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10. September 2007 / Bernhard


WEDDINX. WEE. Best thing about weddings: Food. Drinks. And taking pictures.

However, as far as I can say a bunch of so-so pictures found their way into this entry.

You most likely will look like her after a few minutes. Most likely.


Seen that kind of stuff too often in the last few days. No kidding.

Warum erfrischt mich das Ottakringer nur so?

Public transport shot! Wee… FOR A FUCKING CHANGE YES I KNOW!


Fantastic scan.

Classic Erlachplatz.


Very vintage…

Mind the happy faces in the left and right corner… aww.

“Mah, schau, do konn I so weit einitsoomen!”

Showing off some small B/W Prints.

Cute man on the subway being somewhat intoxicated. Cute.

“Slightly” drunk man having a hotdog.

Peter – he’s devils little helper…

Some might remember this lady. I haven’t seen her in ages, so we had a coffee and lots of serious business.

Showed her photos from weddings (I guess she’s viewing the photo of the kid on the ground staring straight into the camera. Meh.)

Messing around with the ND filter.


Fantastic scan…

Guess who’s having her big day…

The scan looks extremely dull… oh well.

I waited for fucking 40 mins to get my ticket for public transport… FANTASTIC.

But there is always something to shoot (except some junkees).

Lots of KAWAII rain here in Vienna…

So the shot before was taken on Friday… Next day… Saturday… and Saturday means… WEDDDINXX XDXDXD

It’s a men’s world… this wedding turned out to be the most hilarious wedding I’ve shot so far. The B/W shots are very neutral… but some of the digitals are quite sick.

Listening to some FM4 Dschungelmusik… still being hungover from the night.

Fantastic flower.

“Hey, it’s toy camera time!”


“There is no camera.”

The weather was terrible… but yet they were really relaxed. Thanks Mr. Champagne.

The dress came with a little instruction (for going to toilet and stuff).

Enough from the wedding. It’s getting “slightly” boring.

Poor Sebastian waiting for his Weißwurst.

I’m including this photo because I was sure that I won’t post it. But as I think it’s fancy to contradict oneself, it’s there.

Without doubt, the most handsome man on earth.

They kept him waiting for hours… but kids, safer sex is worth the extra wait!

Same scene, different day.

Sunday night… how boring.

“Den Teufel in den Augen.”

Tired. Thanks for reading… I guess I’ll go to bed now. Need to fully sober up…

Take care,



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  1. stelios / Sep 10 2007 23:39

    this guy here seems like he’s taking a piss. seems ok?

    and this one here is going to hate you for focusing on the “instructions” instead of him. did he see that?

  2. Suzan / Sep 11 2007 10:25

    A Lady Kevin getting married! The shot of the girl with the polaroidcam… she looks retarded. Funny. I like how you go close for the details; like the shot of the polaroidshot and the instructions on the dress and stuff.
    I totally dig the two frames of the bartender. Very nice movement.
    Lots of public transport kids. I don’t really care for those. Although there’s some cute stuff amongst it. And the kids sure seem to love you!

  3. kira / Sep 11 2007 11:11

    I dig the moments you’ve captured at the lady Kevin wedding,especially the “how to undress the bride” instructions shot.
    This one really made me smile:
    i can imagine her looking at those photos 20 years from now and thanking her big bro for capturing such joyful fractions of time.

    i tend to agree with Suze,kids do love you,dady!;)

  4. Linus / Sep 11 2007 11:36

    heast du drinkst auswärts und callst nichtmal? warum spaltest du dich so ab jakob? :emo:
    finds fein wie du dich auf den trix einscheisst. lekkare sachen dabei

  5. Linus / Sep 11 2007 11:38

    sollte *einschiesst heissen, was natürlich auch inkorrekt wäre.

  6. Simon / Sep 11 2007 12:41

    du solltest anfangen, polaroids zu schiessen auf den hochzeiten. s’is vintage! +300% beim preis

  7. miauzz / Sep 11 2007 14:27

    is nice very to read your blog at work, in these superb nice very calibrated screens… Your purple and white photos look amazing!

  8. spanishjohnny / Sep 11 2007 23:00

    mensch, wie bekommste beim TriX immer den geilen kontrast hin. trau mich ja gar nicht meine letzten negative hoch zu laden. apx is immer guut, trix uhhaa, oft immer zu dünn, komischerweise

  9. mikko / Sep 12 2007 13:34

    the polaroid girl is definitely a true artist.

    that condom dish some fancy austrian delicacy?

  10. kinderbanned / Sep 12 2007 20:05

    die wolke19-hochzeit schien ja mal bissi spritziger gewesen zu sein..

    schönes safer-sex-sebastian bild und das letzte im blog hats mir auch leicht angetan.

    so. ich muss bald wieder weg. heimschläferentzug – endlich !! ;)

  11. dearmurphy / Sep 15 2007 02:12

    Holy shit that was a long post….liked the “polaroid” shot at the wedding, too….and the shot with the girl and the phone on the table, very beautiful.

  12. ingrid / Sep 16 2007 11:08

    the umbrellashot is my favourite from this entry.

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