luck. Heard that before. LAME EXCUSE THERE!

Again Poker. Hey, did I mention that I lost almost every round of Poker and placed last in both Monopoly rounds? Wait, Gerarld was worse than me. IN YOUR FACE YOU WANNABE MONOPOLY MASTER WHO’S WORKING IN A HOTEL. HOW DOES THAT FEEL?

Sebastian giving his most innocent face. Yeah, right… just after he pretty much raped Severin and me for several times. UND DANN MUSSTE SIE RICHTIG REINHÄMMERN.

Very last frame on the roll. Black lady = nice contrast. Umbrella = artsy. Rain = emotions. Fantastic. All areas are well covered thus a instant artistic +fav.

So, it’s 18:45 – perfect time to prepare some food. Seriously, I’m sorry that there is nothing really interesting going on at the moment. I mean, let’s be honest… Poker, Monopoly, wedding, public transport. That’s it. No fishing for compliments here… it’s just a toiiinnnyyy bit annoying. Hey, wait, let’s talk about digital cameras again… and compare noise charts. Sounds fine to me.

Take it easy but not too easy, (how daring!)



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  1. James / Aug 23 2007 19:33

    You guys played like ZERO poker when I was there.

    I played a live satellite tournament and qualified for the Gutshot Series of Poker (the card club where i play) main event: £550 freezeout, max 120 players. Wish me luck.

  2. Stelios / Aug 23 2007 20:37

    Let the debates begin. Nikon is better than Canon. Canon is a bit gay. Leica is better than Zeiss. Sony beats them all with the ultra smile shutter mode! Rockwell is has the review of the new Nikon D4 already.He built it. Whatever.
    btw the Biogon looks good. New or used?
    is it already raining in Vienna?

  3. Sebastian / Aug 23 2007 20:51

    Wieso hastn du auf einmal ein Biogon ?!

  4. Tomé Duarte / Aug 23 2007 21:40

    Jeeezus, kids are so extremely spontaneous and photogenic. We develop all these barriers and “characters” while we grow up. That’s why I live in Neverland.

    And oh, “Black lady = nice contrast. Umbrella = artsy. Rain = emotions. Fantastic.” Think you made a poem there.

    Speaking of poetry, I’m in the mood for some wild casual sex now, your place or my place?

  5. Simon / Aug 24 2007 07:21

    also is das jetzt das biogon auf den fotos oder ned?
    wenn ja, siehts ziemlich gut aus :)
    wenn nein, siehts trotzdem gut aus :P

  6. Suzan / Aug 24 2007 12:09

    Hahaha, yes even if the subjects are the same; this entry still gives some different angles I guess. Anywho; I enjoyed it! As ever your commentary is very (ha) and made me laugh.
    I actually like the catshot. I dissapoint myself. Oh well. The sequence of your sis is great too. The gorgeous bokeh frame… gorgeous yes!
    And I’m sure the nice lady wasn’t reading, I’m pretty sure you carry your reflector EVERYWHERE with you. Yes.

  7. Andreas / Aug 25 2007 17:50

    blöde frage: wieso kannst mit der D3 keine Hochzeiten fotografieren? Was ist da bei der 5d besser?

    zum thema videos (im speziellen auf hochzeiten) sprichst du mir aus der seele: mir fällt ja auf, dass immer mehr leute … so zum spass … filmen. wozu? wer schaut das jemals an? gibt’s ja net…

    übrigens glaub ich auch, dass du entweder immer einen reflektor bei dir hast, oder nice lady ihr kebab aus dem staniol wickelt. :-)

  8. melvinkobe / Aug 25 2007 22:14

    Did the saxplayer let down her dress after the solo?

    Sorry to hear about the ‘lady over the ocean’ story. I’m going to miss the jerk shots. Good thing I still have your hilarious selfs.

    And oh, God forbid you start a rant about something as silly as the latest camera bodies. You want to trade your Leica body for my 5D body? No? How about your Leica body for my 5D body + my GF’s body? Mamiya ZD perhaps?

    Little kid + garden hose: be very, very careful. To them, your Leica is an annoying toy which needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a good squirt from the hose.

    By the way: how much for shooting my wedding? I promise there won’t be any video people around. Plenty of free hazardous Belgian beer around too. ;-)

  9. Cha / Aug 26 2007 15:37

    kawai bernhard, kawai.

  10. spanishjohnny / Aug 26 2007 17:28

    die nikon produktzyklen werden auch immer kürzer. bekloppt nun ne d300 zu kaufen, in 12 monaten gibbet e ne d400, diesma mit vollformat, damit sich auch die dickbäuchigen herrn mit den gepimpten d70s ihre dx-objektive wegwerfen können. naja, bin wohl gerade schlecht gelaunt. aber es ist doch alles sehr strange. mit dslr kann man gerade wohl sehr viel geld machen.
    grund genug ma das zeiss biogon unter die lupe zu nehmen. tolle bilder ma wieder !

  11. ratjadi / Aug 28 2007 13:11

    na prack, johnny de española, sehr schlecht drauf und mir grad fad. aber ganz unrecht hast nicht.
    der müll hat angangen, als die aus kostengründen den aps-sensor eingeführt haben. und jetzt passt halt nix mehr richtig zusammen. 3 grössen bei canon sind ja auch ein irrsinn. ich find nikon hat sich aber zumindest ganz passabel rausgewurschtelt, indem man auf der D3 auch dx-objetktive bei 5mp verwenden kann (remember: sind grosse 5mp ;-))
    olympus hätte es ganz fein und richtig gemacht, wenn der sensor ein bissl grösser geworden wäre. andererseits müsste das für wildlife, journalismus, paparazzi, sport u.a. ein riesen vorteil sein…
    na wurscht, is auch nicht so wichtig, und jetzt hör ich wieder auf, sonst wird das hier noch ein kamera-forum ;-)))

  12. artis / Aug 31 2007 17:29

    kinda resembles my thought on the new cameras. post5D or most likely postpost5D is what I will be interested at in one fine day.

    nice lady shots are nice as always, never been too much of them. in the bokeh shot the clock looks like a flover, so it’s a +fav.

    lol at those Severin snaps :D

    in the last frame there are five umbrellas, so it falls within the uberartsy caegory!

    melvinkobe, are you trading your girlfriend for a Leica?

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