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29. August 2007 / Bernhard

Twice the fun

So I had the blog entry half done when WordPress decided to be funny and not save the whole thing. Oh well. So excuse me, writing this shit once again is not that great.

Some kid trying to hide from the fantastic WordPress service. Apparently, it’s a commen thing to try to hide from it. I should’ve known.

Kid realizing that the bus is powered by some WordPress technology.

That’s the face I have when I think about using WordPress.

If you look closely, you can see some WordPress staff member looking for a new flawlessly working WordPress plugin.

I took portraits of him with the MF camera but I think WordPress is going to fuck them up in a way. Perhaps just make the two rolls disappear like the previous pictures? I’m writing a text for this photo for the 5th time.

She was scratching her ear in a very weird way. Perhaps, her blog entry got lost by the wicked powers of WordPress? Who knows?

A man enjoying the sun since his blog entry just got wiped out by WordPress.

An couple round 40 making out on the train because they know that WordPress is about to fuck up their blog entry.

An epic sunset because that’s what’s left when WordPress attacks.

I bet inside his brain he was cursing WordPress as well.

He gave me that stern look because he thought I was from the WordPress staff. Perfectly reasonable behaviour. Plus, they were photographers talking about fancy long exposures.

Some lady being bored… apparenlty, her husband is working for WordPress. Again, perfectly normal to be bored then. Anywho, they set up the tripod, placed the camera on it and took a picture with the selftimer. With flashed. They smiled. So did I.

Shoes – thank god they are not powered by some WordPress code otherwise they’d constantly be loose or get lost.

I followed the WordPress logic and took a picture of the sunset with B/W film.

Not sure but I think McDonalds is influenced by WordPress.

In the background, you can see a bunch of WordPress developers having no life and play Magic. Of course.

Enough of funny WordPress. Next day, Saturday, I was shooting a wedding:

In case Andi reads this: I wish I was in America…

Reviews say that the 35/2 CZ is not sharp af f/2. Oh well…

A bunch of Kevins. XD

APX100 skin tones are definitely not what I consider realistic but yet they have a certain attraction to me.

The party was at Wolke21 (which is on the 21st floor thus the fantastic name) in Saturn Tower, Vienna. I guess Severin recognises this place. I used the ND-filter here hence the DOF and shutter speed (f/2,8, 1/250).

APX100 has a very different way of rendering the sky. Unlike 400TX – for instance – it gives this silverish look which I like a lot.

She’s attending a photo school and recoginzed that chrome camera.

Might be me but judging from the tones, this could have been taken 40 years ago.

My colleague.

First, this negative makes me cream. Secondly, APX100 is hot shit.

Vintage boy taking picture with vintage camera. Interesting.

Now:One day with the family. APX100.

She already knew…

“Being young sucks.” (emo)

“Oh, but he’s even poorer with that thing in his face. Poor boy.”

“Plus, on the brightside I can always make people insane. Oh well, if they knew…”


“I ate all of it – don’t believe me? Check the area around my place.”

“I dream for ice cream.”

The ice cream belly.

Some self made dessert.

Next time I’m going to teach them Poker – Texas hold em.

No comment here I think.

She’s giving me her angry face. I could barely hold the camera…

That’s pretty much it.

Thanks for reading and hmm… nothing more to say I think. Pretty tired. Took me ages to get this blog entry ready because of sweet wordpress. Actually, I thought I’ll add lots of highly interesting information but re-writing them for countless times is not funny.



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  1. Sebastian / Aug 29 2007 22:21

    FIRST!!!111 baaam baaam!11

  2. Stelios / Aug 30 2007 02:34

    Just as I was thinking WordPress is a nice place to make a blog…
    the “being young sucks” shot is awesome. really.
    and the last shots of your little sister are scary. alot.

  3. adam / Aug 30 2007 04:13

    thats why you use blogger!!

  4. tiffany / Aug 30 2007 04:27

    sorry, i don’t makeout with bunnies. fucking idiot.


  5. Luke / Aug 30 2007 06:09

    impressive focus on swinging shots

  6. Will / Aug 30 2007 09:03

    Amazing focus on the shots of your sister – particularly skillful while swinging. WordPress isn’t as bad as Uber – I’ve had to make my own words and photos out of code because the blogging thingy works so badly – but I suppose uber doesn’t claim to be good.
    APX100 is definitely a nice film – wish Australia hadn’t run out of stock of it! Agfa dead is bad.
    “Kid realizing bus is powered by wordpress technology” is pretty much the best expression ever.

  7. James Bardolph / Aug 30 2007 09:16

    Teach them about Pot odds, implied odds and odds of making certain hands! Child prodigies!

  8. micha / Aug 30 2007 12:33

    dein apx sieht echt fein aus teilweise. wundert mich dass meiner meist so flauh wirkt wobei vielleicht sollte ich ihn auch mal mit nem richtigen scanner scannen. hatte apx100 jetzt schon fast wieder abgeschrieben aber vielleicht geb ich ihm noch einen versuch…

  9. Simon / Aug 30 2007 12:38

    wordpress is halt für künstler
    damit keine aussage unüberprüft bleibt

  10. miquel / Aug 30 2007 16:30

    Man, you seemed to be really fucked up. Funny anyway :)

  11. Travis / Aug 30 2007 19:44

    Not bad. Only fucked up one link. Good colours. nice work.

  12. mikko / Aug 30 2007 23:08

    i like your collegue bouncing the flash off the sky.

  13. lyla / Aug 31 2007 07:33

    schön, dass du dir trotzdem die Mühe gemacht hast den Eintrag zu schreiben.

    Deine Geschwister rocken hart!

  14. Suzan / Aug 31 2007 13:41

    Haha, your youngest sister is such a poser :D I love the one of her and the table. And the ice cream belly one.
    Some posh shots too on the roof! And I like the bored lady shot in the park.
    I feel a bit uninspired commentwise; but I sure enjoyed this entry.

  15. Miauzz / Aug 31 2007 14:00

    WordPress problems… you are not alone…

  16. Miauzz / Aug 31 2007 14:04

    Oh, and by the way, i really had look closely to in order to understand if the bride was a she or a he… :X

  17. marius / Aug 31 2007 22:22

    you are famous.

  18. Tomé Duarte / Sep 1 2007 01:13

    “She’s giving me her angry face. I could barely hold the camera…”

    literally laughing out loud here every time i look at those two.

    and hmmm, blogger rulezzzz.

  19. Tomé Duarte / Sep 1 2007 01:14

    yep. laughing out loud again. you created a mini-zort.

  20. anon / Sep 1 2007 08:34

    this one reminds me of a movie… the birdcage.

  21. Rebecca / Sep 1 2007 10:52

    let’s leave out the fact that a) i am easily entertained and laughed my ass off reading this entry b) i want to adopt your evil sister as well and c) i will sound emo for saying the following.

    i can learn a lot from your wedding photography.

  22. Major / Sep 16 2007 12:33

    Very Nice Shots ….. Surely A WordPress Bus For A Kid….

  23. Bulletin News / Sep 23 2007 09:59

    Terrific write up about Yet another cute B/W-Color Blog. Thoroughly love this view.

  24. chris weeks / Oct 6 2007 02:24

    um … the cz 35/2.0 is perfectly sharp! great fucking photos man! i gotta stop by more often!

  25. Mel / Jan 24 2009 14:08

    Really great photos, amazing skill and I found your comments very entertaining. My fav was the last two that kid is so cute!

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